SAKURA JAPEANESE STEAK Complaint - Visit to Sakura at the Prince Frederick MD Location

Review by TOOOBSURE on 2006-08-15
106 N. SOLMONS ISLAND ROAD, PRINCE FREDERICK, MARYLAND -- On Sat, Aug 12th my husband and I visited the Prince Frederick MD Sakura located at 106 N Solmons Island Road, 410-414-9005. Several very disturbing incidents happened that were unsanitary. The staff was extremely unfriendly and disrespectful and provided unsatisfactory customer service.

There were 3 families sitting at the table with my husband and I, a family of 3 and a family of 4. Our cook, an older looking Asian gentleman who wore glasses that our waiter informed us was fairly new, approached our table to begin preparing our meal. He began with the rice and dispersed it from right to left. The first spoonful he give to the customer furthest to the right, he went to disperse the second spoonful and gave it to the same lady. By the time he got to my husband and I, who were seated in the middle, my husband was given about half the amount of rice I was given. By the time he served the family of 4, let's just say, they were short served and very unhappy about their portion size. He began cooking the meat and the veggies. He placed everything but the steaks on the grill. He then places the steak in front of the customers seated at the far right of the table. I’ve visited many hibachi style restaurants. It has been my past experiences that the cooks left the raw meat on the cart with all the other cooking utensils. The customer felt uncomfortable with the meat sitting in front of her because she didn't order any meat and secondly had she coughed, sneezed or passed any type bodily fluid it would have contaminated our food. She expressed the concern to her husband and he proceeded to ask the cook to place the food back onto the cart. The cook took offense asked him why he was complaining. The cook then suggested that maybe he should leave. The customer, paying him no attention, asked once more if he could remove the food from in front of his wife. The cook then moved the food from that customer only to move it to the other side in front of another. At this point both customers removed themselves from the table to consult with management.

Next, the cook proceeded to prepare the appetizers. Over half the table had ordered shrimp and the others had ordered other things. When dispersing the shrimp he started to his right and again and gave the first customer 4 shrimp (the shrimp portion as noted on the menu should have only been 2 per person). Once he got around to his left he realized he had given the first person too many. What he did next I would have never imagined at even the worst of restaurants, he took 2 of her shrimp from off of the rice she had already started eating and removed it from the plate only to place it on the customers' plate to the far left. At this point we are in utter and complete disbelief. My husband then left the table to complain as well.

When he realized so many people had removed themselves he asked what happened and if they had left. The customer who had previously asked the cook to remove the food from in front of his wife stated "you think it has anything to do with you taking food from one complete strangers plate that she had already began to eat from and place it into the plate of another"? At this point the cook turns to look at where the 3 customers had gone. He saw them standing talking to the manager, who after making a several calls to other locations I was able to find out her name was Young. As the food began to burn he continues to try and assess what was going on with the manager and the 3 very displeased customers. At this point I remove myself from the table because there was no way I could eat the food he was preparing. When I approached my husband and the other 2 customers expressing their concerns to the manager she was telling them how "the customer can sometimes misunderstand the cook and take him as being rude when that is just their culture and how we (the customer) don't understand what they have to go through in the kitchen" as she stands there and just watch him I asked if it was their policy to remove food from the plate of one customer to another and she said that she wasn't at the table and didn't see that. I then asked if it was their culture for her to call paying customers liars and she suggested that maybe I just leave. I let her know that maybe it wasn't a good idea that she and I continue the conversation and I would need the corporate office number and a name of who I should contact. She told me that she was the owner, there was no one for me to talk to because it was not a Franchise so I would have to deal with her. I explained to her that I knew there had to be someone or a corporate office and she would need to give me that information. Again, the same response and she ask me to leave and grab a business card on my way out. I did so and let the others at the table know what she thought about us and our concern and began to walk out. As I was walking out the cook turned to say, BYE BYE!!!!! I asked her if she didn't think that was a sure act of being rude and she responded he was just saying GOOD BYE. I then left the establishment, contacted another location listed on the back of the card (Waldorf, MD 301-870-1666) where I asked for the corporate number and a contact person. A gentleman by the name of Steve came to the phone and assisted me. When asked where the corporate office was located he told me Falls Church VA. When asked if he could give me the phone number he gave me 703-846-9940. He stated that he was the manager overseeing the location in which I had visited and that entire area. He asked if I would share my concerns as he would be the person handling my concerns once I contacted corporate. I proceeded to share what had occurred and he assured me he would call over to see "what they said about what happened, maybe the cook was not a good fit for their company" he also apologized and said that he would send me a voucher for my inconvenience. He took my name, address and number and stated he would give me a call after talking to the manager. To my surprise, not so surprised, I haven't heard from Steve, the number provided for corporate is incorrect and I don't anticipated receiving any vouchers.

Teshor Oates
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Posted by Nohandle on 2006-08-15:

Sounds as if you had a really fun filled evening at the local Steak House. I don't recall you making any mention as to whether someone tried to charge you for the time you were there. If so, I certainly hope you didn't pay anything. As far as a voucher, from what you've described, I don't really think I'd go back under any circumstance.
Posted by TOOOBSURE on 2006-08-16:
Believe, I have no intention of doing so.

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