Review by SHELLBY on 2006-08-27
DANVERS, MASSACHUSETTS -- The AMC MOVIE THEATER here in Danvers MA. is FILTHY. It was originally built and owned by LOWES. It was very clean and well kept for all the years Lowes ran it. AMC has aquired the theater within the last year or so and its discusting now. The rugs are saturated with filth as are the seats and floors, many of the chairs are broken and the upholstery is torn up on many of the chairs. The glass counters and condiment stand are filthy and look as if they are never washed down. I watched once when the crew came in between shows to pick up they didnt make it past the first 2 rows , before they ran out. Many times the films are not run on time or they are not even centered on the screen. The last movie I took kids too I had to get up 20 minutes into the film to ask them if they would turn the lights down. AMC needs an overhaul for sure.
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Posted by glc on 2006-08-27:
If you want to complain to corporate here's their address: AMC Theatres
P.O. Box 725489
Atlanta, GA 31139-9923
But aren't there any other theatres nearby? If not, wait till it comes out on DVD!
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-08-27:
Most AMC MOVIE THEATER I've been to are nice and I guess, as clean as possible but if this one's as bad as you say then I would follow glc's advice. Good luck
Posted by S on 2006-08-27:
You'd think for the price of a movie these days fast approaching $10 they would have more resources to keep them clean. What I can't stand is the commercials they show now before the show. So now we are paying to watch commercials?
Posted by SHELLBY on 2006-08-27:
I am going to contact them, Thanx for the info glc;)

Its a 20 theater stadium seating, It was beautiful. Just needs sum new managment and maybe call to board of health.

I do love dvd's spart but nothing like the BIG screen with no distractions..
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-08-27:
You're welcome Shell, we regulars all stick together and give votes of trust to each other. Movie theaters tend to ebb and flo with the neighborhoods they reside in. Give them a call and let them know we're discussing this. (tr)
Posted by DORCAS on 2006-08-27:
Spart: I agree with the darn commercials we are forced to sit through. Sometimes it's at least 15 mins before the actual movie is on. Darn it! I've already dug through my popcorn and sipped on my soda, now I gotta go to the bathroom halfway thru the flick. lol The same thing irks me about DVD's. I'm paying for the movie but have to sift through commercials of other movies, most of what I don't care for just to get to my movie. And with the updated DVD players they won't let you fastforward to the movie. It's a conspiracy!!!
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-08-28:
DORCAS: Its "THEM", the truth is in there, somewhere.....

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