Delavara Chiropractic Complaint - Delavara Chiropractic Exploites Others Pain for Profit

Review by scarny on 2006-08-03
LAKEWOOD, COLORADO -- I was in a car accident and was told by my insurance company to use the Medical Expense/Med Pay coverage I had. I had neck sprains, thoracic sprains, a dislocated sacrum, plus muscle spasms. Basically, my whole spine and back was involved.

My quality of life has been significantly affected by the injuries I received. I had daily pain every day for many months, from my pelvis to my head, including my low back, ribs, neck, and shoulders. I’ve had muscle twitches at night, disrupting my sleep. (I just found out that those are called Myoclonus and are caused by head or spinal cord injuries, among other diseases I don't have.) I have received treatments from chiropractors, physical therapists, and other providers to help everything heal, and I have made significant progress in the months since the accident.

Then Delavara Chiropractic **name removed**, wrote a “peer review” for Encompass Insurance. Based on his review, they cut off coverage for my treatments, well before I reached the coverage limit. His peer review was a sham and a fraud. It was based largely on early claims, and didn’t include any diagnosis, or address my pain and discomfort, or the progress I have made. He didn’t talk to me or my providers. He did no exam. It was slanted in many ways and was not an objective review at all. It was set up to give the insurance company false leverage. It was not a search for the truth, it was a fabrication and a fraud!

He focused on alleged billing problems that were mostly false. Delavara himself is mis-informed about these issues, based on comments from my providers, many of whom have far more experience than he does. He even quoted from documents he claimed were not provided! He used Medicare billing code regulations that didn’t apply to my case! Ridiculous!

Delavara also made other false claims about healing times, treatments, and even mis-counted the frequency of my visits, falsely concluding that I wasn’t improving! He can’t even count!

Delavara is a not concerned about a patient who is trying to heal from an accident. He is willing to harm other's health for his personal gain; willing to sell his soul to the detriment of others. I was told he probably made $500 to $1,000 for putting this fraudulent report together. Anyone doing business with him is likely to receive the same treatment. Delavara, you are cruel; you do not belong in the healthcare field! You caused me more pain and suffering!

Your peer review is an unprofessional and dishonest fabrication. It does not accurately represent the injuries, diagnosis, pain, treatment, or progress I have made. It jumps to erroneous conclusions using slanted information. You give chiropractors a bad name. You have harmed the profession.

The care I have received has been reasonable and necessary, given the injuries I have sustained and the pain I have endured. All of the providers have noted the significance of my injuries and that they will take time to heal. Several told me that it often takes at least 6 weeks for ligaments to begin to heal and that I need to be patient for all the sprained ligaments and strained muscles to repair themselves. Unlike you, these providers had direct experience with me and my injuries. They've done everything to help me heal. I wish this was over long ago, but I have made significant progress with the very treatments you claimed were unnecessary and unreasonable! How low can you go Delavara? How small can you be? did you think there would be no accountability for your actions?

I can’t recommend that anyone seek treatment from this man, unless you want to be treated in the same way I have!
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Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2006-08-04:
Time to get your lawyer involved.

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