Foxtons Complaint - Foxtons Poor Service and Slimy Dealings

Review by tyrmat on 2006-06-23
METUCHEN, NEW JERSEY -- I believe I was misled into signing a contract to have my home sold through Foxtons real estate.

Because I was arranging to sell my home, I called 1-800-foxtons to ask a few questions. The person on the telephone stated that his knowledge was very limited, but he would have a realtor come out and speak with me. The next thing I know, Ramon Garcia was at my home. He promised me many things. Whatever issue I brought up, he assured me his company could handle. I even questioned whether they did the showings or expected me to do it. He repeatedly assured me that they were “full service” and would never ask a customer to show a home. Although I kept telling him that I needed to speak with other realtors his kept applying the pressure and ended up leaving with a signed contract.

Once Mr. Garcia left my home on April 17, he never again initiated any contact with me. Any calls that I made to him were not returned. I did receive a return for a call I made on May 3, 2006. Although I stated I could be reached at my cell number Mr. Garcia stated there was a problem with my phone and called me at home. Since I was not at home, I missed his call.

Hamilton Dean Blackwell is the only person from Foxtons who ever contacted me to show my home. However, he tried to get me to show the house to his client myself.

Out of frustration, on May 11, 2006, I called the “800” number. I spoke with Juan Vasquez, who claimed to be the manager of Customer Service. I gave him a list of my frustrations telling him I felt deceived into signing the contract, because his company was not doing most of the things they assured me they would. I told him I felt the customer service was poor and they did not appear able to fulfill their end of the contract. I told him that I just wanted my house sold and wanted to break the contract to go with another realtor. I told him I’d rather pay a larger commission and at least get someone willing to return my calls and address my concerns. Three realtors have confirmed that even though my house is represented on the MLS listing, the information is inaccurate, and incomplete. I complained that an “open house” was never arranged. Mr. Vasquez first stated Foxtons wouldn’t break the contract, and then later stated they would agree to a “conditional release.” When I responded I want an “unconditional release,” he became insulting and stated my conversation sounded as if “a realtor was sitting in front” of me. When I assured him that I would contact the real estate commissioner he seemed indifferent. Finally, he guaranteed me he’d pass the information on to the listing realtor’s manager, who would call me to discuss my concerns.

Instead of hearing from the manager, I finally received a call on my cell phone from Mr. Garcia. He gave me several excuses, beginning with, he was sick and out of the office therefore unable to return my calls. He claimed to be very dissatisfied with Mr. Blackwell’s actions and intended to report him to his manager. I misunderstood about the “open house.” I was supposed to call him once my home appeared on their Website. Then, he would arrange it for two weeks after. The only problem is, he now knows with certainty, my house is on their Website. It has been since at least April 27, 2006. I still have no information at all concerning when my “open house” will be. The call ended when he confirmed that I wanted out of the contract. He stated his manager would call me right back. Two hours later, a call was left by a Robert Diviassi (?) on my home phone. He left the return number of 908-309-3708. Since I work, I did not retrieve the message until later that evening. Any attempts to contact him, only gets me to his voicemail. Further calls and emails to him requesting him to call me during the day on my cell phone have gone unheeded. Requests for his company cell phone, for me to reach him have been ignored.

A few days ago, I received a call from someone in the company, attempting to get me to list my home with Foxtons. Their own internal records didn’t even show that my house is already on the market with them! I don’t know if it is a result of me chewing the poor kid out, or my letter to the Real Estate Commissioner, or my calls to my local board of realtors, or my letters to news agencies, but I came home and found my first message from Mr. Diviassi (?) in almost two months. In his message he blatantly lied that he and Mr. Garcia have been trying to reach me and he’s beginning to think it is not possible. Oddly, nobody else from Foxtons has had a problem.

I could not have imagined a reason for Foxtons to behave this way. By holding me in a contract when our relationship is destroyed is completely vindictive. However, if what they are doing is not illegal, it is definitely unethical. I thought that if I complained high enough within the company, somebody would help me. I realize now, (because of all my complaints) that the company is aware of my situation and still allow it to continue. I found an article at http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/magazine/4826444.stm that lists unethical dealings from the parent company in England. It appears a lack of ethics is built into the fiber of this company.

I am trying to get the word out to everyone I can. I don’t want anyone to end up in my position. I plan on starting a chain email to warn others. There are a lot of other things I found out, but I don’t want to make this letter any longer.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-06-24:
Just looked up 'em up. Foxton's is a BBB member however, you may want to file a complaint
as they resolve refund issues. See reports and online compliants.
Should you want proper real estate advice call
Team Clark Howard (E-mail Team Clark...we'll call you back!)
Good luck
Posted by S. on 2006-06-24:
'...his kept applying the pressure and ended up leaving with a signed contract....' Was that 'pressure' the proverbial gun to the head? A contract is a contract. Just say 'no.'

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