Sun Rocket Complaint - Very High risk for low money

Review by consumer1 on 2006-07-17
EAST BRUNSWICK, NEW JERSEY -- SunRocket is the worst phone company I have ever experienced. I can't say anything better than this. For first 2-3 months I was happy like most of the customers but then started experiencing all types of Gizmo problems, connection problems, etc.
I don't think there are enouh people working in this company even to support a small group of customers.
I thought that they are having problem since they are new in this business but I was wrong.
At first I thought I saved some money but later found that this phone system is not good even to make a 5 min call and talk to somebody.
Quality is totally negative. Each and everybody complained about the noise and quality with whom I talked over the phone.
Specially, for international calls I could never use their line.
I have satellite connection where you need to stay connected with a phone line for 24/7 but I had to pay non-connection charge to the satellite companies as often the voice connection stopped working.
So now you know that the money you are saving during sign-up where that is going.
People who did not have these problems so far are still very lucky, but once something happens you will know what I am talking of.
Call the cutomer service now and see how long you wait and what they say.
All my friends already discontinued with Sun Rocket. I was the last one.
I don't know if I will get a refund which I paid in advance for a year.
The gizmo is simply sitting dead at my home.
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Posted by oscorp on 2006-11-02:
I opted for the Sunrocket service ($199 per year) on 5/17/2006 through Because of some issues, my number was duplicated (as per customer service representative of suncrocket.) Because of this, my number was allotted to another person.

I had problems with the service since beginning as it was very intermittan. I hardly used this service during first 2-3 months. I was suggested to change Internet Modem as to resolve this issue. But even after trying all the combinations, the service quality never improved. It was so intermittant that, I had to use my mobile phone for all purposes. Due to this, my mobile bills have increased a lot.

There was never a problem with my internet service as after changing the modem, it started working even better but my gizmo and sunrocket phone stopped working. At this time, I talked to people from sunrocket's customer service several times but the phone service never started working.

Now as of today, the status is...I am no longer able to use my sunrocket phone.

Due to these reasons, I called sunrocket to cancel my service. With the due diligence, customer service accepted my cancellation but when I asked for the refunds, I was told that, the account is not yet cancelled because it is duplicated and unless the reasons behind this are identified I can not get any refunds.

Since then I am trying to pursue this issue but no luck.....lets see if I can get the refund now.

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