NETBANK.COM Informative - Netbank.com pros/cons, problems

Review by cnshht@yahoo.com on 2001-12-22
Netbank offers higher interest rates than most other banks.

Online billpaying works well, retains consumer control, and notably is free of fees. (Strangely, they will stick you with a fee if you sign up for it and then DON'T use it, however.)

But no bricks-and-mortar office can cause problems; you are stuck trying to resolve anything that goes wrong, by a maddening phone-automated system, and LONG waits for a live person. Your other option is their e-mail system.

They are very restrictive in handling checks. If you want to deposit a check that is made out to someone else but endorsed over to you ("third-party check"), forget it. They don't care if it's your own wife, and both signatures are in their files; they won't touch it. And don't try to argue. You lose.
Random errors do occur, such as a check from someone you never heard of, and made out to someone you never heard of, being cleared through (i.e. subtracted from) YOUR account. Try to get that cleared up. Have fun.

And watch out, if you keep a Money Market Account and checking account, and want to transfer funds between them. Their system, with it's overdraft-protection feature and a bug I discovered can send money (especially larger sums, it seemed) riccocheting back and forth between accounts multiple times, which could cause secondary problems/fees, or at least lots of confusion. I myself didn't lose money on that one, though. Again, trying to report the bug to customer service was a big headache, I was met with flat disbelief and blaming the customer. Very strange.

Conclusion: The good points may very well not outweigh the bad. I recommend avoiding Netbank unless you enjoy relatively frequent SCREWUPS and BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE, where your hard-earned money is involved.

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