Onrebate.com / Tiger Direct Complaint - Rip-Off Rebate offers - Customer TARPIT

Review by bil on 2006-09-06
US, FLORIDA -- Tiger Direct has gone into the "rebate" business with the OnRebate.com program. You purchase items and have 30 days from the ORDER date to apply for the rebate through a piss-poor site called OnRebate.com. You don't have enough time to make sure the computer works before you need to cut up boxes and apply for rebates.
The process is overly complicated, it requires you to submit a seperate envelope, stamp, invoice, printed webform and a signed rebate form for each item. If you are building a computer this can be 5 - 10 items.
This is NOT automatic, I had to call the helpdesk twice, wait on hold for HOURS and wait almost a week before I could print the neccessary forms (you have to wait for an email to complete registration of your rebate) This comlicated delay seems deliberate.
They TARPIT you, making this process take so long, they hope you give up.
PLUS: If anything is wrong when you submit, they say they will deny your claim.
PLUS: They have the gall to ask for a 10% bounty of your rebate to speed up the process. The webform defaults to this selection every time the page refreshes...really sleazy.
PLUS: OnRebate claims they are a seperate company and TD is a client. Lie. Systemax runs both TigerDirect and OnRebate. The same guy owns both companies, look it up.

CONCLUSION:Tiger Direct used to do alot of things right...they suck now.
Comments:3 Replies - Latest reply on 2006-09-07
Posted by shawnp80 on 2006-09-06:
I use Tigerdirect for alot of things. I think they're great. It's mail in rebates that suck in general.
Posted by N. on 2006-09-07:
People need to stop buying anything that comes with a "mail-in-rebate". Until that happens it will continue to be a marketing ploy even with the high number of complaints. If you cannot get the rebate instantly - buy something else.
Posted by S on 2006-09-07:
More companies are switching over to an "instant-rebate" format. I personally haven't had too many rebate problems over the years, but I am meticulous about following the rebate instructions and always make copies of everything I send in. Of course, the time I wasted doing all the paperwork probably cancels out the $10 rebate...=)

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