Arizona Steakhouse Complaint - I expected much more from an upscale Steakhouse...

Review by SkiFreak on 2006-07-10
WILLIAMSBURG, MICHIGAN -- An upscale Steakhouse minutes away from a popular Michigan casino. See website: http://arizona-steakhouse.com/

You have got to be kidding me... I paid $65 for this??
First of all, the waiter could barely speak proper English. He had to go back to the bar twice to tell me that they are out of that kind of beer before I finally settled on a Killian's Red- third time is the charm, right? The beer was brought bottle only to my table, and I would have liked to have poured it into a nice glass to have a nice head to enjoy.
My wife & I ordered the Rib eye steak- mine done medium, hers medium-well. She opted for the salad, which was merely OK. I opted for the soup, which was brought semi-lukewarm. We had ordered mac & cheese for our young son from the children's menu for $4.25, but ended up with watery 99cent Kraft mac-n-cheese from a box in a bowl! My steak was hidden under way too many 'toppings'...which indicates to me that it needed to be hidden- and it did! My steak was under-cooked, and loaded with fat & gristle- I know that rib eye steaks have a bit more fat, but this was totally ridiculous. My wife's steak was more of the same, only worse- for a steak ordered medium-well, the tips of the steak should not have been blood-red... the steak was pretty much cooked rare! She didn't even eat a bite, and she wanted to just box it up instead and cook it the rest of the way once we got home, but when she picked it up to put it in the box, it was mostly fat! So she just left her $25 steak on the plate uneaten. I only ate about half of my steak before quiting, and didn't eat anything else.
All that, and the service was not that great. We waited nearly an hour to get our meal...and we were mere minutes away from walking out before getting our horrible steaks- not that it mattered once we finally was presented with them.
Funny...I didn't know that African Chichlid fish actually lived in Lake Powell in Arizona. While neat, the large 30 foot long aquarium seemed a bit out of place for a southwestern themed steak house. Maybe a large terraium housing lizards, and snakes would have been more suitable. But then what do I know, I can't even order a steak and get it the way I want it in "Arizona"...
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Posted by Doc J on 2006-07-10:
Given an understanding of phobias, I doubt your fellow diners would rather look at snakes and lizards than fish as they eat. Perhaps the establishment could have turned off the a/c and sewn sand and rocks on the floor to make it more "Southwestern". What language did the waiter speak? Spanish? That would be authentic. Did you complain to the wait staff or manager about the quality and preparation of the meal? Mac-n-cheese is mac-n-cheese. You were expecting what? Was the eatery expected to dispatch a runner to Italy for pasta and another runner to Wisconsin for cheese?
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-07-10:
SkiFreak wrote: "I would have liked to have poured it into a nice glass to have a nice head to enjoy."
that is all I trust myself to say :P

Posted by Doc J on 2006-07-10:
amaniR-I was SO tempted that I dared not even mention it. I...am...fighting...to...avoid...making...a...reference...to...that.....part.....of....the....post.
Posted by SkiFreak on 2006-07-10:
DocJ:Given an understanding of phobias, I doubt your fellow diners would rather look at snakes and lizards than fish as they eat. Perhaps the establishment could have turned off the a/c and sewn sand and rocks on the floor to make it more "Southwestern". What language did the waiter speak? Spanish? That would be authentic. Did you complain to the wait staff or manager about the quality and preparation of the meal? Mac-n-cheese is mac-n-cheese. You were expecting what? Was the eatery expected to dispatch a runner to Italy for pasta and another runner to Wisconsin for cheese?

Why have a fishtank featuring African Chichlids at all in an "Arizona" steakhouse? Why not have a more "Southwestern" style centerpiece if they want to have something that large that takes up that much dining area space? I just thought it was totally out of context for the ambiance they were attempting to achieve.

I don't know what the native language of the waiter was (and I don't really care...), only that he couldn't be easilly understood when taking our order. in my opinion, if you expect to provide great service to a population of customers that generally speak ENGLISH, your waitstaff should be aptly fluent- but maybe that is just me.

Mac-n-cheese is mac-n-cheese? You have got to be kidding, right? Many mere 'family' restaurants serve better mac-n-cheese than what I got. Cracker Barrel, Ponderosa, & Golden Corral have some really good mac-n-cheese, for instance. Why doesn't this fine-dining steakhouse have something similar for the menu price of $4.25. Watery Kraft Mac-N-Cheese from a box would have been fine for $1.99, just not when you pay over $4 for it. Perhaps, DocJ, that you would have been fine with it (given your standards)...but it wasn't quite good enough for me. Upscale restaurants should be better than serving 99cent boxed dishes, is what I'm saying. For $4.25 a plate, maybe they should have imported the pasta from Italy, and had the cheddar sent from Wisconsin- now that you have mentioned it!

