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Review by twin2jerry on 2006-07-15
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- When they came to my door and offered pest control services on $30.00 a month basis, my niece incouraged me to hire them.
They told me I had to pay $60.00 for the first 2 months, and after that it would cost $30.00 a month. They also told me that their chemicals were safe around pets. I had a cat, and my son had 2 dogs, 3 cats, 5 fish, and a snake.
I know I should have read the fine print, but they appeared like nice, honest young men, I just took their word and signed the contract.
They sprayed the inside and outside of the house.
A few days later one of my sons cats dissapeared and we thought it may have wandered off or got hit by a car.
The next month they did not return and I had given their card to one of my sons friends who had just bought a house, I was not able to find my contract and I just figured they ripped me off for one months service.
After another month had passed they called me to scedule a time to come and spray. After they came and sprayed they did not mention anything to me about why they did not show up the previous month, and neither did I.
The day after they sprayed I found a bill on my door for another $60.00. When I called them, they told me it costs $60.00 instead of $30.00 and they only spray every 2 months. I was not happy but I went ahead and paid them. The next time they came I was out of town, and my son told me that they sprayed my cat by accident. My cat died a few days later. I had lost their number again, but when they called to set another appointment, I told them I did not want their services anymore because they killed my cat. They insisted that it was not their chemicals that killed Blue, and I was obligated to pay for their services for a year. If they come to your door, don't sign anything unless you read the entire contract, and if you have pets I would advise you to send them packing. Since then all of my sons fish have died and so did his snake.
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Posted by Doc J on 2006-07-15:
My sympathies for the loss of your pets. Your post is a warning to others not to hire extermination services operating as a door-to-door enterprise. You are entitled to know the specific nature of the chemicals used in your home and the EPA restrictions on those chemicals. Knowing what they used, you can look up the MSDS data for the chemicals and discuss their toxic effects on small pets with a reliable vet. Depending on the state where you reside, you may be able to recover variable damages related to the loss of your animals. Again, my sympathies.
Posted by twin2jerry on 2006-07-15:
Thank you so much for your symathies. I have learned my lesson and I will never trust any pest control company again. My best revenge is the ability to warn other people, especilly those with beloved pets. As for recovering damages, that is impossible because nothing can replace my beloved Blue.
Posted by Doc J on 2006-07-15:
I completely understand how you feel. Please don't look at your circumstance as a "lesson". You had no way to know and simply trusted an untrustworthy business, like so many will. I know you gave your pets the best life possible...that's all that is expected of anyone who keeps animals for companions. Thanks for your post, I know it was difficult for you.
Posted by Wildhairedwoman on 2006-07-15:
Hey Jerry Im so sorry for your loss. I just wanted to say that I don't know about the laws in Vegas aas far as pesticides and licenses. I can only tell you that here in NJ they are very strict. I ran a pest control company for 3 years and I still have the service in my home and what they use is truly harmless to animals. I have 2 dogs and I get my inside done qtrly as well as my outside. Id alert the state atty general as well as BBB and any one else who will listen because these guys and their chemicals sound dangerous! Good Luck!!!!
Posted by rhondam718732 on 2006-07-18:
Why in the world would you let this company A. start spraying your huse INSIDE on a whim...if you truly needed their service would you have waited for them to by chance knock on your door?? B. Not read your contract??? C. Not mention they "skipped" a month" and D. expose your pets, your son and yourself to their chemicals?????????????????? Cmon and get with it. Your lack of facts checking and dilligence cost animals their lives and could have been dangerous to your son!

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