Mervyns of California Complaint - Lousy return policy - Womans shirts

Review by SLeditions23 on 2001-12-19
COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO -- I purchased 8 womans shirts at Mervyns of California here in Colorado Springs on December 17, 2000. After taking them home and washing them I found that they had shrunk. When I took them back to the store to exchange them they said they would have to match them up with other shirts of the same size to see if they had extensive shrinkage. In their opinion they didn't but from my point of view you could tell from looking at both that one was shorter. They refused to exchange the shirts and were very belligerent about the whole thing. So when I got home I called the corporate office in California and told her the story. She in turned called the store here and after doing so called me back and said she stood by the salesperson here which made me angry-she in turn got very patronizing and said what a change in my attitude. What did she expect-me to be sunny because they are refusing to exchange the shirts for a larger size-what harm is it in that. Needless to say I am quite angry and plan on disputing the charges. What kind of a store is this-when I worked at May D&F they took back anything regardless of the problem and that is the same at my sisters store Penneys. I will NEVER do business there again and plan on spreading the word on the net. Thanks for listening:)
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Posted by Anonymous on 2001-12-19:
Well you did wash the shirts, which pretty much renders them useless to the store, right? So from that perspective I would have to side with them. However, if the garments were not suppose to shrink at all, then they should returned them for you.
Posted by Anonymous on 2001-12-21:
This is to the person that made their comments about the store not being able to re-sell the merchandise after it is washed.

I talked to my credit card company this morning and told them what happened-she laughed and said that stores who have this kind of policy are always on the losing end when a customer disputes a transaction like this. She also laughed when I told her that the clerk had declared that there was no EXCESSIVE shrinkage in HER opinion. Never mind that it was now too tight. As for washing the item as it said to I did-I even hung it up to dry instead of machine drying on warm which would have really shrunk it. Considering that most of the comments I've recieved are on my side and the only one that was for the store was a Mervyns employee I can assume that you might work for that store too. Most other people who work retail agree with me. My sister works for Penneys and the people there are shocked over the policy as was a lady who works at Foleys who I told my story to. You're entitles to your opinion but I don't agree.
Posted by unfair on 2004-12-25:
you should shop at Walmart. You can return anything even a tent after using it once or twice. A Lawn mower after using it all summer long.
Posted by Badge on 2005-12-22:
I would not only dispute the charges but file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau about the way that they are misleading customers. The receipt says that you may return merchandise with a receipt and that is what you were doing. I am sure that after they received notice from both the CO and CA BBB's that they'd have no problem probably not only returning the garments but giving you a sizable gift card also.

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