Yes, when we paid the bill, we made a complaint to the staff. But all I got was apathy. Which is why I'm "venting" here.

As for beer... (maybe that 'nice head' comment didn't come out right...)
In a 'redneck' mom & pop Bar-and-Grill, simply leaving a bottle on the table would have been 'good enough'. But when you are dining at an upscale steakhouse & paying $5 for a 'specialty' beer, you would think that they would have an appropriate pilsner, lager, wietzen, bock...etc glass/mug to pour it into to obtain the ideal flavor and aroma of it. Were not talking about serving Busch or Bud Light here. I just wanted a nice dark and flavorful beer, served right, to go with my $25 Rib-eye steak. Is that too much to ask?
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-07-10:
Sorry to poke fun at your review SkiFreak, it is frustrating to go out and pay for a meal and not enjoy it. It might be worth your time to put your complaint in writing to the restaurant, the owner should be aware of what you and your family experienced.
Posted by spiderman2 on 2006-07-10:
wow, it is apparent by your 2 posts that you and your family were far too good for this place. If your meals were so bad, the time to complain was then and there to the management. Maybe next time you should try one of those redneck places.
Posted by Doc J on 2006-07-10:
"Upscale" from SkiFreak's listed family places would be Olive Garden's...faux Italian microwave food. The original post made little mention of an attempt to advise management of your Unhappy Meal. Eateries near casinos, carnivals, rodeo arenas, and other such attractions are universally overpriced and mediocre (like the one described). If the place was in Michigan's ski country, a trip into Harbor Springs, Petosky, or TC could have garnered you a good meal, provided you're well known enough as a regular to get a table on short notice. A bit more than $25 for a steak. Remember, "price" is not an indicator of "quality". As soon as the offending meal arrived, you should have summoned the maitre'd to complain...most "upscale" places have such a solicitous postings and also don't serve Schlitz, Killian's, or wine with screw-off caps. One so critical of decor and knowlegeable in matters of fine dining would have scooted in search of a better place before ordering. As an experienced connesseur of fine dining you could have have avoided your unhappy experience with a glance at the fish tank, left when your server spoke no English, or vigorously protested the "glop" you were served as soon as it hit table. If you did, and the establishment didn't take immediate action...it is not an "upscale" place. If you didn't...you don't know what constitutes "upscale dining". Now, be a good boy and send your lovely wife some flowers and the child a book to make up for your culinary fumble. I sincerely feel you deserved better for your money and you failed to seek out better. Blame it on low blood sugar from hunger, a hungry child, or just simple inexperience and lack of familiarity with "upscale". It happens. Best of luck in the future! May I suggest "Elias Brother's Home of the Big Boy"?
Posted by rhondam718732 on 2006-07-10:
DOC J - could you nip your sharp tongue when a poster is merely complaining about something they believe is valid? Who cares what you consider upscale or a[ppropriate?? The poster was unhappy with fatty steak, watery mac-n-cheese and poor service with a barely english speaking waiter. Sounds like many meals I've been to and I couldn't agree more! Service sucks in this country and people who cannot speak decent English should not be employable in a job that requires COMMUNICATION.
Posted by Doc J on 2006-07-10:
Lest I be misunderstood. I have great sympathy for a working class family who saves hard-earned $ for a special treat out and are ripped off and abused by some schlocky "theme" eatery mispresenting itself as "upscale". I have no sympathy for posters who boast of their "worldliness" and will bash a worker (in America) for speaking poor English. My best friend in university was a Polish doctoral candidate in physics who spoke little English, was here legally, and supported his little family with waiter's tips at a Northern Michigan ski resort from pretentious assembly line workers (spending with credit cards they could ill afford)...who mocked him because they "thought" he was "ignorant". Faux decor for the faux well-heeled.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-07-10:
I'm gonna have to agree with Rhonda on this one. Doc you are a gifted writer and I enjoy reading your comments but sometimes you go a bit too far.
Posted by SkiFreak on 2006-07-10:
Actually Doc, we were on our way home from spending a day at TC, and the offending restaurant was conviently minutes outside of TC. But we didn't want to drive another hour out of the way to go to the 'really good' fine restaurants in Harbour Springs or Petosky.
Then again... if I had wanted an exceptional meal, I could have stopped at Otsego Club's (Hidden Valley) award winning "Pontesina" restaurant by driving to Gaylord- since I'm a former staff instructor at the club there. Or I could have stopped at my current wintertime ski-school home at nearby Shanty Creek resort and could have gotten that elusive "I'm well known enough as a regular to get a table on short notice" table at the "Lakeview" or one of the restaurants in the Cedar Village.
I've made full use of the Arizona steakhouse website's (http://arizona-steakhouse.com/) convienent online 'let us know what you think' contact form- as well as informing the staff of the poor quality service & meal when recieving the check. I've yet to hear from them, apart from their appathetic & uncaring smirk when I paid the bill & promptly left. I'm just venting a little extra here by adding my '3cents', and spreading the word about a bad restaurant experiance.
After doing a bit of research, I found this online article (http://www.record-eagle.com/2006/may/03inbiz.htm) about the restaurant- which would explain the waiter's odd accent & manner as the family is actully immigrants from Iraq. Also being a highly decorated military vet that particpated in many actions including Desert Sheild / Storm (besides being multi-lingual), I should have recognized the accent. Although I hold no direct predjudice of ordinary Iraqi citizens like this family making an attempt at American capitalism & business to enrich thier own lives... you would think that a family that immigrated here over 20 years ago would be able to speak english more clearly.

