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Review by NCcrazed on 2006-07-10
WILMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA -- I too have felt frustrated with some of the travel online sites, but I recently have found that tripadvisor.com is the best when it comes to the "forum" to help with questions from people who live there. I am trying to get to New York for the US Open Tennis, and trip advisor has so much great information and help. I haven't made reservations yet, but the information on hotels, subway rides, areas of interest, etc. has been great.
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Posted by Doe3001 on 2006-07-10:
Just be a little bit careful. In some travel "travel forums" bad reviews are sometimes deleted probably because they receive "pressure" from advertisers. Before trusting so much in one site read other sites that allow people to post complaints like M3C.
read this article to find such kind of sites: http://www.smartertravel.com/travel-advice/where-to-post-travel-gripes-online.html?id=1270103
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-07-10:
Get on the ball with your bookings for the US Tennis Open the mens finals could be another rematch Roger Federer vs Rafael Nadal. I pick Nadal.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-07-10:
Travel Advisor has been spamming me for some time now. Complaints to their postmaster do no good. Complaints to their host (who by the way seems to be IBM) also do no good. Any time you get swamped with unwanted email and they want information from you in order to 'unsubscibe', you know you are stuck with a real sleazo outfit.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-07-10:
er... TripAdvisor, that is
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-07-10:
KenPopcorn: I've heard on the Clark Howard show, it's virtually useless to even try to stop the spam too. Use a spam filter? Some good travel references here http://clarkhoward.com/shownotes/category/10/349
Posted by serge404 on 2007-10-02:
You are absolutely correct Doe3001. My own post about theft on TRENITALIA was removed after 2weeks from TA website. Their slogan "get the truth,then go" does not include any negative posts for sure. I do not trust that site for any info about places to go and visit at all.

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