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Review by mrkmarine on 2006-07-06
CITY OF INDUSTRY, CALIFORNIA -- My friend Liz and I had been doing two weeks of research on used 03 and 04 Ford Focus’s. On the evening of Wednesday, July 5th, 2006 Liz called Sunny at Superior Chrysler – Jeep. She asked if a certain Ford Focus that was listed on Cars.Com was still available. Sunny told her it was, and after an additional call to make sure the mileage was still around 50K on that particular Silver 04 Ford Focus, with checkbook in hand we got in the car and headed to Superior Chrysler – Jeep in the City of Industry to see and buy that Ford Focus.

We arrived there and met Sunny, he seemed somewhat shocked to see the girl that had called had a male along. Sunny took us inside and cleaned off a table and offered us to sit down. Then without a word Sunny went into a back room for several minutes, and we looked at each other wondering what we were now waiting for. So, when he came out and we asked to see the car. It was at this point Sunny told us that the Focus had been sold but he had talked to his manager and he had two more Focus’s and a Chevy he would like to show us and he could make us a real good deal on. We were both rather shocked that we had called to see a specific car, we were told that car was in stock, drove there from Sherman Oaks California, and then found out the car we wanted to see had been sold.

We reluctantly and in a shocked state of disbelief allowed Sunny to show us a two-door Focus which was unacceptable and a 05 Focus Sedan for nearly $16K, which was $8K more than the car we had asked about. Then he tried to show us a Chevy we never requested to see. All the time not really listening to us and telling us he could make a deal on another one of these cars. I asked Sunny for a business card, but he explained he did not have any on him. That is the first car salesman I ever met that did not have a card on him. So either he lied, or he was inept and unprofessional.

At this point we went inside and asked a salesman named Steve to see the manager. Steve pointed out a man behind a raised desk. The sales manager’s name was Carlos Avila. We explained being lied to by Sunny, Carlos listened and then made some lame excuses and then said he could make us a good deal on one of the cars on the lot. He did not seem at all perturbed that his salesman had lied to a female customer to get her on the lot. He offered an extremely insincere apology and went back to whatever paperwork he was doing. We decided to leave and on our way outside we were once again met by Steve. Steve attempted to commiserate with us, and get on our side by acknowledging the dirty tricks of the other sales person and the manager, and asked if there was anyway he could earn our trust “He had some great cars and he could make us a deal” because “you know how those people are”. Aghast at the business practices, we got in the car and looked back into the dealership windows we could see all three getting together and laughing.

What was this place, some kind of sleazy car dealership ran by the three stooges?

I am a retired U.S Marine and Communications Engineers with General Dynamics Information Technology; my friend although younger is extremely intelligent woman who speaks three languages flawlessly, graduated at the top of her class from Colgate Collage and is now going to Medical School. Neither of us are what you would call “nieve” but your these sales people are obviously of low character, It has been awhile since I have felt so mislead, and I have been to many a slimy car dealership outside a military base. We can only assume that Sunny tried to take advantage of a female buyer once he had her on the lot. And those tactics are just despicable and will be reported to all of the authorities I can find and contact.