The next time I'm in the TC area (which isn't exactly infrequent), I'll be sure to seek out a better place to get a fine meal- I just thought I'd try this place out, and was disappointed. Perhaps I'll take a drive up Old Mission and have dinner at Bower's Harbor Inn next time.
Posted by SkiFreak on 2006-07-10:
Well... I guess it is time to boast of my 'worldliness', then. Are you ready, Doc??
*pulling gloves off...
I lived in Stuttgart, Germany for 2 years while in the military. When not working on aircraft in a hanger for my unit, I traveled throughout Europe racing on a ski-team. During this time I also 'visited' Moscow a few times, as well as East Berlin. This was during the reunification of Germany & the fall of the Berlin Wall. I've actually shaken hands with Gorbachev himself during that time. In the middle of all that...I somehow managed to squeeze in a 'trip' to Panama to help oust Noriega. After that it was Desert Sheild / Storm- but I passed through many countries in the Mediteranean as well as the Middle East during that assignment.
I returned to a more sedate & 'normal' life for a few years before returning to active duty & spending almost 2 years on the DMZ in Korea... also taking opportunity to travel thoughout the oriental east. Then it was Boznia... and... I'll stop there.

I'm also well traveled outside of my former military duties, skiing & racing and all... Let's just say that I've visited more countries than most.
I also speak 4 other languages besides english.

I'm no Detroit assembly line worker... not that there is anything wrong with being one. They are the backbone of Michigan's economy, like it or not.

