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Review by twinliette on 2006-07-11
I really just have 2 questions to ask everyone:

1. Can you visit Canada if you are a convicted felon?
2. And, if you are a convicted felon in the U.S, can you apply and get a passport?

Thanks for your help !
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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-07-11:

dkitty_1543 weeks agoReport Abuse Best Answer - Chosen By VotersNo, absolutely not. You can not enter Canada if you have any type of criminal record. And vice versa with the States. You have to apply for permission and it has to be a specific date you want to enter the country. Now, what felony were you convited of? They may deny your application too. Depends on what you were convicted of. And it costs a few hundred dollars just to apply for permission.Contact your closest Customs. They will be able to give you all the info you need.

Posted by Anonymous on 2006-07-11:
#2... try this
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-07-11:
I can't quote the law, but I can tell you that one time while I waiting to cross into Canada from VT, the guy driving the car in front of me was turned away because he had a DUI from the 80's.
Posted by Doc J on 2006-07-11:
Long, long before terrorism could be invoked as a reason for border security, Canada had serious border control. Our border guards would greet US-bound traffic with little more than a "Hiya!" and a wave through. The Canadians checked documents, ran an NCIC check, and asked questions of most who were seeking to enter. Now, unless you walk, northbound, across our southern border with a couple of milk jugs full of water, you can expect a similar treatment on the way into the US. If the "no criminals shall pass" policies were really inforced it would hinder the ability of many presidents and members of Congress to travel abroad. ;-)
Posted by Nohandle on 2006-07-11:
DocJ so are so right. 15+ years ago we flew into Canada on a private jet (hip,hip swell for us) and a customs officer came on board and gave us the drill. No smile, no how do you do. Each passenger was asked his date of birth, reason for wanting to visit, what did we have on board so forth and so on. This was not a quick process.

Two years ago, on a commercial flight, we landed in Guadalajara, Mexico. After obtaining our baggage we stood in line and there was something akin to a traffic light.. red and green. If the light flashed green you passed through, if red there you went to folding tables with the police officers sitting on other side. Same thing, no smile or how do you do. Every item you brought in was checked from one end to another and you had better hope you had on some clean underwear if it came to that.

Enough said, you get my drift,and are so right!

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