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Review by JLWTW on 2006-07-15
LAFAYETTE, LOUISIANA -- My husband and I checked into the Super 8 Motel in Lafayette, Louisiana. At the I-10 intersection with I-49.
When we walked in our room it didn't smell fresh & clean. But we decided to overlook this. Later while we were watching TV a movement caught my eye...it was a big fat cockroach climbing up the wall!! We killed it and my husband convinced me to overlook this too.."We're in the south now and bugs are everywhere"
Well, later I spotted a small bug crawling on the bedspread and when I killed it blood went everywhere. After 4 more of these I called the front desk the guy hesitated and the told me he'd call me right back.
He never did...I killed 4 more. We decided to sleep with the light on to discourage anymore from coming out. I didn't sleep but about 2 hours...I guess I passed out. When I woke up I killed 2 more and I had a big welp on my leg that itched...a bite I suppose.
I asked the lady at the front desk a little later if the fellow had left a note about me calling he hadn't...she offered me $10.00 for my inconvenience.
I know we were stupid to stay after the first bug and especially after the next 4 or 5 but my husband didn't want to pack up and look for another hotel. Well, next time he doesn't get a say!
Dont stay at this hotel!!!!!
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Posted by Doc J on 2006-07-15:
If it was indeed "blood" that came out of a squashed bug and the bug was about the size of an uncooked lentil, it was a bedbug. Hate to tell you this, if they were bedbugs you may have taken them home with you in your clothing or luggage. Nasty critters and almost impossible to get rid of. They're making a comeback in the US. Put one in a glass jar...now ya have a song..."Vonce in a Vial"!
Posted by Nohandle on 2006-07-15:
An overabundance of bugs in the south are indeed a problem. That's why homeowners opt for monthly pest control with the option of calling between visits if additional treatment is necessary. It appears the motel you stayed at didn't trouble themselves.
Posted by glc on 2006-07-15:
LOL, Doc. JLWTW, were there any other rooms available? For future travel, you make the plans!
Posted by beedub on 2006-07-16:
I can relate. In Roanoke, VA my company has a corporate account with the Super 8 just off of Hershberger Rd. After staying there a few times and finding bugs crawling across the floor and running around in the light fixtures, not to mention the ashes on the nightstand of a non-smoking room, I decided to pay the extra costs to stay elsewhere when I have to stay in town. Seem to be a Super 8 problem. Seems the ownership of most of these hotels dont really care about anything except getting the most people to stay, and paying the least to keep their doors opened.

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