I understand you Polish doctoral canidate friends plight, but if he had spoke better english while being a waiter himself, he just might have gotten a bit more respect from those pretentious assembly line workers on vacation in Michigan's glorious 'North Woods'.
Posted by Doc J on 2006-07-10:
SkiFreak-*taking gloves off* Military service is like sex...those who brag about their prowess the most have done the least. However, if true, I thank you for your service. Also if true, you failed to learn personal discipline from your E-5s during basic. However, I'll not pull "mine" out and compare manhoods...how plebe. If you are ex-mil it garners you no free pass on being overly demanding of a theme eatery. A mark of "breeding", SkiFreak, is to understand the limits of such places and move on. In mil-speak, "They're doing the best they can." Spare me your croc tears for "assembly line workers" in your game to win hearts and minds among the blue collars on this site. Your true contempt for them showed with your easy denigration of the "non-English speaking" waiter. You got a crummy meal and you expounded on your interior decoration skills to support that assertion. If you were half as assertive with the staff at Arizona as you are to be determined to be "right" on a blog posting...your wife and child would have gotten a good meal. With due respect, and so you'll learn...your post and responses indicate your being right ("me") is more important than doing right by your family. I have no such expectation and am only angered by your JROTC attitude of "Look at me, I'm special."
Posted by Doc J on 2006-07-10:
rhondam-I appreciate your comments. However, the poster made a deliberate effort to show how much "better" he thought he was than the staff at the Arizona. I've always had a sore spot for the phony elite. His rebuttals also show how "special" he thinks he is. No doubt his attitude was noted by the staff at Arizona and he got a little "karma" in the form of an undercooked fatty steak. Stew-I likewise appreciate your comment. One cannot go "too far" when swatting away someone who likely got his just desserts and mocking someone doing a job they lack the fortitude to do. I'm highly familiar with the weekend skiers who journey to N. Mich to amuse themselves at the expense of the folk who live there and go out of their way to show their suburban superiority to "da Yoopers". This gent is a sterling example. There are likely events he did not describe in his dealings with the wait staff over the beer etc. I think he got what he had coming and too bad the staff at the Arizona cannot rebut. It's worse that his attitude cost his wife and kid a good meal...but, I think they come second to his need for self-esteem. He thinks his "military" background will buy him some more special attention. Nope. He's just trying to climb aboard the current (propber) support for the military. I've already devoted more time than this guy deserves. In closing, the most humble man I ever met won the CMH. You'd never know he was a real hero. All best Stew and rhondam.
Posted by SkiFreak on 2006-07-10:
Let me set the record straight.
First, I did not do anthing in the way of instigating 'bad kharma' from the waitstaff & I did not belittle them to get the treatment & bad service I got (well, aside from correcting him when attempting to order a nice imported German 'Schieder-Wiese' bier off the spirits menu- which they didn't have).
Second, I am not an elitist as you might percieve. I don't often go on touting my 'veteren' horn. To meet me, you would never know that I'm quite decotated, educated, and well traveled. I only pulled out my creds because of your attempt to belittle me. I am also a local 'Northern Michigander' and not a 'downstate suburban fudgie', so don't even try to pigeon-hole me to that often snooty attidue that they often exhibit. I'm also 'slightly' beyond a recreational weekend-skier, as you put it (chuckle), now that you mentioned it- not to 'blow my own horn' or anything.
Third, as I see it... every customer that enters an establishment like that should get 'special' treatment, no matter who they are. Great service is the hallmark of having happy returning customers... and this particular restaurant on this particular day fell far from this standard. In the end, it is the customers money that pays the bills, and pays the employees paycheck. I'm sorry, unless I'm dreaming, I thought my days of speaking with Iraqi natives broken english ended a while ago, being back in Michigan and all.
Fourth, my 'elitist attitude' doesn't begin until I feel like I've been slighted. Take care of me as a consumer, & I'll take care of you. Cross me, & I'll take steps until I feel satisfied. Maybe I was expecting too much from them for a nice meal that I paid $65+ for- it just goes to show that you can't expect to get Cordon Bleu from chicken sh*t. I'm just sharing my experiance as a warning for others.
Fifth, what would you know about my fortitiude of doing jobs that some of us won't do? You really have no idea of the kind of 'survival jobs' I've done. My background varies from meeting with various forign government officials, Avionics Technician, military elite units with 'difficult' covert assignments, washing oilfield trucks at a truck service center, sucking crap from porta potties into a septic truck, motorsports dealership manager, linguist interpreter, retail store manager, & sport instructor and coach- and a myraid of positions (and world travel)in between. Sometimes, you have to do an undesirable job for a while to 'survive' to support your family until a job you are actuall qualified for comes along- what would you know about that?
Sixth, you have high ideals for your Polish friend and you put him on a pedestal of admiration. Probrably rightly so, given his determination & willingness to work a demeaning job to make ends meet despite his over-qualification as a mere waiter. Fine... But you know, the world is full of people like that- highly educated & under employed. That being said- he may have been a pretty smart guy in his world of technical & cerebral physics, that doesn't make him effective as a waiter with execptional customer service. He may indeed have come off as being completely clueless in the envirionment of taking care of restaurant patrons, just as you have noted earlier that customers didn't give him due respect. Probrably a similar case with the waiter that I ended up with at the Arizona Steakhouse... he may have all the intelligence in the world, and still be a lousy waiter.
End of story.

