Waverley Oaks Athletic Club Compliment - Great Job Waverley Oaks Athletic Club!!!

Review by Erica on 2006-06-29
WALTHAM, MASSACHUSETTS -- I just want to write this compliment on WOAC. Today marks my 1 year anniversary at Waverley Oaks Athletic Club and I couldn't say anything bad about it. As a former member of Gold's Gym and having to leave due to horrible practices and with a new job in a different city it would just make it hard for me to go there ever again.
Due to the treatment I received at Gold's Gym, I was very scared in joining a new gym (but I'm happy I did now).
With my new job I received the "corporate discount" rate at WOAC -- which is only $46 a month, such a good price I think.

At Waverley Oaks Athletic Club, they have racquetball, women's only room, group fitness classes, spinning classes, basketball court,and a indoor swimming pool.
The hours are also great for me with very flexible timing I am able to go to the gym before or after work. They are open from 5:15AM-11:00PM(Monday-Thursday), 5:15AM-9:00PM(Friday), and 7:00AM-8:00PM(Saturdays and Sundays).

The initiation fee is only $99
And they do not force you to sign any long term membership contracts -- you can pay monthly, semi-annual, or annual.
One month trial fitness membership is $75
And as a member of the Waverley Oaks Athletic Club you get a 10% discount at Corner Pocket Billiard & The Wave Restaurant (located upstairs)

They also offer health plan discounts for certain health plan card holders.
They also have a great personal training staff (Tania, Paul, Royston, Todd, Katy, Teri, Sean, Linda, Laureen, and Wendy) -- my personal trainer, Paul is very understanding and willing to work to my needs at all times.

Everyone from the front desk staff, equipment managers, janitors, and personal training staff is great!

Just wanted to let you all know how great of a place Waverley Oaks Athletic Club is!!!

Waverley Oaks Athletic Club
411 Waverley Oaks Road
Waltham, MA 02452
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Posted by Doc J on 2006-06-30:
Why do I have the feeling this "compliment" is more advertisement than information? Glad you're happy with your gym.
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2006-06-30:
Plus, every time you spam three message boards with cleverly disguised ads for the club, you get a free embroidered sweat band. What a deal!
Posted by Doc J on 2006-06-30:
Hugh-Either you should be worried, or I should feel validated that our "BS Alarms" went off at the same time.
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2006-06-30:
What, me worry?
Posted by Erica on 2006-06-30:
Sorry I was just trying to inform people and not make them mad
Posted by S. on 2006-07-01:
Just a thought: This may have been written in response to two complaints (by the same person) against the 'new management' at this club. MHO
Posted by jane on 2012-03-02:
l think that this the most outdated sports center l have been to, old equipments, old carpets, they are trying to keep clean , but if everything is old, it is not possible. While doing plates it is all dust around.
l also had a very bad experience with one of the guests. While he was talking to others, he was still trying to keep the equipments for himself and did not let me use it for even 1 minute, he even did not continue using the equipment when l left for another one and as an excuse he said he was doing his routine as if l was doing something else, and he behaved as if he had all the rights to not allow me to use the equipment. He behaved like that mainly because l was a female and he was older. l would expect a person of his age to be kinder. Anyway, meanwhile the trainers around did not intervene and the manager was invisible and did not bother to speak and say sorry at all.
This place is a complete disaster in terms of customer satisfaction. They only value those customers who do not have any issues or complain and are content with the oldish style.
l have seen better ones like Mount Auburn Club, where they provide towels and many times of shampoos and even lotion for everybody, not for special customers. lt is not even cheap, l have heard much cheaper ones with better equipments.
The only good thing is the instructors. But yiu can find them in other places too.

Keep in mind that they do not help customers if you have any issues and it is a very outdated sports club which needs a complete change.

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