Manhattan Check Service Complaint - Oh my GOSH! - check chashing/check recovery

Review by TheRealist on 2006-08-01
MANHATTAN, KANSAS -- So i walk into this Rinky-Dink room that you can barely even call an office they got this big dog shedding hair everywhere. Anyways a Brad tells me to have a seat while he tries to verify 3 100 dollar money orders that i am trying to cash. To make the long story short this Brad from this Manhattan Check Service almost has me arressted because he says the money orders (given to me by my dad) are Fraudalent. I walk out after being questioned by this old bald white man and detective. Confused on how ENT FEDERAL CREDIT UNION is supposedly not verifying the money orders as being from that bank. I decide to call ENT myself only to find out that this BRAD! read the wrong numbers off to them that is why DDUUUAAAHHH! the money order cannot be verified. So i call this Brad Harper back to tell let him know the money orders are legite he tells me he doesn't care and to shut the hell up! I tell him you can't talk to me that way i will contact the BBB and sue you. So All in ALL i Manhattan Check Service is a very unproffessional place of business the "supervisor" BRAD HARPER walks around thinking he is GOD in this place and since they are a collection agency also they think anyone that walks through that door is a criminal all i wanted to do was cash a money order from out of state cause i don't have an account with a bank here in manhattan and instead of receiving help from these people i received nothing but a headache. If you need help cashing something from say out of state i recomment going to Western Credit in Junction City they were very helpful and legit!
Comments:8 Replies - Latest reply on 2006-08-02
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2006-08-02:
Sue him for what? Excessive rudeness?
Posted by TheRealist on 2006-08-02:
Well lets see i have not been here but for a short time I already have a bank account else where, why open one here in little manhattan when all i needed was a money order cashed which i did accomplish in JUNCTION CITY! No worries though i will just go back to Junction City (Western Credit) if i ever need to cash another money order in the future, rather do that then open a bank account here. I can't stand this "city" more like a town i am only here because i kind of have to be here but none of anyone's business :) What did you mean by (that is kind for them?) have you done business with them or are they just some friends of yours?
Posted by TheRealist on 2006-08-02:
Hugh Jorgen You asked me what i would sue for Excessive Rudeness Nah i wouldn't sue for that just make sure the person is repremanded for that like i have done already it's either that or catch the person off guard and settle it another way (me and my family don't play) anyways well lets see because of this idiot's mistake he almost had me arrested so let's see maybe i could find something to sue him along the lines of that, defamation of character? calling in a detective and accusing my father and i of making or accepting fraudalent money orders? well my aunt is a lawyer and would represent me for free any day so i guess i could ask her if i needed. Sound's like you are pretty curious and defensive do you do business with these people or could they be friends also?
Posted by TheRealist on 2006-08-02:
we can go back and forth all day i will keep checking in so if you want to go against let's go
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2006-08-02:
If you are, in fact, a Realist then you realize a lawsuit would result in nothing but a waste of time and money. Did he defame you in front of anyone? Was it anyone you could find and bring to court? If not, your case is done. So, the guy is an a'hole - don't do business with him.
Posted by TheRealist on 2006-08-02:
yes he did "defame" me in front of like 4 people not everyone in that office was an A** hole like him, I am positive i can bring one of the persons in that heard him he is not aware that i have spoken to one already and they did agree if needed to make a statement, not to mention i had my 11 mo. old son on my lap while he made the accusations,that really pissed me off, the office is part of a suite that really is not a suite cause everyone can hear everyone's conversation in that small hallway. Oh and he did also speak to my husband on the phone and tried to cop a little attitude with him also while my husband recorded the whole conversation. Once my husband told him the conversation was being recorded he tried a little, very little to fix his attitude. My whole point in posting this is to let people basically if you go to Manhattan Check Service for check cashing or anything just be careful cause that little mistake by that big idiot almost got me arressted then there would be a definate law suit that's all i am saying if you did read my review you would have also read that obviously i will never do business with them again. Oh what i mean by REALIST is not that i am a realist my self but that i keep it real! I am one of the realist people that you will ever meet if you are lucky enough to ever meet me that is what i meant!
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2006-08-02:
Good enough. You made your point that the guy is a horse's a$$ - I just hate to see people throw away money on lawyers and lawsuits.
Posted by TheRealist on 2006-08-02:
To JayD i am not talking about Manhattan Newyork i am talking about Manhattan KANSAS! yes i cannot stand kansas and i ain't no hick i guess that's why i can't stand it here!

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