I'd LOVE to hear all about your credentials that makes yourself so elite & judgemental of contributors here, Doc. But then I would guess that you are a college grad with a single career path.
Posted by Doc J on 2006-07-10:
Let me be the first to say, "You win". I'm just an 11 BRAVO with "a little" overseas experience. Then, I might also be a paunchy, disabled grey-beard in a wheelchair. You are no more unique than any other vet and you'll be a better man when you understand that. I cannot relate to the grave personal risks you undertook on the ski slopes of Europe or in your hanger's Kuwaiti AO on behalf of our Nation. And for your generous service I, again, thank you. I do not wish to provoke you. Your last rebuttal suggests you are very angry. As a believer in the "third man hypothesis" I don't wish to be a trigger that might lead to you making a bad choice that will impact your wife and family. Being the "winner", in this case, is simply not worth it. I pray you'll someday grow to understand my attempt to give you some instruction. Warmest regards and good skiing.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-07-10:
SkiFreak: I just looked at the website - the building looks something out the movie the "Amityville Horror!" How many people were in the place? From your description's (and I've traveled and eaten in the Far East) how do you know you were being served beef? $65.00 is alot of money, bottled beer, Kraft mac n cheese...come on! What kind of soup the details of the salad? You should try "Ruth's Chris Steak House" click the link - or next time search the web and find some good food place with good ratings, usually the local newspaper via the website. Good luck. "Another fella told me
He had a sister who looked just fine. Instead of bein' my deliverance. She had a strange resemblance. To a cat named Frankenstein."
Posted by Doc J on 2006-07-10:
Mrs M-I hadn't looked at the place's Website. But your comment led me to look. OMG! The last sentence of the third paragraph reads about "providing fine dinning (sic)". I understand why this poor poster got a bad meal. They show the same careful attention to their Website. It neither looks, or is presented as, "upscale" or "fine dining". It looks like a Western Sizzlin...with $25 steaks...to suck in the more gullible and less experienced of discriminating diners. Caveat emptor! I rest my case.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-07-11:
I hear by proclaim the winner to be Mrs Manischewitz! DocJ I like the way you stick to your guns let them “win” and they still don’t get it. Good Job
Posted by Doc J on 2006-07-11:
Thanks Lid. I apologize to my fellow commentators if my tact was a bit rough. However, I deliberately provoked this poster in an honest attempt to help him...if not him, then his family who'll unwittingly share in his future misfortunes. The establishment was neither "upscale" nor "fine dining". It appears to be a pretentious theme joint. We don't get "fine dining" for 2.5 people for $65. The poster trotted out his "creds", became a fish/interior design expert, and "beer" became "bier". The poster sees himself as a "nice guy" and probably is...unless provoked (by his standards). The pretentious joint "provoked" him (in his mind) and he set out to make justice. He later admits making corrections with regard to his server and his beer. Based on his responses here, I don't envision him making them in a helpful manner or in a way that's respectful of the waiter as a fellow human. As a direct result (not karma) his wife got a fatty, undercooked steak and his child got watery glop. I will not venture a guess as to what happened to his meal before he saw it...every food service worker will understand what I'm getting at. NEVER, EVER degrade someone who handles your food. EVER! The list is endless as to why trying to "rank" someone by being demanding is a bad idea:
1) Cops-Try to beat them at curbside justice, I guarantee you a funfilled adventure. Same with airport security functionaries.
2) Doctors and nurses-Mistreat one of these and I guarantee your headache will earn you a cold, unlubricated vaginal speculum or a prostate exam by a man who can "palm" a Volkswagen.
3) Newspaper editors-They buy ink by the barrel and paper by the ton.
4) Lawyers and accountants-They know where the bodies are buried or can "forget" a detail that would have saved your butt.
Point being, every occupation has its way of settling the score with self-important types who forget "The boy kills the frog in sport, but the frog dies in earnest."
Final comment-Celebrite' does not garner respect. One's "creds" are not a license to treat others like used toilet paper. It's the very reason I wouldn't eat a meal ordered by any pop-culture celebrity. Thanks all! All of your comments here were enlightening.
Posted by SkiFreak on 2006-07-11:
Wow, Doc. I guess your showed us who is more cultured here, and who has all the right answers. I guess it sure isn't any of us mere mortals beneath you.
Lidman, I guess your friend sure showed me, huh.

Talk about being pretentious.

I didn't trot out my creds until you began to belittle me, Doc, just so that you would know that I'm not a small town hic without worldly culture. During this particular culinary adventure did I ever expect any celebrity status, or did I flaunt my 'special' status as a military veteren- I only brought that to the table here. I didn't expect any special treatment beyond the resonable treatment given to a consumer & patron of the establishment along with my right to get good service from the staff...no more than that.
It wasn't about winning at all, it was about setting the record straight to someone like you, Doc. But I guess things like this are a game to you that needs to be won or lost.
I never said I was an expert at interior design, I simply said that a large 1200 gallon African exotic fish aquariumn is just slightly out of context for a restaurant that places emphasis on southwestern decor.
Just so you know...if it is an imorted beer from Germany, it is spelled B I E R. But then again, maybe your idea of having beer with you meat might consist of a Oscar Mayer wiener and a Miller Lite- in that case, your drink would indeed be B E E R. But when your waiter (supposedly the son of the owner in this case) doesn't know the names of various beers listed on the drink menu, what is in stock at the bar, or even how to pronounce them... there is a problem. The problem is compounded when I look at the drink menu for 5 minutes and could recite back to him what was on it, while he didn't know what was on it as an employee. And yes, I did politely correct him- it wasn't a confrontation. I was ok with everything until we got our entrees, which took nearly an hour (we almost left) to get our poorly prepared $25 steaks- then it was 'on'. We told them of our displeasure to an apethetic staff as we paid the check.

