Boardwalk Auto Service Complaint - HORRENDOUS EXPERIENCE!! STAY AWAY!!

Review by reoman on 2006-07-20
REDWOOD CITY, CALIFORNIA -- I will never use this company again and will do everything I can to steer everyone I speak with away from them. They consistently miss completion times, drop phone calls, direct you to voicemail instead of a real person, overcharge and are just plain rude. After finally driving my vehicle off the lot after 10 days, when I arrived home I noticed numerous chips on my hood. I returned the next day to discuss the situation and two goons kept telling me that it was from ordinary driving. "Fine. They weren't there when I dropped it off, so when will you repair it." But sir, this is from normal driving. You get the idea...ABSOLUTELY NO CUSTOMER SERVICE OR CARE!! They could give a damn because they are so busy. Well, poor customer service nearly put United Airlines out of business. DO NOT GO TO THIS DEALER AT ALL COSTS!!!
Comments:7 Replies - Latest reply on 2006-07-21
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-07-21:
Sounds like a CA thing to me?
Posted by Skye on 2006-07-21:
You sure know alot about how bad they operate. How many times have you gone back there before coming to this realization that they suck??
What did they do to cause all the paint chips?? Take your car for a very long test drive??
Not being sarcastic, just curious.
Posted by Skye on 2006-07-21:
Hi Lidman!!
Posted by reoman on 2006-07-21:
May have been long test drive but I doubt it. Only 10 miles on it from when I left it. Probably something fell on it or they had the hood off and scratched it when moving it, storing it, etc.
Posted by Skye on 2006-07-21:
You know, that really sucks. You bring your car in, and expect it back in the same condition you brought it in. Four years ago, I took my car to Tire World for 4 new tires. When I got the car back, later on, they had busted the headlight and dented the bumper.They said they dropped a heavy tool on it. They at least made good on everything. They got me a new head light, and sent me to their body shop for the bumper repair. I miss that Mazda. It was stolen, but at least they fixed what they destroyed. Sorry for what they did to you.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-07-21:
Hi Skye Hey what kind of Mazda did you have? I have a 96 it is fun to drive in the mountains..... reoman you are most likely right they don't seem to care either way? Good luck
Posted by Skye on 2006-07-21:
Hey Lid,

I had a gorgeous Mazda MX-6, the LX deluxe model. I loved that car. It meant an untimely death by those crimminals that stole it. It was found totalled 2 weeks later on the side of the highway in another town. Now I am driving a 2006 Mazda Tribute, but would of kept my MX-6 forever. Great car, never ever gave me any trouble.

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