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Review by edge on 2006-08-17
LEWISVILLE, TEXAS -- I am responding to the review made by curlygirl about Cowboy Fence and Deck. I hired the company to tear down an old fence that I needed replaced and build me a new one. Their salesman was very informative and gave me several choices of different fences I could install. I had decided to hire them and the night before they came out to do the job I did a google search on the company and found the article posted by curlygirl on this website. I quickly confronted the salesman the next morning when they showed up to do the job. He did not deny the complaint at all and stated to me their reasons why they had to postpone completion on that job, and all the reasons he gave me were ligitimate reasons. He also explained that the complaint was resolved because they ended up replacing the fence after all. I was not sure to believe him so I called the BBB to ask about the situation. They advised me that their records showed the situation had been resolved otherwise the company could not remain in good standing with the BBB, which to this day it is. I also learned that they have not asked for payment in full from homeowners since they began building fences, and they did not ask me either. They tore down my old fence and built my new one in a timely manner more than I had hoped. I'm glad to have done business with them and I would refer them to any of my friends and neighbors.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-08-17:
Ah, yes... neighbors..............
Posted by D. on 2006-08-18:
Don't you mean, deFENCEive?
Posted by D. on 2006-08-18:
Please, Please, hold down the applause!
Posted by CurlyGirl on 2006-08-18:
I am very happy for you that you had a good experience. I wouldn’t want anyone else to go thru what we did with Cowboy Fence & Deck.

For the benefit of anyone out there researching Cowboy Fence, I feel I need to address a few things that you brought up.

As far as the excuses that he gave you about not completing our job, I’ll bet that one of them was that there was rain. He used that excuse on the BBB complaint. However, the rainstorm that he blames it on didn’t happen until the day after we fired him. During the time period that we tried working with Cowboy Fence there was no more than a tenth of an inch of rain (I printed out the weather history, so I have proof of that). I’ll bet he also claimed that he always returned calls and kept us informed. I have phone records to prove that he didn’t.

As far as their claim that they replaced the fence, that is a blatant lie. The only reason I have a fence now is that I hired another company. Cowboy Fence did not install my fence, nor did they give me a single penny as a refund.

As far as the BBB is concerned, they were absolutely no help to us. We did originally accept Cowboy Fence’s proposed resolution. However, when they failed to issue the refund we re-opened the complaint with the BBB. Cowboy Fence’s response to that complaint was to claim that it had already been settled. We notified the BBB that that was incorrect and that we didn’t accept that resolution, but they never changed their records. I have contacted the BBB to notify them of this error, but they have not corrected it and have not even acknowledged my correspondence.

Regarding the payment in full, I take full blame on that one. Cowboy Fence did not require it. We had plans to be out of town on the day the job was supposed to be completed, so we agreed to go ahead and pay in full so that it could be done while we were gone. With 20/20 hindsight, I know I should have scheduled the job for another time so we could have not paid in full until it was done. This is one mistake that I will never, ever make again!

Again, I am pleased that you had a good experience. The purpose of this reply is not to start an argument, but only to be sure that anyone researching Cowboy Fence and Deck is armed will all of the facts before they make a decision about hiring this company.
Posted by edge on 2006-08-25:
I don't know who's story to believe and don't really care. They did a good job for me and that's all I can say. If they kept your money and didn't do the work then they should definitely repay you. My experience was that they are a reputable company.
Posted by Roland74 on 2010-07-01:
They're scamming people under Dallas Fence and Decks now. Beware. This post is obviously a plant. They rip off everyone they do business with. They're a family of crooks. Avoid Dallas Fence and Decks, they take your money and never do the work.

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