What really matters here is that I got a lousy meal with lousy service along with a fairly pricy bill that wasn't worth the dining experiance, and I came here to share my story as an outlet. For that I get harassed & belittled by the 'esteemed' member of this site known as DocJ, who threw enough mud to erase the main purpose of this post.

Perhaps the enema your suroundings recieved, Doc, washed you out just in time to stink this place up...but I'm sure someone will come along soon and flush the comode that is your life and rid us all of your filthy stench.
Where is a janitor when you need one, anyway...
Posted by Doc J on 2006-07-11:
SkiFreak-A similar post appeared regarding a worse experience in a theme joint at about the same price (Roadhouse Grill post). Read my responses there. Be proud of accomplishments and your opportunities to travel and experience the world. But, remember, they're not a weapon to be displayed when you don't get your way. Otherwise, you're become just another schoolyard bully. "The measure of a man's ability are his achievements. The measure of a man's maturity is his humility in spite of his achievements." The vet that told me that had been awarded the CMH. I cared for him for three years before I learned of his hero status. It was an honor to share the air in his presence. I sincerely wish you a long and happy life.
Posted by Doc J on 2006-07-11:
BTW SkiFreak...I didn't "win". I had endeavored that you would grasp my intent to help you. I have failed.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-07-12:
SkiFreak: What really matters here is you got a lousy meal and a lousy attitude. No body was trying to “win”, I was trying to lighten things up a bit but maybe it’s from all your travels or maybe you just need to chill dude.
Posted by Starlord on 2007-05-09:
SkiFreak, you lost my support when you stated you were a "Highly decorated veteran." I have never known a veteran who referred to himself as such. If you truly served in the military, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your service. I live in Arizona, and I looked at this post simply out of curiosity. I have trouble with your claim that you served in the Persian Gulf, yet could not recognize English as spoken by an Iraqi. I was only a humble deputy sheriff, but I can recognize an Iraqi accent. My sergeant spent a few years running around in South America wearing German clothing, carrying French weapons, doing things he couldn't discuss right up to the day he died, and he seldom spoke of his experiences. Outside of me, his corporal, even the deputies in our district only suspected his prior career. You referred to Kraft several times, stating your boy was served Kraft in a bowl. Did you see the box? Did you see the cook preparing the mac and cheese? Maybe it was just the unsuccessful attempt at making an American favorite. I am truly sorry you got a bum meal, especially as rib eye is my favorite cut, the 'Queen of Steaks.' However, you contacted the restaurant's website. Build a bridge and get over it, already.
Posted by beth09 on 2008-01-24:
While your bickering is childish, the review was not uncommon for this restaurant. Unfortunately because of the expensive, poor quality food they offer on a regular basis, the restaurant has reduced its hours to weekend only and potentially it'll be up for sale soon. It's a beautiful restaurant, but I'm not sure the owner had the right "package" for the restaurant. What I always noticed was it was always loud, even when the restaurant was not busy. The owner owns another restaurant in Kalkaska which does well, great food, reasonable price and a good menu selection. To bad he didn't build from that success.
Posted by SkiFreak on 2008-01-24:
Thanks Beth...
I'm aware that the owner of the Arizona Steakhouse also owns the former 'Fireball lanes' & restaurant (which he renovated & renamed 'Whitetails') in Kalkaska.
I agree that the meals at Whitetails is are pretty decent, though a bit oddly (for a N. Michigan deerhunter theme)slanted towards mid-east cuisine. But part of this success is likely due to the fact that this was already a popular 'spot' in Kalkaska before he bought it and renamed it. The Arizona Steakhouse restaurant, though, was purpose built as a new business a few years ago... and it certainly LOOKS upscale- unfortunetly, their food that they serve isn't even appropriate to give to my dog.
I've never been back... though I've stopped next door a few times to get gas.

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