Pathfinder Financial Solutions Complaint - Pathfinder took us for $350.00 AND MORE!

Review by rsroome on 2006-08-07
Dianna with Pathfinder Financial, came to our home, showed us mortgage options, pulled our credit & told us that we should seek a credit repair service to help raise our score. She later gave us varied numbers of interest rate & payments, which greatly differed from our 1st meeting. We used the credit repair service she suggested, a hefty monthly amount for each of us (& a sign-up fee for both). She needlessly pulled our credit 8 times over a month (which decreased each of our scores over 20 points) which prohibited the 2nd mortgage refi. We were told by Dianna that we would need to subordinate the 2nd & 3rd positions on our mortgage, due to the credit scores decreasing, & would have to pay them each a subordination fee. When asked, she told us that we would receive that subordination fee back, if the 2nd & 3rd positions declined. At closing, all documents were signed for the 1st mortgage, but as the last day approached for finalization, Dianna told us the 2nd position had declined the subordination ($200 paid in a cashiers check). Due to them not staying in 2nd position, the first refinance would not complete, as well as the 3rd position (subordination fees paid of $150). When asked why she went to the table without the subordination agreements, she would not answer. It was her fault not having the subordination docs prepared for closing, we were expecting our $350 refunded due to her errors. We tried once more, by getting a second mortgage drawn up, with the understanding that she would bring us a personal check immediately in the amount of $350 (the subordination fees) due to her errors. Upon contact with her today, she indicated to me that this would be rolled into the closing, and would only be available at the time of funding. We have decided NOT to use her or her company due to the lies and irreparable issues she has caused. Dianna refuses to reimburse us the $350 subordination charges she promised to pay us back due to her errors in the refinancing process.

This is a secondary complaint again Pathfinder Financial Solutions. The initial credit scores were pulled was on June 1st to initiate a mortgage program. This should have been good for a full 30 days to release to a mortgage lender. Unfortunately, Pathfinder Financial also pulled credit on myself and my husband without consent on June 19, June 22, July 5, July 13, July 19, July 20, and July 21st. This has caused our credit score to drop over 40 points in the past month, making it extremely difficult to obtain a mortgage with the now low credit scores. Pathfinder Financial had no reason to pull our credit that many times, especially without our knowledge. We now have to face the credit reporting agencies and explain the circumstances to them, and hope that the inquiries will be dropped. We would like to have Pathfinder Financial write a letter explaining that there was no reason to pull our credit that many times, and all but 1 should be removed permanently from our credit file We are requesting that Pathfinder Financial use a company called Veracity Credit Repair, where Pathfinder Financial Services will be paying for the services until these inquiries are removed.

Dianna from Pathfinder Financial Solutions has pulled our credit on numerous occasions. The only time she was authorized to pull credit on myself and my husband was the start of our business relationship, on June 1st, 2006. At that time, she downloaded it to my laptop and specifically told me NOT to tell anyone she gave me a copy of the credit report, or she would face serious trouble and fines. She told me she would legally be held responsible if someone knew she had given me my credit report through her company. She again pulled credit and continued to send me a copy of the report on different occasions, once again on 7/18 and again on 7/19/06. She again told me to keep my “mouth shut” or she would be in serious trouble for giving me a copy of the report from Pathfinder Financial Solutions.

Dianna from Pathfinder Financial Solutions faxed me on 7/28/06 a copy of the new application and information on a new loan, asking me to have my husband fill out the form, sign in and date it for 6/22/06, a different day. She has also met me in a McDonalds parking lot in Longmont to retrieve a filled out letter from my husband before she notarized it without him there.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-08-07:
You need to contact the regulatory agencies in your state. In particular, the violation of the notary laws is considered a serious offense. You have the power to put her out of the business in your hands.
Posted by rsroome on 2006-08-07:
Thank you so much for seeing things this way! I cannot help but realize how many people she has taken advantage of (or the entire company for that matter!) I have already contacted the DORA (Dept of Regulatory Agencies), but since she is not yet a licenced mortgage broker, I am only hoping it will give them ammunition to refuse her license which will be mandatory in January of 2007. As for the notary, do you know who I might need to contact regarding those issues? I have also contacted the BBB, and the Rip Off Report, as well as a local radio station in my area who specialized in bad businesses! I hope this alone puts her out of buisness, but in reality, I want my $350.00 back that she promised, as well as a credit repair due to her irresponsible actions towards pulling credit every other day!

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