Gamefly Complaint - Fly Away From Gamefly!

Review by goldstarzandangryrants on 2006-07-18
I was excited about an online service that offered video game rental for a monthly fee and sent games directly to my home! I'm no longer excited.

Games were very slow to arrive...much slower than media mail. Sometimes, a game would arrive around 15 business days from the time Gamefly claimed to have sent it. We finally cancelled when games we returned were never received. It made me very uncomfortable that an email from Gamefly seemed to indicate that we might have kept the games.

Worst of all was customer service. One more game had been mailed out right before cancellation. I informed Gamefly I would be returning it Priority Mail, certified, return receipt requested, when I (finally) got it. (Worth the $8.30 to know they cannot claim it did not arrive.) Despite this, and despite the fact that the game was not late in being returned, and despite the fact that our account was in good standing when we cancelled, we were deluged with emails informing us we would be charged should the game not arrive in time.

When I firmly demanded that there be no more contact from Gamefly, twice via email and once via the phone, they ignored me and the emails continued.

A couple of interesting things Gamefly told me. (1.) We don't make mistakes here. All of the problems you are experiencing are the fault of the U.S. Postal Service alone. (2.) We can't stop the emails. That is automated.

I had not realized that any company could be perfect, or that automated systems couldn't be manipulated by a human being and made to stop shooting out emails. Silly me!

If you choose to use this company, I sincerely hope that your experience far exceeds mine in satisfaction.
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Posted by S on 2006-07-18:
Thanks for the warning!
Posted by N. on 2006-07-19:
I was tempted to try this company out, but now I am not. Sounds like there is a time limit on rentals which there should not be since you are paying a "flat" monthly fee. I thought is was a Netflix copycat, and I am very happy with them. Too bad they are substandard.
Posted by goldstarzandangryrants on 2006-07-19:
Dear Noneill:
To be fair, there is not supposed to be a time limit on games checked out. There suddenly became one when I cancelled even though my contract was not up. I also expected a Netflix experience. Netflix...as my kids would say...Rocks!
Posted by Mokrol on 2006-09-01:
I'm with you brother.

Posted by kirkthepelican on 2006-09-07:
I can't believe what I'm reading. I’ve had the total opposite experience. I signed up for this because my kids are gamers but I didn't want to buy them that many games. Since signing up, the games have always come on time. I'm willing to bet that's because we're doing the "Fast Return" option, which allows you to get new games once the postal service scans a return into their system; that's got to be the difference between the above experiences and mine.
Posted by Adwoa on 2007-01-14:
i bought myself a PSP in December and decided to check on gamefly's trial mostly to see how the UMD movies play on the console (excellent). I also tried a game. I decided to BUY the game but cancel gamefly because it just seemed like too much money and I was concerned about the west coast distribution center. I too am used to Netflix.

A week ago, I received an email saying that they had not received the UMD that I returned, along with the cardboard packaging for the game I decided to buy. I emailed a response telling them that I had in fact mailed it the FIRST week of January.

Today I received an email that they had charged my credit card for the UMD. I am PISSED. Why would they think that a customer who just BOUGHT an item from them would willfully KEEP another?! Why have they STILL not responded to my emails? WHY are there customer service telephone hours so CRAPPY? I will be calling them tomorrow.. expecting a credit. Otherwise, I will be BLOWING up websites such as my3cents WARNING people to stay away.

Frankly, I would have eaten the charge if I ACTUALLY still had the darned UMD. harumph!

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