Ellicott City Emergency Animal Hospital Complaint - Drs. putting their gouling fees before the care or concern of animal

Review by hank912 on 2006-09-11
ELLICOTT CITY (BALTIMORE), MARYLAND -- I had to go to the emergency animal clinic on a Sunday because no vets were open, and she seemed like she was having problems having her pups. Well I was told that they were going to give her a shot to help induce labor and fluids. If that didn't work she would need a c-section. Well he came back about 20 minutes later and said she would need surgery and the cost he worked up was $2200.00. I stated I didn't have that much now and don't know if or where I could borrow it. Well he told me it would have to be paid before taking the dog home and it would be more fees, so I said I guess I would have to take her if nothing could be worked out. Well he gave me the dog and charge me $290.00 on top of that they had the gull to ask me to sign a paper stating I refused care, well after writing a nice note about what happen on the paper I signed my name under the notation not on the line refusing care. I think it is getting pretty BAD when Drs. put their fees before the care of a helpless animal. I like to know what professionals are coming to that they don't care unless you have insurance or MONEY!!!! and some don't care about insurance. Well the dog died, she could not pass her pup and I could not fine anyone open to help.
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Posted by Slimjim on 2006-09-11:
Amazing they wouldn't take the risk (you would pay them back) and perform the surgery, knowing the dog and pups life were at risk. I understand people want to be paid for their services, but to send the dog away because you didn't have $2200 handy is inexcusable I feel.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-09-11:
I agree with Slim and can only add it is a sad thing when it comes to money over life, not to mention the Ba*tard was charging a hole lot more then it was worth in the first place. We need to get SkyeAubrey in on this she is a vet.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-09-11:
The tragic thing about vet care is that more and more practices are being bought out by corporations whose main imphasis is the bottom line rather than pet care.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-09-11:
pardon me, I meant emphasis!
Posted by rah332 on 2006-09-11:
sorry about your dog..
Posted by DORCAS on 2006-09-11:
First of all, I am so very sorry for your loss. I know a pet is usually considered part of the family. I was also a victim of a greedy vet. My two black labs were with me out on our daily walk in the desert. Both were bitten by the same rattle snake. I immediately rushed them into town to the vet. He said it would cost $1700.00 a piece for anti venom and an overnight stay. I too couldn't afford the large sum and couldn't choose which dog to save. Well, amazingly he then told me since they were both young health dogs and were bitten in a place that wasn't as life threatening they could get a shot and some antibiotics and they should be fine. Their heads were both so swollen from being bitten in the face. I was able to get them the shot which I later found out was like benydril(sp) and the antibiotics and they were fine. The cost, $750.00. A big price but not like the price quoted at first. I have since then found a new vet that really cares for animals and works with the payments. Again, I am so very sorry for your loss and hope your heart heals quickly.
Posted by Nohandle on 2006-09-11:
Good response Dorcas, and most informative. Gratefully,
there are still some vets out there who will work with the pet owners on payment, it's not like all of us have pet health insurance. Sorry for the loss of your pet Hank. Hope you can find a replacement, you're happy with, when you feel up to it.
Posted by hank912 on 2006-09-12:
Thank all of you for your comments I was beginning to think I was the only one that felt that way. Its a shame we can't fine a way to make vets control their cost and think more of the animal and the oath they took instead of the bottom line.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-09-12:
What does gouling mean?
Posted by Concerned Citizen 2 on 2007-01-12:
I can't believe you let your pet suffer because you did not have the money to provide her with adequate care. Perhaps you should consider this before getting another pet. We are sometimes faced with hard choices but you should have put her well being first! If you could not pay for the C section then you could at least have paid to have her put down in a humane manner. I too was recently faced with paying for a $3000 operation for a 13+ year old dog over the New Year's weekend. We were advised not to wait until after the weekend because she may not make it. I couldn't imagine her suffering a painful death, so I now have a $3000 credit card balance! My husband wanted to have her put down instead. These were really the only two options! Letting a pet suffer because you can't or don't want to pay is just cruel. -DN
Posted by VetTech on 2007-10-07:
I can see how it's the vet's fault that your dog died. After all, he is the one who bred who. He's also the one who didn't do any planning and have money set aside for when something went wrong and He's the one who didn't take her to the regular vet in the morning, where the cost would have been a lot less. Yep, it's all the vet's fault.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-10-07:
I am truly sorry about your loss. I really thought about this for a while, trying to justify my outrage at the vet. While IMO, morally wrong, a vet clinic is a business like any other, and he has bills to pay. Like an MD, he probably pays a high price for liability insurance, and that is why he wanted you to sign the paper. I don' know of any business that would allow a $2,200 bill without some sort of guarantee that they would get paid.
One of the glaring statements you made was you went to an emergency clinics because no Vets (plural)were open. I would think that someone who cares as much about their pet as you do, would have used the term "my vet wasn't open". Your lack of planning, contributed some to this. Like a human, pre-natal care, at least a check up, is necessary to avoid problems.
Good luck in the future, next time have your animal spaded or fixed.
In today's fast paced, cost conscious, world. People have no loyalty, wanting immediate action at the cheapest price. I have a vet I have used for many years and have no trouble getting him to bill me, have had to do that for stuff in excess of $2,000.00. Same with my DR, Dentist, etc.

Posted by BobBrown on 2007-12-10:
I find this very interesting. You took your pet to the hospital and could not afford treatment so you want the vet to treat your pet for free, pay for all of the medication and supplies out of his personal account, pay for the employees to work on your pet.

I worked in a hospital for 15 years. Over 50% of the clients could not afford treatment or did not want to spend the money. So why is it the hospitals responsibility to pay to have your pet treated. If they start treating all these pets without payment how long before the hospital will claim bankrupsy.

We use to offer payment plans to our clients. 70% of the clients NEVER paid us. So now hospitals offer care credit. But you must have okey credit to be approved.

In the end its your pet and your responsibilty. And you shouldn't be breeding your pet unless you have the money for a c section. Now I know some people will say I wasn't planning on it or I didn't know.
Well ignorence is not an excuse. Their are advertisments everywhere saying spay and neuter your pet. Their on TV, bus benches, in the vet hospital, on bumper stickers.
So get a clue
Posted by Brips on 2008-01-01:
I had to take my dog there and they were all fantastic. Super professional! More expensive than my vet, but what do you expect for 12 am on a Saturday night?

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