Enterprise Title Agency Complaint - Middleburg Heights, Ohio - poor service

Review by Disgruntled Homebuyer on 2006-09-13
NORTHEAST, OHIO -- As a first time home buyer, I used this title company per recommendation of my realtor. He did disclose that he had a vested interest in the company - I figured, ok, all title companies do the same thing, right? Wrong!

Perhaps they did complete the steps they were supposed to, but the customer service is TERRIBLE! The title agent helping me was non-communicative. He told me nothing unless I called him first. Due to loan changes the afternoon before closing, at noon on the day we were scheduled to close we still didn't know when we were to be there to sign. Please keep in mind we had called them numerous times over the period leading up to this trying to get information. At approximately 1pm on closing day we received a call saying we could come in, but the agent was annoyed that we couldn't get there until one hour or so later (I was at work,) instead of immediately. At closing, I asked what certain documents were - he had no idea. I asked what title insurance covered - he had no idea. One document was presented that made me uncomfortable, and I told him I wasn't sure if I wanted to sign it. His response was "oh, ok" and then he nastily told me that we wouldn't be able to close if I didn't. As he continued shoving documents in my face, I wanted to read them before signing. He openly made me feel stupid for wanting to read them over.

After closing, I called to clarify an issue with the company. Our title agent had gone home early so I spoke with who I believe to be a VP. After a lengthy conversation in which I attempted to clarify the roles of the various parties to the transaction (as a new homebuyer not knowing all the steps,) I expressed (politely) my dissatisfaction with the service I received. I was told nastily "well, I can't imagine why you are unsatisfied - we've done everything we were required to." In addition, in response to my questions regarding roles of the parties to the transaction, she said "as I understand it you're an attorney?" I replied that yes, but I'm not yet licensed. She then replied "I'm not a lawyer! You are asking me to give legal advice! And if you know anything about the law..." What??? Because I asked what the parties do? First, the only time I stated that I was an aspiring attorney was when the mortgage company needed to verify my income, and also just in passing when discussing confidentiality rules with the agent a day or two before (I just said that I could appreciate the laws he needed to follow, no more, no less...)

Again yes, they did "everything" they were "supposed to do," but it was in a very uncommunicative and unprofessional manner. So they covered themselves in terms of what the law requires, but that was exactly as far as it goes. Minimum service for a very high price.

I highly recommend AGAINST using this company for your title needs. As they've shown, any company can do the same thing they did. The customer service is what distinguishes such companies, and Enterprise Title in Ohio certainly lacks it.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-09-14:
Don't take this the wrong way but.. Welcome to the real world. I have never met a title company that was worth a damn
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-09-14:
I agree with dealerdirect and would add the whole concept of a title company was conceived by "lawyers/bankers" who just thought it would be a profitable thing to do just to get more money for doing nothing. The state goes along with it so they can further “get there cut.” In the end it cost You the consumer more money in tax’s, fee’s and giving out more of your personal information.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-09-14:
Thanks for the info, and Kudos to you for wanting to read all the "fine print".
Posted by Experienced on 2012-08-13:
in response to dealerdirect, lidman and leela, with all due respect - I've worked in the title insurance industry my whole life and I am going to have to disagree with all of your comments, especially lidman who is very misinformed (and shame on you for perpetuating something you obviously don't know anything about. Title insurance protects the owner from any past present or future 'claims'. It is not a scam, people are not in it to 'get their cut' and yes, of course you have to give your personal information, you are purchasing a home, for goodness sakes! Most title companies are very helpful and accommodating to the customer, however there are instances when the lender makes mistakes with the paperwork (very involved and detailed) and they leave all the parties hanging. Also realtors like to complicate the process as well - one of those cases where there are 'too many cooks in the kitchen' but the title company always gets blamed in the end, most likely because we have all the paperwork. Buying and selling a home is an emotional and stressful experience. I am sorry that disgruntled homebuyer had a bad experience - and those do happen - whether it be the real estate agent, the lender, the mortgage broker, the escrow officer - but all these parties do really try to work together to get the deal closed in a timely manner to the satisfaction of all parties. Please do not generalize a whole industry or add comments that are ignorant and uninformed - especially those of Lidman, who apparently is a jackass! :)

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