Denton's Hardwood Flooring in Knoxville, TN Complaint - DO NOT HIRE THIS COMPANY! THEY WILL LEAVE YOU HIGH AND DRY!!!

Review by caldwellfam1 on 2006-08-21
KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE -- I hired this company to do an install of hardwood flooring in my home. I explained the job and materials as completely as I possibly could and they agreed to do the job. It was agreed that I would remove the installed carpet and they would removed the pre-exsisting glued down hardwood. I did underestimate the amount of hardwood to be removed, but the price was renegociated (with owner Frank, who was VERY RUDE!!), and I was told the installers would start. I handed the phone back to the installer, he walked out the front door and left!!! I called the company, no answer, left a message, no call back. Called after about an hour and got a hold of the office lady wo hemmed and hawed about it being a bigger job than they thought, etc. I asked if they were rescheduling then and she said, "No." But they didn't even have the decency to inform ME when they decided not to do the job!!!!!!! I had to chase after them on the phone. After some crying and a whole lot of upset, I was told by Bobby that she would check the schedule and call me back to reschedule. Guess who DIDN'T call?? So now I am in home hell!!! All of the carpet has been ripped up, we removed the hardwood in the kitchen and dining room, we have furniture upstairs, downstairs, and out on the patio; anywhere but where it belongs. My fish are in a cooler, I am constantly yelling at my 5 year old to put her shoes back on so she doesn't get a splinter or a staple, and we are left scrambling to find another installer. I start nursing school on Wednesday and I couldn't tell you where any clothes suitable for school are, not to mention the construction zone I get to come home to study in.
Eager for the work, they hired for this job, site unseen, and then didn't want to do it because it was more work than they expected. Had they at least come out prior to taking the job, I would not be stuck in the situation I am in. Please, for your own sanity (and my revenge, too), DO NOT HIRE DENTON'S!!!!
Comments:4 Replies - Latest reply on 2006-08-23
Posted by *Brenda* on 2006-08-22:
I hope you didn't give them any money in advance!
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-08-22:
Sounds like a very bad companey and I will never use them I promise you that. Sorry you have to go through this....
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-08-22:
We had our hardwood floors redone recently and it was a nightmare as well. You obviously have it much worse, it only took our guys a few days longer than they promised but having the floor torn up is awful, especially with kids. Thanks for the head up, hope you find a good flooring company soon!
Posted by miketech on 2006-08-23:
I do computer work for Knox Hardwood Flooring in Knoxville. They have been in business for about 20 years and are great people if you want to try them. Call Suzy (865) 522-0398 and Giles will come out and give an estimate.

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