TaxInc (Tax Relief) Complaint - Paid 2500 dollars and got no relief.

Review by bacpro on 2006-07-31
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- I hired this company because I received an IRS audit notice. And you what goes through your mind when a person gets a notice from the IRS....Fear...anger.

I searched the internet and found Taxinc website. I complete the application on the internet and a few days later a representive called me. Ask me my situation,and after listening to me & my situation he quoted
me $2500 and they would take care the whole debt to the IRS, which was 7,000, WOW! Do you guarantee that?YES
I will not have to pay the IRS, answer: Yes, the whole thing will be taken care of. I could not resisit, I felt relief, it sounded so good, I took from my 401k and sent the $ year later
and constant letters from the IRS demanding payment. I got nothing, no comunication, no updates nothing. Called serveral times and each time. We are working on your case. Finally after 10-12 months of being harassed by the IRS, I dug into my 401k again and paid the IRS. So instead of my debt being 7000 to IRS, my total outlay was 9000. Now my 401k is all gone. I recently retired and have no money only getting S/S.......This company is a total ripoff.I asked for a refund and they do not respond to my request.
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Posted by S on 2006-07-31:
If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Though I have heard of stories where the government "forgives" part of someone's tax debt if they agree to pay off X dollars, or subscribe to a payment plan. But I can imagine there are lots of crooked companies out there who take advantage of consumer's fears just like in your case. Thanks for the warning.
Posted by Frenchie on 2006-08-01:
bacpro I can understand completely your frustraton -- I lived almost 5 yrs with the IRS (too long to go into on here) they can devastate your life and them companies like this rip you off. There are many that do this service but you do have to check them out. My suggestion is go to and read that site. If necessary e-mail Bud a note with details and he might be able to give you some suggestions. I trust Bud Hibbs completely, he will not mis-lead you. Put it all in the hands of the Lord and ask HIM to give you some peace of mind. The best to you.
Posted by cycolbur on 2006-08-02:
From personal experience the IRS does forgive part of your debt but it is a process I owed almost 10 grand I was allowed to pay 4grand with payments for 5 years. I went to my local IRS office and worked it out with them. I do agree with the other poster check out these tax releif people before using them.
Posted by champ70 on 2007-09-03:
bacpro, I had problems with Tax Inc. also are you willing to take any action against them. I have already filed a complaint with the FTC and now I am going to file with my attorney general
Posted by Pooks on 2007-12-15:
I got scammed by them also!
Posted by bsarc9454 on 2008-01-31:
Add me to the list. This company is a total fraud. They did absolutely nothing for me except taking $4200 from me. I am doing all I can to stop this company from taking money from people who need help. Contact everyone you can and tell them that this comapny is a rip-off.

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