Landry's Complaint - Ineffective Greeters

Review by mdg0421 on 2006-07-15
MYRTLE BEACH, SOUTH CAROLINA -- Before I start on my gripes, I will preface it by saying that the restaurant's manager was very helpful in my case. Now, my wife and I went to Landry's during our vacation and were "greeted" with nonchalance and the greeters didn't even greet us. I had to ask to be seated and when we were seated, we waited 15 minutes and no waiter even came to get our drink order!There were 4 waiters in our area and none of them came to even see who our waiter was supposed to be. After those 15 minutes, we got up and left the restaurant. Now I don't like to make race an issue, but I can't help but realize that we were two of maybe 7 minorities who were at the restaurant and we were the only ones eating outside.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-07-15:
Um, was the restaurant busy at the time?
Posted by Doc J on 2006-07-15:
You got only fair service to be sure. But your final focus that 2/7 of the clientelle were "minorities" and 2/7 sat outside is race-bait (5/7 were sitting inside, no?). Fifteen minutes of sitting at the table waiting for a server, if the place is busy, isn't extraordinary at a Landry's. If a place isn't busy and your seated in an undesireable seat, ask to move. Regardless of how busy an establishment is, every effort should be made to properly greet every guest promptly and cheerfully. In your case, the neglect set you up to be unhappy with most anything you got...a disservice to their servers who depend on tips.
Posted by Doc J on 2006-07-15:
There's another way to read your comment about who sat's a little unclear. Are you saying the ONLY place minority patrons were seated was outside? A business would be nuts to intentionally do such a thing today. With due respect, it's not 1952 and there's no penalty for being assertive in such situations. A quiet inquiry made to the other "minority" diners whether they chose to be so seated or whether they were PUT there would not have been out of line. Coincidence does happen though. I hope this is more helpful for your use in the future. However, I still look at the totality of circumstance and stick by, had you been properly greeted, you would not have looked for further offense and would have had an enjoyable, but slow-paced meal.

Posted by Anonymous on 2007-07-14:
You may claim that you don't like to make race an issue, but you don't prastice what you preach.
Posted by BoA Pissed Customer on 2009-03-19:
I am a server in a restaurant, and I've seen people DELIBERATELY looking for ANY reason to complain, and throwing the race card is one of them when someone feels slighted in the very least. Just to let you know, servers are VERY perceptive, especially in an upscale restaurant because they are hired WITH experience, and it didn't come from the local Huddle House. This means that server is VERY perceptive to the guest's attitude and can tell within just a few minutes if the guest is going to be "high-maintenance" or "relaxed and enjoying themselves"...I prefer the latter, actually, because it gives me the opportunity to SHOW my experience and make that guest impressed with my expertise. The "high maintenance" guest is the one ALL the servers point out to one another in the back of their service area...and believe me: we laugh at them to our hearts content. The guest that decides to use the race card is the guest that gets a dirty look by OTHER servers in the restaurant, even though it's not their table. We work as a TEAM, buddy. Yes, we work for YOU, but we DO NOT have to put up with that kind of abuse from ANYONE. If that Landry's restaurant was busy, still, there is no reason you should have not been acknowledged within 3 minutes of your seating, but 15 minutes is longer than enough without YOU, as the GUEST, getting a managers attention. YOU share the responsibility of reporting the server assigned to the station that YOU were not adequately greeted when you first walked in AS WELL as the fact that YOU were not greeted by your server! I don't care WHERE that server was! BUT, for YOU to throw the race card only expresses YOUR insecurity in your race, blaming all that happens that you feel slighted on race...perhaps the server or the greeter had already spotted a RUDE CUSTOMER? YOU left without bringing it to management attention, from what you posted, so OBVIOUSLY it's YOUR fault you were treated that way...

Again, there are TWO sides to every story, and from what you tell me (again, I'm a professional server and have worked in hospitality and tourism for over 20 years) YOU got EXACTLY WHAT YOU DESERVED.
Posted by BoA Pissed Customer on 2009-03-19:
After re-reading your post, I see you had a managers attention, but didn't state how they resolved the issue. ALSO, seating outside in MOST restaurants is PRIMO seating and is first-come, first-served, and NOT RESERVED seating! So, YOU were given PRIMO PROPERTY. But, you said you were 2 of 7 guests that were minority? That means there were only 5 others out there....quite honestly, I HATE RACIALLY INDIGNANT PEOPLE of ANY race at ANY of my tables, and can smell them like a rat. I've heard whites accusing blacks of neglecting them, blacks accusing whites of neglecting them, blacks accusing high-yellow and red-boned of neglecting them, rednecks accusing educated idiots of neglecting them, and the list goes on.

As far as I'm concerned, there is no more need to complain about racism being the issue. PERIOD.

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