Garden City Chrysler Jeep Dodge Complaint - Deceitful, Dishonest, Distasteful Service

Review by TheLittleIrishLad on 2006-09-06
HEMPSTEAD, NEW YORK -- Garden City Chrysler Jeep Dodge on N. Franklin St in Hempstead NY

I recently bought a vehicle at this "5 star" dealership. I searched the BBB and other rating sights to make sure they were a dealer that was reputable. I was extremely surprised, aggravated and disappointed in my experience with Garden City Chrysler Jeep Dodge.

Garden City had the vehicle I wanted advertised (on the Internet) at about $3,000-$4,000 below any of their competitors plus a full warranty.

When I arrived at the lot...all was fine...I was a little surprised when I saw the price on the vehicle's windshield was $3,000 higher than the Internet ad. I completed my test drive and confirmed the warranty information (90 Lemon Law, 3 year bumper to bumper factory, and 8 year/80,000 Power train+)

Once I brought out the Internet add showing the vehicle $3000 lower...all I got was attitude and problems. First, they added almost $1000 in dealer fees...which were "non-negotiable". This aggravated me greatly...but the price (even with the fees) was still 2-3 thousand lower than other dealerships. Since the dealership insisted on their fees, I decided that I would NOT finance with them (heck, they made enough profit off of me!). I told them that I was getting a Capital One Auto Loan(which I applied for the previous day) and that I was just waiting for the check...this was fine. This was confirmed, again, with the dealership the next day...a Capital One Auto Loan was "a-o-k".

When the check arrived 3 days after signing the contract, I called the dealership to say I was coming with the check. At that point I was notified that the dealership does NOT accept Capital One Auto Loans. (Of course, they were willing to finance for me "at a competitive rate"!) (I checked with Capital One and Garden City has accepted their checks!! The dealership claims the check could "bounce"...even though there is a 1-800 number to call and confirm the validity of the check!)

I called the dealership manager several times (and left several messages)...but he was either "busy" or never returned my messages.

The dealership called the next day and said they WOULD accept my check but I would have to sign all the papers and drop off the check, then I would have to wait 5-10 days for the "check to clear" before I can have the vehicle. (Since the check is confirm-able through the 1-800 number..this is bull! Since I live two hours from the dealer via mass transit, this was a major inconvenience for me too)

Finally, after getting no results (from the dealership, the BBB and the Consumer Affairs Dept., Dodge Customer Service), I got a second car loan. I went to the dealership. I was the first person there to see the finance manager. Out of the kindness of their hearts, the finance manager took two people before seeing me...he made me wait almost 3 hours to sign my papers!!!!!!

The first thing the finance manager did was he charged me two additional fees! (even though the contract I signed said what the final cost was...he still charged me. "Inspection and temporary license fees") I paid the fees cause I wanted to leave! I was then told that my vehicle WAS NOT a pre-owned certified vehicle and had no warranty (I was also told that the NY Lemon Law warranty doesn't apply to me since I was from out of state...even I knew he was wrong on this!) I showed them their own website, which I had printed out...and he claimed that the pre-owned symbol etc. "was used for decoration" on the web site! (Of course, they were glad to sell me a warranty!) Thank god..I had my car fax which advertised it as a certified pre-owned vehicle. He even refused to give me anything in writing that I had warranties. He claimed I would get a packet in 45 days or so and that I had the car fax which showed it was under warranty! He said I didn't need anything cause the VIN number told all the dealers that I was under warranty (but at this point I was having major trust issues!!!)

I confirmed with the finance manager that I had everything I needed and he said yes. When I left and got home, I had a message that "I had "forgotten" the title"...I left over 1/2 dozen detailed messages to mail the title...I got no response for a week. Finally, I was told they would mail it...of course I still don't have.

Today, I was called by my bank...instead of having the bank as the lien holder on the title. The dealership put me on the title, so now when I get the title (if they ever send it) I have to get a NEW one!

Because of all the problems, I sent an e-mail to the Central Dodge customer service to confirm that the dealership registrar ed my vehicle properly (IE: with ALL the warranties)...something tells me....well..you know.

So because of the attitude, financing problems, poor customer service, excessive fees, extra fees, warranty issues and title problems...I would never recommend going to Garden City Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Hempstead NY
Comments:5 Replies - Latest reply on 2009-02-15
Posted by glc on 2006-09-07:
Wow..they really put you through the wringer on this! I have seen other complaints about dealerships advertising on the net, and then when the buyer arrives at the dealership, that particular car was "just sold", and the buyer is "talked into" purchasing another vehicle. Good luck with the car, hopefully all your problems are behind you!
Posted by lepearso on 2006-09-09:
It ticks me off that these so-called 5-Star dealers are just as bad as the rest of 'em! If I had been in your shoes, I would have taken my business elsewhere!
Posted by dealer4 on 2006-10-29:
As the owner of Garden city jeep ... I am very upset to here that you were mistreated at the dealership.. I think that you would agree that you got a great deal..as far as the treatment.. this needs some work...I would like to appologize for my employees not being able to explain to you the "capital one checK" these are Drafts which do not have a gaurantee that we "the Dealer" would be paid even if we were to call the 1800 number that you mentioned and im sorry that capitol one did not relay that to you and my staff didnt make this clear to you... so this is why we have a policy to make sure we are "paid in full" before a customer takes a vehicle off the lot.Which if this was explained to you by either capitol one or my employees im sure being a resonable person you would have been less aggrevated.. as for the two other fees inspection is $10 and the temp tag or intransit $10 are fees not charged by us but mearly collected" like sales tax".. agian im very sorry that you were mistreated and the communication was lacking and even tough it doesnt help you now,, I will be working extra hard to make sure the communication with my employees with my customers improve.
Posted by CFAZZARI on 2008-06-09:
Well despite this pretty terrible review I DID visit the dealership today. I found them to be fairly responsive. I'm sure that if I was ready to buy something that day their ears would have perked up more than they did. As it is, I am 5 weeks out from buying either a 2007 charger SRT8 or a 2008 R/T with miles on it. We'll see how thses folks respond once the day draws nearer.
Posted by Bret and Lynn on 2009-02-15:
You'll be sorry if you try to do business with these people.

My wife and I were interested in a car that we saw advertised on the internet. When we sat down to sign a sale contract, we noticed that they tacked on $900 of surprise fees.

They also told us that if we did not finance the vehicle through them, we would have to pay them an additional $1,200 for the car. When we asked what the interest rate would be on the car loan, and how long we would have to finance the car before we could pay off the loan and eliminate on-going interest charges, they said that they did not know what the rate would be, but that we could pay off the loan after 6 months without penalty, and that if we did, our total financing charges would amount to about $250. Only when we sat down with their finance person did we learn that they wanted us to pay them an additional $900 bank fee.

I believe that doing business in this way is unethical and should be illegal. They were trying to take us for over $2,000 more than the price we negotiated and shook hands on.

Don't do business with these people.

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