Arbor Place Kia, Douglasville, GA. Complaint - Arbor Place Kia will not service my car that was purchased from them

Review by kiasucks on 2006-07-11
DOUGLASVILLE, GEORGIA -- I purchased a 2005 Kia Sorento in October 2005.
I have has a lot of major problems with it. Just about 13000 miles the motor had to be replaced, the next week the catalick converters had to be replace. The brakes were squealing really bad but the service department kept telling me they could not duplicate so the problem so there was NOT a problem. I kept complaining and taking the car back to them. The Owner, Tom, suggested I take the car to another dealership to have the brakes fixed and he would pay for it out of his pocket. He said he was afraid for his service department to fix it, he did not want to be liable for anything else on my car. He said they WILL NOT EVER SERVICE MY CAR AGAIN. I purchased the extended warrenty from them. How can they do this? The only other dealership is over 30 miles from me. Can anyone offer some advise? I am thinking about getting an attorney. I have had so may problems since then with head lights blowing, fog lights blowing, now my dome light is not working and the rotors are bad again. Keep in mind, I only have 34,000 miles and the rotors have been turned once already. I was told by a reputable Tire company that they have had alot of the same complaints and the only way they could get the problem fixed was to put aftermarket rotors on it but they are not available for the 2005 yet.

Kias are real LEMONS and ther service is the worst I have ever experienced.

If anyone has any information that may help me, please reply.
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Posted by Doc J on 2006-07-11:
Not sure if GA has a "Lemon Law". How bout it guys? I find it odd that they would "out of the blue" refuse to service your vehicle any more. I hope you didn't threaten them with some sort of legal action, such as; "If I'm in an accident and you worked on my car last" sort of lingo. It would be the "kiss of death" from any dealer.
Posted by Brenda Leah on 2006-07-11:
Georgia Lemon Law Statutes:
GA Code 10-1-780 to 10-1-794

You can view the code at this website: http://www.yourlemonlawrights.com/state_laws/georgia.htm
Posted by S on 2006-07-11:
I've browsed through the link Brenda posted above. Sounds like you may have a borderline lemon case. Many of the conditions revolve around you having at least one major documented problem during the "lemon law rights period" which appears to be the first 12,000 miles. Unfortunately you state the engine was replaced at 13,000. If you had it in the shop before that (before 12,000) and they hadn't fixed the problem, it may still qualify.
Posted by MadAlbanian on 2006-07-12:
Check with your state's attorney general and see what the consumer laws are for your state. Most importantly, see if you have what's called a Lemon Law. Not only do you have a warranty issued by the manufacturer (and I would contact KIA America about the poor service), you might also have other consumer rights afforded you by your state. Good luck.
Posted by kiasucks on 2006-07-13:
I tried to file a complaint with BBB but was told that since I had over 13000 miles there was nothing they could do. I have copies of everything that has been done to the Sorento as well as letters I sent to the BBB. Kia America was not much more help. They offered to buy the car back but I would have to come up with $4000.00 within 10 days. There was no way I could do that.(Why do they think I bought a Kia?)
Posted by LeisaMarie on 2006-10-04:
I am having almost the same problems with my 2006 sportage. What was the problem causing the dealership to put in a new engine??
Posted by kiasucks on 2006-10-04:
The engine kept knocking, alot. After that they had to put catalic converters in. What is your doing?
Posted by luvbeaches on 2006-10-04:
If you do get a response to help you with this matter please keep me informed. I have a 2004 Kia Sorento had engine problems and the dealership had the vehicle for eight weeks.
When we got the SUV back the air conditioner now doesn't work and other dealerships are telling me that this may not be covered by the warranty. Well the air conditioner was working fine before they did any work and the dealership is now closing. I feel your pain and feel that consumers need more leverage with the car companies.
Posted by arborplacekiaisthebest on 2007-01-09:
I heard first hand about this situation so lets put the facts on the table. Your brakes were replaced and you came back after 11000 miles and complained about a vibration which was caused from extreme brake abuse the service writer was very polite to you but you went postal with curse words and all sorts of threats. By the way I was standing behind you when you did this I had my Amanti in for a 30k service. Also don't forget when your husband was driving and you were hanging out the window cursing at everyone. I can see an attorney taking your case seriously NOT. I would also guess that if the owner himself took the time to address this situation you must have continued this childish behavior even past what I saw. Good luck lady
Posted by arborplacekiaisthebest on 2007-01-28:
wow wack job

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