Luther Westside Volkswagen Complaint - 6th attempt at repair of same defect

Review by LAW on 2006-07-25
ST LOUIS PARK, MINNESOTA -- I STRONGLY encourage consumers to avoid a purchase from this dealership. The initial salesman my husband dealt with turned out to be your stereotypical sleazy commission shark. We purchased a 2002 Jaguar from this dealership and after 2 days of driving it heard a small squeak coming from an unknown location. After a few more days it turned into a loud howl that eventually rendered the car inoperable. We returned the car to the dealership within their 60 day warranty period to have the problem repaired. After a week we were called to pick up our car. I got 2 miles from the dealership when I noticed the noise was worse. I returned the car the following day. A week later, Luther Westside called to tell me that I could pick up our car again. I assumed it was fixed - but was wrong. The howl was even worse...to the point where other drivers would stare at us. We patiently returned the car for a third time and the dealership assured us that the car would go to a certified Jaguar dealership. They worked on our car for several weeks, stated the problem was fixed, and assured us that they had test driven it. Our car was returned with black grease smeared on our tan leather seats and our new floor mats destroyed. I drove the car for 1 mile and noticed the howl had become WORSE YET. We returned to the dealership for a fourth time to complain.

At that point we decided to try negotiating with Luther Westside for a replacement vehicle. We were willing to spend an additional $10,000. Our original salesman was unwilling to negotiate on the price of a replacement vehicle. They obviously had to recover the costs associated with the repairs they were making. The problem was that they were only willing to give us the TRADE-IN VALUE because we were "outside the 60-day window." I instantly snapped at that point, and explained that we hadn't driven the car for more than three weeks since we had it and that THEY were still trying to repair it. I made mention of the Minnesota Lemon Law and the scumbag had the nerve to tell me that "there was no such thing." He was trying to conserve his commission at all costs. I created quite the scene and eventually the arrogant jerk talked to his "sales manager" to get our full purchase price put towards the purchased of a new vehicle. Luther Westside would only allow us to choose from the cars on their lot - we did not have the option of going to another Luther dealership where we had found what we were looking for. We decided to just keep our Jaguar after it was returned to working condition. They said they would put a lifetime warranty on their work - we have yet to see that in writing. A few weeks later our car was given back to us, unrepaired again.

It went back to the dealership (6th time, month 3) and we went several weeks without an update or phone call on the status. At that point we decided that we could no longer devote our work time and energy to the car issue and returned to the dealership to pick out a new car. The dealer SAID they would create a list of cars for us - which never happened. We asked to work with a different salesman who also turned out to be a liar. We found a car that we were somewhat interested in but the dealership would not budge on price. Afterward we had a friend call about the car we wanted and they offered it at a $1000 discount – the price we offered! Luther Westside stated that they were going to get us an update on our Jaguar and call me with a status. As of today they have not returned my call and I am now pursuing legal action under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. Please be advised that because this dealer was dishonest they will pay dearly - for our legal fees, our refund, and future business.