I have no idea what the ethics of the City of Industry, Superior Chrysler-Jeep are, but I know one thing. It can not be the “Believe it” on Carlos Avila business card. This manager and salespeople need to be reprimanded and/or fired.
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Posted by miketech on 2006-07-07:
You maybe shocked to learn that Sonny did everything by the book. The car may or maynot have ever been on the lot. Carlos has trained Sonny well.
The ad car not being there was to "bump" you in price. The old "I don't have a car trick was to get you back inside." Steve was the turn over guy to give a different face and turn you around to buying. Tricks didn't work on you but sadly enough they work on alot of people. You're lucky she didn't try and trade her car in or I bet you would have seen the "lost keys trick"
Sorry to say you won't get anyone fired over that stuff. I did a 4 year tour of duty in the car business and it's rough. I love cars but hate the business. The way you were treated is standard at most large city high volume dealers. And Chrysler is one of the worst for that. Oh and it's not cause she's a woman, it's because you two were on that lot breathing. If my uncle didn't own a used carlot, I'd probably walk rather than deal with most car dealers.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-07-07:
Great Review! Great Comments!
Posted by miketech on 2006-07-07:
Another funny thing about the car business is everyone who
stays in it for long is an alcoholic or a preacher. I gave it up about 2 months after I quit drinking. I was working on the service end at that time and that can be even worse.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-07-07:
We have a big miltary community here in San Diego.
Have you tried contacting
Go to show information and click Jimmy Valentines email
(or even Roger's email), explain you're in the military and in the City of Industry and your looking for a "not shady dealer." Jimmy should be able to help you find your resources. The Roger Hedgecock show is big in helping the military families. Thank you for your service. XOXO and Good luck
Posted by tander on 2006-07-07:
I hate car dealerships, they're like hornets that swarm as soon as you exit your vehicle!
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-07-12:
Alert! Alert! Alert! "2006 -- (Car dealerships ripping off soldiers) Most people have a great deal of gratitude for our soldiers, regardless of how they feel about the war. But apparently some people think it is okay to take advantage of our servicemen and women. A story in the LA Times details a travesty going on when soldiers return home and need to buy a car. They come back from war with a lot of combat pay and take that money to a dealership. Some dealerships charge them interest rates of 20 percent or more and charge two or three times the fair market value of the car. Granted, this has been happening to regular citizens for years, but no one is getting hit harder than soldiers these days. They are young and sometimes don’t know that they should read the contract, so salespeople take advantage of them. Clark thinks this is disgusting and he wants you to warn service people you know."
Posted by LilyT on 2006-08-27:
I just wished I had read this review much earlier! The same thing happened to me over the weekend. I found a Mitsubitshi Galant published by Superior Chrysler, La Puente on and gave Superior a call. We had a series of phone calls going back and forth for the WHOLE ENTIRE DAY to confirm on the car specs and credit issues. At 8:45pm the same day, we were still communicating on the phone and arranged for a visit the next day at 9:30am to see the car. I was all ready to negotiate and drive out the car. I went thru all the hassle of picking up my cousin and drove all the way there from Ontario. When I arrived there, a sales guy was told by his manager JOEY to look after us and show us some cars (Joey handled my request all this while and he was the floor manager!). I was already slightly irritated cos I only wanted to see the Galant. We walked the whole yard and couldn't find any Galant. Then he said "I'm sorry but its already sold". I wasn't too polite... and they must be surprise coming out of a young lady like me! I made it clear that I'm real pissed, that they had wasted my time and they'll never get a single cent out of me ever! I may be an idiot until now, but no more! It is highly unlikely that they could have sold the car in between 9pm last night and 9am this morning... even if they did, they should have the courtesy to inform me by phone. It is CLEARLY an underhanded technique and it is an insult to my goodwill. And as a sales person myself, I feel really embarrased that there are so many sales ppl out there giving our sales industry a bad name. Shame on them!

Well, that's my 3 cents worth!

Below is some advise on car purchase negotiation :-

If you still need to buy a car, get it from a dealer that is honest at the beginning. But don't be surprise if you detect some suspicious techniques - I find it disappointing but unfortunately its just the way it is with the auto industry. The idea is this... it is better to tackle 1 or 2 tactics at one time rather than 10!

Be an informed buyer. Before you visit the dealer, know all the specs and pricing of interest to you. And if you need a loan, make sure you work out your monthly payment in advance. The car websites normally provide you with this tool so make full use of it!

That piece of computer printout that they give you on the monthly payment can be WRONG! Don't be fooled or intimated by the numbers... just look at it and do some simple maths! Even HUGE dealers will tweak the mthly pmt so that at the end of the lease you are paying thousands of dollars more than you should! Insist on using an online tool to prove your case. It worked for me! I mean, I told the manager there a FEW times that their calculation is wrong. It even got to an extend that I offered to introduce a programmer to them to get their system right... I know I'm sarcastic but you could see it as enterprising! ;-) Finally, I just told them to just get me what I want cos I'm strong willed and I'm not going to sign anything which I don't find logical. I guess I'm a difficult customer but I got what I wanted! ;-)

At the closing of the deal, if they try to sell you more stuff just say no... unless you have a good reason for saying yes. I mean, you should know why you said yes right?

Well, all the best to your car purchase! And enjoy the ride...

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