Winnebago Industries Complaint - Black drain dump plumbing

Review by nicknow on 2006-07-09
I discovered my black drain/dump value missing. Local RV repair wanted $45 parts $128 labor.
Wrote Winneabgo letter explaining my difficulty and desire to not only fix problem myself but fix it so it wasn't so liable to happen again. No response! Called and informed they had received my letter, but could not supply me w/parts only "authorized dealers". We are talking specialized "PVC" fittings here,not rocket science. Also had no solution to this from reoccuring. Rialta's the next model year were retrofited with a metal bar around the dump value to help avoid this problem in the future.
*** the company refused to help me resolve the problem myself!
*** refused to sell me the repair parts!
*** refused any information as to the wall interiors so some vital items would not be damaged if I contracted for a metal protection bar/bars on my own.
In short I was told I could "take a long walk on a short bridge" if you get my drift!

I am very disappointed with what I thought was good company.
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Posted by Doc J on 2006-07-09:
I have a sense that the company is being obtuse out of fear of liability if the repair/modification wasn't done by their authorized shop. Their main liability would be related to an EPA complaint in case of a spill or leak. They may take a different tact with grey water or potable supply issues. Just a thought. Could also be garden variety protectionism for their shops.
Posted by nicknow on 2006-07-09:
Thanks for your "3 cents". To my knowledge Winnebago does not have "authorized" repair stations. The repair shop I am using is "generic" in that they repair most all makes of RV's. I did not mean to infer that Winnebago has its own list of repair shops, only that in being a consumer and not a "RV repair shop" they would not sell me the parts direct.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-07-10:
I wonder if a place like AutoZone could order the part for you? It stinks that you can't buy a specific part to fix your own vehicle, but I know some manufacturers will only sell to certain dealers (at least in the industry I work in which is not the auto industry.)
A good suggestion that has been made here is to call again and see if the next person you get on the line might be more helpful and know more.
Hope you get it worked out, Winnebagos are great to travel in.
Posted by nicknow on 2006-07-10:
Thanks, amaniR,but the RV place where I will have the repair done ("notice my arm twisted behind my back")WILL sell me the parts. But my point was that this being a DESIGN flaw that the least Winneabgo could do was to sell me the part,at an "accomodation price" and at best replace the parts at no/chg. and help me circumvent this flaw with some kind protection.I.E. a metal bar similiar to the one Winnebago used on the next year's model (2004). Also the RV repair has computor access to repair diagrams which I am sure Auto-zone does not. But it was a constructive thought & I appreciate it. Thank you.
Posted by nicknow on 2006-07-10:
amaniR. Sorry I missed part of your help. The person I got hold of at Winnebago,gave me the impression he was "head" of whatever dept. is supposed to help consumers. It would also be interesting to tell readers of "add your 3 cents" that I had written a letter to Winneabgo prior to my phone call and did not get a response. When I called direct reciept of my letter was acknowledged on the phone and a REPLY HAD SUPPOSEDLY ALREADY BEEN SENT. It has been many weeks and I have still not seen that letter. Judging from other's experiences with their Realta's it is no wonder that this model has been discontinued.
Posted by Doc J on 2006-07-10:
Thanks for the clarification. It sounds more like the company is being obtuse for no reason. Good luck and keep the site posted on what turns out.

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