Remax Complaint - Fabricated informations for buying

Review by gayle25 on 2006-06-25
That in July of 2004 we purchased a home from sellers who were represented by **Names removed*** Remax in Nova Scotia and they LIED about the status of the home saying it had never been a rental property when for most of the years since its construction it had been a rental property. Also they not only lied about the smoking status of the home but instructed the sellers to 'deal with the problem as the previous viewers had stated repeatedly 'it was a great problem'. This information was kept from us and I am highly allergic to smoke and have environmental illness.I have been in medical care related to these injuries since including injuries sustained trying to make this home healthy.

To hide the chronic smoke problem-they painted the inside of the home to match nicotine stained thermostat covers and had glade plug-ins and carpet powders to hide the smoke smell and dog.

They left 12 piles of dog dung for me to clean in long grass.....the list goes on.....

Gayle McIntyre
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Posted by Doc J on 2006-06-25:
Two words will remedy the affliction the poster complains about..."home inspection". I truly understand your environmental issues related to smoke. More concerning should be the oleofins, resins, and allergins in latex paint, other finishes, and room deodorizers. However, your credibility shrank proportionally to your outrage over 12 dog logs left in the garden. Fortunately, dog poo is organic.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-06-25:
Agree with Doc J. You didn't even look at the house before purchasing it? Sounds to me like you have a lot of problems, maybe you should point the finger in the right place (hint,hint).
Posted by Househunter on 2006-06-26:
You need to remember that the judge didn't side with you in this case. It should also be noted that you were NOT represented by Re/Max, you had in fact been represented by another real estate company and never had contact with the seller's realtor. In fact you didn't even buy this house, your parents did and you rent from them. This home was rented for one year then those people bought the house and occupied it for five years (as the owners) prior to selling it. You did not hire a home inspector to represent you, you did not hire an environmental specialist to investigate any concerns you had and YOUR realtor did not ask a single question to the seller's realtor about your environmental concerns. Interestingly, the judge instructed you to stop saying that the seller's and their realtor lied and here you are still doing it.
Posted by Doc J on 2006-06-26:
As Paul Harvey says, "And now, the rest of the story." Thank you, Househunter, for posting your informative rebuttal...eh?.
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2006-06-26:
Ouch! Don't you just hate it when facts get in the way?
Posted by wholuvzu2003 on 2006-08-23:
Nice to know the rest of the story. Sounds like this person is trying to get themselves some extra cash. All I can say is that when your buying a house you need to take responsibility. We just bought a new house and we drove by many times before making an offer. We knew they had dogs and that they smoked because we SAW it first hand!
Posted by gayle25 on 2006-12-29:

Doc-so sorry you missed the point of the laziness of the previous owners who were so dirty in everything they did including leaving all the crap...according to the vet it is unhealthy ..
Who said I didnot look at the place before purchasing it...our RE agent was to clear each home and we found out in court that no such thing was done: I could not be in a home with smoke or dogs and this home had both..the owners at the advise of their agents hid the issue of concern . Sounds like you must be the cousin of the unethical agents.

HH- the judge did side with me but chose to protect scum like you by only holding one defendants responsible and one paid out of court....so a total of $7,000 and change was paid out but.. so nice try/..I see you are lying here as well.

Because the judge was pals with the lawyer of your clients he ignored my overwhelming evidence to protect scum like you lot... I asked the director of courts to investigate the entire judicial issue and it is now being given to the critic of justice for review. You know you and your clients got off because you are pathalogical liars.

You seem to know alot yet you are still confused you know fine well the govt did the inspection and that is under review at this time as well...sadly there is no shortage of snakes like you ripping off honest buyers. The house was bought for me who cares who cash paid for it. The agent that did not ask vital questions was held liable...and you know that so why are you lying here? That does not change the fact that YOU had your clients lie about smoking in the house then lied about it in court yet I had the letter you sent to HEAD OFFICE REMAX where YOU told them to fix the smoke issue as people were complain or they could not sell their home. YOU told them to hide it and how the judge ignored that letter in your own writing was unethical and you knew that too.
Posted by gayle25 on 2006-12-29:
I would like to add that it was found out after court that your clients DID digitally alter those photos you claimed were recent...I have never met liars like you lot ....and yet you have the nerve to come here to lie......seems you are more disabled than I am. My neighbours confirmed all that we entered in as evidence...we were not wrong, YOU all were but you knew that.
The judge gave each of you three weeks to dissect my submissions and get your lies ready. I have spoken to several court persons since and it is unheard of that the lawyers get to do this. I had no lawyer and being seriously ill still defended myself and I still was awarded from 2 of the four....both you two were the worse crooks--but for your lies....the judge NEVER instructed me to stop saying a thing why are YOU lying here.....you are liars and you are ripping off clients.....I filed to have the matter reviewed as I detest scum like you. You will get yours .....liar...

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