Solaris Group, Cancun, Mexico Complaint - Very seriously bad stay.

Review by Angel12 on 2006-08-23
CANCUN, MEXICO -- My trip to Cancun. July 10-24, 2006 Orbitz RES# AP 290104343ABSE2

Report following up telephone conversation with Jennifer in Nashville who spoke to the property manager on July 31st, who requested this report.

First of all, I would like to say that Maritur was very good , as far as the transfer goes from the airport to the hotel.

Upon my arrival at the Hotel Royal Solaris Caribe I noticed right away that there was a lack of personnel to deal with all of the people checking in. So, there was a very long line and a lot of frustration on the part of the guests. When it FINALLY came time for me to check in Alex was the one who started to check me in. He obviously did not know how to do it very well because he kept asking EMMANUEL questions. Emmanuel was, supposedly, the manager on duty that shift. The manager NEVER once lifted his eyes to make eye contact with anyone. He wanted to be transparent and not have to deal with ANYONE!! So, finally, I was given a room. When I arrived to my room #2355 I could smell the HUMIDITY and bad odor in the air. The bathroom smelled as if it was backed up!! I thought that it might get better…but, it did not. No amount of air conditioning could make a difference! So, I had to place towels all over the floors so as not to slip and fall on the very wet tile. I went up to the tower rooms with one of the guests and as I was going down in the ELEVATOR it closed on my left elbow!! The next day ,July 11th, I ran into a man named NOBBY, who was very sympathetic and saw me very upset and took me to the front desk(without him standing there I am sure that they would not have done anything, he is a part of the selling program for the “CLUB SOLARIS”) I said that I am allergic to mold and could not stay in that room. After room changes from here to there…I finally ended up in a relatively drier tower room. The # 1518…however, I noticed that the telephone was not working properly and I reported it then. On July 12th at 1:00 am, I was awakened by some horrible noise. I realized that the man in 1516, next door to me…was screaming and yelling obscenities at his girlfriend and her daughter. They spoke in Polish and I am fluent in Polish so I understood every terrible word! Tadeusz was his name! The woman went crying and yelling down the hall…after SLAMMING their door…later she was escorted back from the BEACH by 2 security guards to her door. Next day, the same thing they were constantly fighting! When they were in public , it was obvious that they had problems. That night , they had much too much to DRINK…tequila! The all-inclusive aspect allows all the drinking someone wants at no extra cost…and these people walked around drunk all of the time…day or night. All they did was SLAM the doors!! I called down to report it multiple times and so did the the people (the ROGERS) from Texas in rooms #1512 and 1514. NO ONE from the Hotel did anything about it. The situation ESCALATED and “TADEUSZ” began beating both the woman and the 15 year old daughter. The girl went to the pool every day with more and more bruises and talked about it openly…and NO ONE ever did anything about it! Another guest named Matt Opesso in room #2530 knew all about it!! When I personally mentioned it to a hotel employee Victor Hugo Villanueva he said…”oh, yes. we know that started when they checked in..and I told them to “watch the Tequila just got here” so, people knew right away that these people had a problem!!! NO ONE did anything about it!! There was even another Polish gentleman room# 2365,,,who understood all of the VULGARITY of the yelling and screaming of these 3 people. They were ruining the vacation of many people! NO ONE did anything about it!! I, personally, was afraid to go in and out of my room. . “TADEUSZ” once stopped me and wanted me to come into THEIR room…(HE is a VERY tall and big, intimidating man) I said no and practically RAN down the corridor. The people on the other side kept asking the girl if she needed help. It was one of the most OUTRAGEOUS scenarios! I felt that I was in a NIGHTMARE. One time they cornered me at the bar and one of the restaurant workers had to sneak me through the kitchen the back way so that I could escape having to deal with them. Calling down to the front desk NEVER helped at all.

There were construction people and workers in the hallways all of the time. They left piles of debris every where. On the 13th of July , the elevator doors closed on me again…this time my RIGHT elbow..TWICE!!! Much more painful than the first incident, in fact …today is August 1st and it still hurts. I went to the nurse and she said” OH, this happens a lot because the workers never finish the job and they leave. These elevators are made by SCHINDLER…and apparently this had been already going on for weeks!!! I reported it to the front desk and nothing was done. The nurse gave me an anti-inflammatory pill and that was it! No one showed any concern. I was walking around with ice on my elbow and it did not matter to the front desk AT ALL!!!!!!! Finally, out of desperation , I stopped SALVADOR who is in charge of the restaurants and explained to him that I am very concerned about the elevators…especially for older people and children!!!!!!! He said he would try to do something. Then I happened to run into a different shift manager Alfredo Hau, he at least listened to me! I believe that he was responsible for FINALLY getting someone official from Schindler, the elevator company, to show up…because the next day I saw the man from Schindler on the premises. That day I received a fruit basket with the General Manager’s (Hector Sanchez’s) card in it. So, I called down to the front desk to speak to him and UNFORTUNATELY , Emmanuel was on duty…and he would NOT allow me to contact the GM. So, the question is …why BOTHER to send the card? I have NEVER run into a worse manager than EMMANUEL. (later I found out that he was brand new) Alfredo Hau and Victor Hugo Villanueva both told me that I had every right to be very upset.

