Review by micjim on 2006-07-28
In Jan.2006 I purchased a 1999 Chevy Silverado 2500 truck from Covert Chevrolet of Hutto. I paid $8000.00 cash. The truck was driven for about 3 weeks when it cracked a head all of a sudden on my way to a job. I called Kenny at covert and he had the truck towed to covert in Bastrop to be checked out. They told me to get a new engine. After arguing about the price and the fact I just bought the truck a few weeks prior to this, they agreed to buy an engine for $800.00 dollars at a junkyard and all I would have to pay is $4000.00 to have it replaced. After spending $8000.00 on the truck. When I called the salesman Ray when this happened to see if there was anything I could do he basically told me that it was too bad. I had the truck towed to my house where it still sits as a lawn ornament. I have since then put about $3000.00 work into the truck and it still needs a crankshaft.I understand I bought the truck as is, but also figured it would last more than 3 weeks for the price I paid. I would suggest to anyone not to go buy a vehicle from Covert in Hutto because they are nice and helpful until you drive off the lot. Then they could care less.That is not be treated right.
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Posted by groveman55 on 2006-07-28:
What part of as is do you not understand?
Posted by Skye on 2006-07-28:
Where does he say "as is"?? The whole thing is very suckful for this person, I just don't know why people continue to buy american made vehicles.
Posted by Skye on 2006-07-28:
Oops, me bad. Just saw it. Well then I have to agree with groveman, as is, is just that, as is. Sorry but you really don't have any recourse but to pay for the engine.
Posted by glc on 2006-07-28:
Something doesn't sound right. Granted the truck was purchased "as is", but it was purchased from a DEALER. I would think a dealer would sell the truck, with at the very least, a 30 day warranty.
Posted by glc on 2006-07-28:
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-07-28:
Whatever, what part of "COVERT CHEVROLET OF HUTTO is 'suckful' don't do business with them" do you not understand. Thanks micjim for the warning!!! As always glc, great comments!!!
Posted by bobsm1th on 2006-11-10:
I have to agree. Covert is horrible. I purchased a 2006 corvette. Not a cheap car. The car had blimishes on the 2 front wheels. One had a large scratch on it. The service manager said it probably happened at the dealership but was unwilling to do anything about it. The other rim had blotches in the paint, same story. There was a knocking noise coming from the rear of the car and they said it was the hood making the noise. There was noise in the right door. They took the door apart and "fixed it". And by fix it they mean make it worse and not put the door back together properly. The reflector on the door, not a terribly difficult piece to attach (it snaps on). Fell off when i opened the door. There was also some type of glue stuck to it. There was also the rear fender wasnt alligned properly. They had my car for a week. None of the problems were fixed and they put 50 miles on it. All of these problems could have been reproduced going 2 mph in the parking lot. How do you put 50 miles on it. Once again they gave me the finger. I said I guess this is what I get for buying american. The service guy laughed and said yep. Awesome. Fortunately I went to Hewlett chevy in round rock. They were awesome. They got the 2 front rims fixed. Fixed the noise in the back by taking off the rear shock and reattaching it. They also took apart the door and fixed that issue. They had the car done when they said they would. If you go there talk to RAY in service he will hook you up.

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