Baby Depot- Burlington Coat Factory Complaint - Poor service and quality issues buying baby furniture

Review by jessAZ on 2006-07-16
PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- I am writing this review simply as information for parents-to-be buying baby furniture. We did not need to get corporate involved in our situation and we now have the furniture we ordered in our possession. However, my husband and I recommend choosing a different company other than Baby Depot to order furniture.

My husband and I ordered baby furniture from the Baby Depot at the Arizona Mills Mall in Tempe(Westwood design by Hart) on April 28th. We were told that the furniture would take 8-12 weeks to arrive and we put a deposit down. They told us they would call when the furniture arrived.

Inconsistent Communication:
I called at the 8 week mark to see if the furniture had arrived and was told that the furniture takes 10 days to ship from New Jersey so I should call back in a week. I called again at the 9 week mark and was told that there were 6 other people waiting for the same furniture before us and only 3 arrived that day. They said to call back. We called back during week 11 and were told that the furniture arrived, however nobody from the store contacted us!

Furniture Damage Drama:
My husband went to pick up the furniture and was only able to fit the crib in the car. He made a trip all the way home and back to the store to get the dresser. When he got back to the store the sales associate said that they should open the dresser box to inspect it because the last 4 dressers that came in were damaged. Sure enough, our dresser was damaged. The sales associate said there was another one in back tagged for a different customer. He said he would open that and if it wasn't damaged he would just switch the tags and we could take the good one (SHADY!) How many times did they take our furniture and give it to another customer?

My husband inspected the second dresser and that too was severely damaged. They called the manufacturer and asked for a rush order on a new dresser. They were told that there is no such thing as a rush order because the cribs come from Vietnam. We were told we would have to wait another 12 weeks (the baby would be born by then!)

My husband asked if we could take the floor model at a discount but upon inspecting, it was damaged too. The sales associate said he would call other Baby Depot's the next day and get in touch with my husband. The next day, my husband took the initiative and went to a different Baby Depot in Mesa, AZ. They had a dresser that was not damaged so they gave it to us and we brought it home. However, he had to drive back to the original Baby Depot in Tempe in order to get a refund for the difference in money he paid the night before. We are assuming this was another customer's dresser though because the sales associate commented on how this model was in high demand and tons of people are waiting for it (again, SHADY!).

NOTE- the sales associate from the Tempe store never called the next day with the information he promised my husband the night before.

Even more damage:
While we were excited to finally have a dresser and crib at home, when my husband went to put the crib together he found there was no hardware to be found. He called Baby Depot and was told they would have to order the hardware and it would be 10 days. We placed the order and will wait the 10 days, however I am not holding my breath that Baby Depot will actually call us when it arrives, nor am I confident they even placed the order. For now, my crib lays in my nursery in pieces.
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Posted by rancar on 2006-07-20:
Oh, this location and this store is horrible. I will never shop them again. I had attempted to buy some baby things there, crib, etc., and could not get a helpful associate. Everyone was too busy gabbing and all had attitudes. In addition, their prices are not competitive enough, and their return policy is horrible; credit only, not money back. Plus, the line moves very, very slowly. I called the manager and told him he lost my $700 sale to BabiesRUs and he acted devastated (well, at least he acted that way), and asked me to describe the associates. He apologized, but I see no policy changes and the baby area is a mess, as always. Carters and BabiesRUs it is for me.
Posted by sbennett on 2006-09-19:
Hi, I'm one of the owners of Hart Furniture and responsible for all design and engineering. I just found your review doing a search, and unfortunately it looks like I'm several weeks too late to help- I hope you got your hardware in time. We typically send replacement parts to customers within 2 days, and we keep parts stocked here in the US. If you find something missing we can usually replace it much more quickly than a store can. I'm also sorry to hear about all the damage you suffered. We have made some big improvements to our packaging recently to try to prevent this in the future. Again, my apologies for all the problems you encountered. I hope everything is worked out now, but if it's not please contact me at sbennett (at) westwoodbaby . com

Best Regards,
Scott Bennett
Posted by kim hodges on 2012-07-21:
I bought a crib in the atwood ave store. And it would not fit in my car. So i asked if my husband could come bye and pick it up later. and when he returned. They sold it on me i think that it is a poor way to do businees. and then have them go and pick another one up at another store. I think that is unheard off they screwed up and all we get it to drive 20 more miles to get a crib.

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