Every day was filled with tension until the 3 people from 1516 checked out. I was frightened and it took another 3 days after they left to not feel like a deer in the headlights. On the 19th a man stopped me in the hall to ask me how everything was and I asked him if he really wanted to know…he said, I told him the whole story. His name is Francisco Galeana. He told me that I should speak to Carmen Lagunas the next morning at 9:00am. So, I did on the 20th,.I had already been there, suffering for 10 days She was the only female with any kind of position(I am NOT a feminist…but, the MACHISMO exhibited by the front desk at the Solaris Caribe is INCREDIBLE). Ms. Lagunas listened to me and was truly upset for me. She immediately said that I must switch over to their PRETTIER Hotel …the “GR” Solaris. She gave me a coupon for 1 hour of internet and a complimentary massage. It was far too little far tooo late, but at least she heard what I was saying.

Back to the telephone issue…I was never registered on that room telephone # . Many people tried to call and there was an automated message that said that the room was UN-OCCUPIED. I lost a very important job because of this!!!! I can give you a list of people who could not reach me Mr. John Skuja tel# 530-436-2109, Room # 1410 on the 15th and 16th(Mr. Nelson Rodriguez) he even reported it! Mr. Marcelo Guerrero room # 2359 . All said that I was not registered in the room. No messages were ever delivered to me!!!!!! NO ONE cared. It is a fundamental and BASIC service of a HOTEL!!!!!!!!!!!

INTERNET…was down a lot. Then one day I asked ALEX to sell me an internet card for one hour. He said that they only have 30 minute ones…I said “OK” he said “BUT you will have to pay more for 2 half hour cards!!!!!!!! This is SO STUPID! It is not MY fault that they only had 2 half hour cards! The

treatment of guests was ABYSMAL!!!!

( By the way, the telephone system was not much better at the “GR” …I spoke to the operator Marisella and she said that there had been trouble connecting to the USA there as well, none of my telephone calls went through and they had the audacity to present me with a huge phone bill that after much complaining..I was able to reduce to half before they would let me leave the hotel. It was worth NOTHING! They threatened me at checkout(FERNANDO) that I could not leave until I PAID!!! The night before I had called the front desk to resolve it in advance…because I did not want last minute HASSLES upon check out on the 24th…guess what I got…LAST MINUTE HASSLES…!!!!!!!!!!!! HOPELESS!!!!!!!!)
When I mentioned that I may miss my flight and that the shuttle was waiting with other people in it the response was “THAT is not OUR problem , it is YOURS!!

July 20th at about noon I go over to the other hotel the “GR”. The room was actually DRY!! So, I unpack yet again! I went to sleep because I had not slept peacefully for many days!!!

The 21st I went into the Ocean, only to discover , a few hours later , that I had been stung by jelly fish in the worst way on the back of my legs. I went to the PARAMEDIC and he said that there was nothing that could be done about it! I proceeded to get a terrible fever and stayed in bed for 2 days!! The lifeguards should WARN people that there are JELLYFISH coming in!!! They live with this all of thei LIVES and should POST a SIGN!!!!!!! As a result, I did not eat for 3 days. When I finally decided to get my massage…on the 23rd of July…my masseuse was Dulce and she let out a scream when she saw my legs! Needless to say she had to work around my wounds! She, is a great masseuse.
That was the ONLY good thing that happened in the 2 weeks. I am still in a great deal of pain with these wounds. I was told that it takes a month for them to heal.
I do not think that the marks will ever go away. Dr Suarez was never around.
By the way, it was not until I was at the “GR” that they allowed me to write out the report about the elevators hitting me repeatedly. I forgot to tell you that I was also STUCK in one of them going up and down without stopping for 20 minutes!!!!!!!!!

I have photos of all that I have written to substantiate my claim for a full refund!!!
I am enclosing the photos for your records.

Thankyou, for listening.!!!

P.S. The whole CLUB sales for the CLUB SOLARIS are very obvious and preponderant when you stay at these two hotels. There is a particularly IRRITATING woman( from NY…originally )named Linda Fellman who was VERY RUDE to me and BLUNTLY asked me if I would just put down 3,700 dollars that day. Before I was even given a tour of the “GR” …that was when I was still STUCK at the Caribe!! She was unbelievably negative and aggressive and very unpleasant!!!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-08-24:
Suggestion: remain clear of the elevator doors when they are closing.
Posted by glc on 2006-08-24:
Angel: I read your entire diatribe and I believe that you had a terrible vacation. Some of the things you encountered were truly horrible, and others, I thought, may have been avoided by you. Why didn't you contact the police about Tadeusz beating his child? What time of day did you check in? Was it very early or late? (possible reason for short-staffing) When you noticed the phone was not working in the "new" room that was given to you, why didn't you get someone to fix it?(and then blame the hotel for your loss of business)One thing I have to admit, that you DO keep track of people's names....At what point did you decide to ask for a full refund? Please let us know if you ever get this refund...I would be amazed if you did!

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