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Review by Bob Hutt on 2006-06-21
I play poker at Ultimate Bet online. I funded over $6,000 with FirePay until FirePay temporarily suspended my account for alleged security reasons. They requested proof of my identity which I forwarded to them. Despite now owing them one dime they did not reinstate my account.

I advised Ultimate Bet that I had switched to Click2Pay which they accepted and invested another $2,500. Yesterday I decided to make a small withdrawl of $400. Utimate Bet confirmed and I authorized that the funds were to be transmitted to Click2Pay.

Without my permission Ultimate Bet sent the funds to FirePay who illegally confiscated my money claiming that I was someone else. I wrote to both companies explaining that I am not the other person.

Ultimate Bet refused to get involved and walked away although I clearly authorized the funds be paid to Click2Pay. FirePay insists that I am someone else and refused to pay me my money when I do not owe them a dime.

Both of these companies are illegal, using deceptive trade practices and illegally seizing funds. Reasoning with either of them is pointless.

If you do business with either of these parasite companies be forewarned that they are thieves. I have filed a criminal complaint with the State Attorney General's office.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-06-21:
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-06-21:
Agree with Stew....Ultimate bet? Please follow Stew's advice.
Posted by tander on 2006-06-22:
I agree gambling online, get some help, Sheesh!
Posted by Doc J on 2006-06-22:
Let's try to assist the person with the complaint rather than playing neo-Puritan (In fact, the complaint is likely more a cry for help with the addiction). Unlike some posters who simply rant, he's spelled out his concerns and detailed steps he's taken. BTW: I don't even buy lottery tickets (IMHO they are little more than a tax on the poor) and I also think online gambling is a symptom. However, the poster has a legitimate complaint about being cheated. "Bob" is pursuing the correct action. I would recommend that he pursue this as though it were an identity theft and force the company to respond to him. It took some courage to post the complaint and it served as a warning to others. As such, it has merit...despite his/her suggested addiction. Good luck with your recovery and with getting your money back.
Posted by twistedfunk on 2006-06-23:
the problem with using these little online money companies like click2pay or whatnot is that they're *not* banks. as such, they do not have to abide by the same federal regulations and so forth. i seem to remember a big stink some time ago about paypal or etrade, i forget which, using the "not a bank" loophole to justify some of their (mal)practices. even the locking of the account and holding funds based on some (appearantly false) fraud pretense sounds familiar. google is your friend, find info on similar incidents with other companies and how/if the people got resolution. if nothing else, maybe you can find some legal info that others have gathered and make some nice juicy threats citing specific cases.

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