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Review by D. on 2006-08-05
New Rules Urged for Debt Collection Lawyers
August 4, 2006

Erie County-NY Bar Association President Stephen R. Lamantia is concerned: "We're concerned about the public's perception of lawyers; we have a duty to protect the public," he said.

No need to scratch your chin and mutter “Hmm?” because I’ll tell you what he’s concerned about: Debt collection lawyers, he says, are giving the law profession a bad name.

His solution is to propose drafting ethics rules for debt collection lawyers in order to fight shakedown tactics.

Not that there aren’t shady debt collection lawyers out there – much like there are shady judges, politicians, and Canadian superstar chanteuses. Shady is as shady does; however, damning an entire profession for the scandalous activities of a few members might seem histrionic at the least. Lamantia did tell the Buffalo News that most debt collection attorneys operate ethically.

Lamantia said he would recommend the bar association create guidelines for lawyers whose practice focuses on collecting debts.

The Buffalo News story points out that while the state bar association writes ethics rules for lawyers, it doesn't crack down on illegal conduct. That's the job of the Attorney Grievance Committee, a unit of the New York Court of Appeals.

Under this new proposal, Lamantia noted, lawyers could face the loss of their license for collection abuses, a check on their practices that other debt collectors don't face.
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Posted by S on 2006-08-05:
Thanks for the info Debtor...
Posted by Frenchie on 2006-08-05:
It is not only debt collection lawyers, it is the legal profession in general. Since the bar associations do not want to address the issue of "bad" attorneys, they will pick a group that most of the other lawyers do not like.
However lawyers have almost ruined this country, they write the laws, they intrepret the un-interpretable laws they enact. The issue is by far greater than just this one class of lawyer. A question to all of you. In your state or nationwide, how many lawyers do you know or know of who will handle, mal-practice,(mal feasance) against another lawyer? In your state how many do this and how many cases (if any) do you know of a lawyer suing another lawyer for mal-practice? The do it against doctors and others for the "bucks", but not against each other in their selective league. I could write pages on this subject
Posted by voiceoff on 2007-04-06:
Sounds like a good idea

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