Today a client of mine casually mentioned he needed to buy a car tomorrow at this dealership…I explained our story and he changed his plans…I will continue to preach about the deceptive practices of Luther Westside to every client and co-worker until this situation is resolved. Considering the sales industry I’m in – they will lose hundreds of customers over the next few years.
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Posted by glc on 2006-07-25:
Law: Without a doubt this dealership, has caused you quite a hardship, and it seems that you have been relatively patient with them. Are you thoroughly familiar with Magnuson-Moss? For those that are not, it is a Federal law passed in 1975 that governs consumer warranties (NOT a Lemon Law). You may have to accept the decision of an arbitrator, as ADR is a major part of this law. Good Luck!!!!
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-07-26:
First things first, you need to determine the cause of the noise before you can determine whether you have a case. Before you go wasting your time and money beware that used car warranties are limited to particular componets covered (ie: engine, trans, brakes etc). An excellent place for some free advice is your states motor vehicle administration. Good Luck
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-07-26:
Can you state where the noise is originating from?
Posted by oncebitten on 2006-08-27:
That's disappointing to hear since I found a car yesterday that I want to buy but I don't think it will stop me from purchasing. The salesman that approached me was typical of used car salesman living off commission and those I have encountered over the past four years. One thing I have learned is that the salesman are sleeziest at month end. Both of my last purchases occurred at month end and the salesman could not have been more helpful-until the sale was completed.
I purchased a used Volvo V70 from Borton Volvo Minneapolis and that car had problem after problem and the salesman was no help. The service department repeatedly tried to charge me for work that was covered under warranty. Only after asking about covered parts would they admit that it was covered under warranty. I had an AC problem from the day I purchased and it took three years of going back and having it looked at without diagnosis. I finally took it to Kline Volvo and their service dept. made an immediate diagnosis. I took it back to Borton along with every service record from the day I purchased the vehicle and they reluctantly replaced the part. The funniest and sleeziest part is they had the nerve to charge me the $50 deductible even though I had three years of headache. I rest assured that I purchased my new vehicle from another dealer and I always speak loudly against doing business with Borton Minneapolis.
Second sleezy slaesman story is from Hopkins Honda and not only occurred at month end but year end. Actually the guy could just be dumb instead of sleezy. I was misqouted an interest rate by a full percentage point. I repeatedly confirmed the 3.9% with the salesman and when it came to sitting down with the person handling the paperwork the interest was disclosed at 4.9%. We stopped the transaction and brought the salesman in and all hecould say was that he was sorry if that is what he said. The truth is the interest rate was great regardless and the car price was great. I'm knocking on wood, because I have not had any problems with the vehicle and interaction with Hopkins Honda service department for routine maintenance has been exceptional.
The moral of the story is you need to approach buying a vehicle with the lowest possible expectations and never try to identify or trust the salesman. Vehicle price and brand mean nothing for gaining any kind of loyalty.
Posted by vwsteve on 2006-08-28:
This is an reply to a letter about the purchase experiance at Westside Volkswagen of a 2002 Jaguar. I am sure the customer was frustrated with the whole experiance as where we in trying to fix their car. We had the local Jaguar dealer ship fix their car. It did have a noise that even was hard for the Jaguar store to find and repair.
When I first heard about the issue with the car I immediately told our Pre-owned people to exchange the car at full credit for another car. The customer picked out a 2005 Volvo that was priced thousands below the Volvo stores and we gave them full exchanged for on that car. The customers left the store with the 2005 Volvo "happy" as I was told by both the salesperson & the business office. It is EXTREMELY rare that we have an issue with a customer. We have sold over 10,000 pre-owned cars over the last 4 years and I would say 99% of our custmers are happy ones. I was very disapointed to read about the 2002 Jaguar
letter as we try the best we can to keep the customer satisfied.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-09-15:
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-09-15:
Regarding some of the comments regarding automitve sales Consultants.We all know there are bad car people in this world.This all stems from bad sales Managers in tne automotive industry they are of the old school, sales managers who used behavior modification tatics on training their sales people tell the customers want to hear be a yes man, lie,and they will buy these old school guys are no going away ,thet also would say buyers are liars not or they can just tell their sales consultants consumers are smarter then ever (they see through the slime ball sales people and shop elsewhere), Regarding the consumer who purchased his jaguar at luther westside he is one in 10,000 who had a bad experience at westside, I Bet ya when the general Manager if he knew about the problem the first time that customer would of been taken care of the right way not wrong way.The G.M at this store is a hands on G.M most are not they dont care about the customer. How do you think they sold 10k car in 4 years, How great integrity and hard work ethics.Consumers in minnesota do this experiment next time you visit a car showroom ask to meet the general sales Manager or G.M if he is a flashy guy with the big gold watch Etc.Protect your selves . The big chese at west side where the consumer bought his jaguar the guyis down to earth as possible and his passion for the biz is there of course he not there for charity but he will take care of you.Also i have managed in the past with my integerty if the sales person lies to me he or she will lie to the customer and that sales person would be gone after they lied to me. the moral is new school way is in and those stores will be the Leader of the Industry.

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