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OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA -- This is more like a quarter...

I purchased a 2005 Volkswagen Jetta from Broadway Volkswagen on July 5 2006. It only had 12,000 miles on it. This was the WORST thing I COULD HAVE EVER DONE. I should have shopped around but they gave me such a good deal that I went ahead and purchased it. They gave me $1100 for my trade in which I thought was great since I told them that my car didn't run. Marcel was the guy that wrote up the contract and Art Gonzalez was the guy that sold me the Jetta. In the contract it was written that they would tint my windows. I also told them that they would need to tow the car. No problem I thought. Within a month of having my Jetta I started having problems. The car would shut off when I would come to a complete stop. I could understand this if I was in fourth gear and didn't put my foot on the clutch but given the fact that the car is an AUTOMATIC thats a problem. When I went back to broadway Volkswagen to express my concern, I was told by a salesrep that this was a "typical" problem and that I was lucky I caught it early. CAUGHT IT EARLY? TYPICAL problem unh unh. NO DEAL That is a liability and DANGEROUS and has happend SIX TIMES. He told me my car was under warranty and to just get it fixed. But I couldn't do it there because their service station was only open Mon-FRI. I said that is a problem for me since I WORK MONDAY THRU FRIDAY. He told me to go to HAYWARD VW. So I drove to Hayward. (They are really nice over there I might add) They were able to ducplicate the problem and fix it...I thought...I was annoyed by Broadway VW but I let it go. I had to get this car working right so I didn't get KILLED IN TRAFFIC. After the car was "fixed", it shut off 3 more times. I took it to Hayward to get fixed again but they couldn't duplicate the problem. Since then the car has shut off on me two more times on the freeway. I have already contacted Lemon Law attorneys and that is a work in progress. Now back to broadway. Like I said it had been a month since I had the car and my old trade in was still parked in front of my house and the Jetta still hasn't been tinted. I had called numerous times and left messages for Art who agreed to set everything up and NOTHING. When I did reach him he said he would call back but never would. TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE. Now I am in the process of getting another car, not a VW, so I decided to cancel my extended warranty to bring down the cost of my loan. I wrote them a letter on 08/22/06 requesting to cancel it which was a Tuesday. I called them Friday to see if they had received it. And of course they didn't. SO I drove down there and HAND DELIVERED IT to LUA ANN in finance and asked her how long the process takes. Six weeks she said max but more than likely less than that. Fine I said. 3 weeks later, 9/12/06, (trade in still in front of my house and Jetta still not tinted ) I call to follow up on the cancellation. Lua Ann informed me that NOTHING had been done because her boss hadn't trained her on it. So I had asked to speak with her manager, got the voicemail and decided to pay a visit in person. I get down there and speak with Jeff Cruz, I tell him how unsatisfied I am with the dealership and their customer service, the fact that it has now been almost 3 months the trade in is still at my house, my windows still aren't tinted, how no one has returned a call, how my car shuts off when I come to complete stops and lately doesn't wait for me to stop but has also shut off while I was on the freeway in the fast lane, AND the lack of action taken on my warranty cancellation. So he calls in Art and tells Art to schedule the tinting ASAP and the towing. Art tells me to bring my car in tomorrow, which was yesterday 09/13/06 and gives me the number of the tow truck company. WHAT IN THE? Like I was supposed to schedule it or something. Then asks me who is going to pay for the TOW I inform who WHO IS NOT and he defers back to Jeff. Jeff then gets who I assume is his manager DOUG. And in informing him about the situation refers to me as "that girl". I am a grown WOMAN and a CUSTOMER. Don't refer to me as a child. Doug asks me what the problem is. I tell him. He leans back smiles smuggly taps his fingers on his desk and says well we don't make the cars, your windows are getting tinted tomorrow and that I lied about the car not running and that I should pay THEM $500 to keep my old trade in in front of my house because he would be out of $500. I told him I am out $2000 with a car that shuts off and the time and gas I have spent driving to HAYWARD to prevent a 2005 Jetta with less than 15,000 from shutting off when I drive so I am not trying to even hear about his $500. Let alone this whole mess about me lying about the running condition of my trade in. I told Marcel about the car not running which is why I never even brought up the issue of a trade in. Marcel said he could still work it out, that they could just sale it whole sale. My old car is a 92 nissan sentra with 121,000 miles and doesn't turn on. I was ecstatic when he said he would still give me $1100 for it. So I was sold. There is silence and I tell him we are done here. He shrugs. So I went back there yesterday 09/13/06 to get the windows tinted. I see Jeff and he tells ME to go get Art...ME? go get ART? NO. Art however is conveniently off that day. The other sales people don't know about the situation but agree to take the car to the window tinting place and shuttle me back to work. Fine. on the way back, I get this nagging feeling that perhaps I should get a loaner car while I am waiting. The dealership has been pretty flaky with me in the past and I could see them leaving me stranded since Art was gone and no one else knew what was going on. So I ask to be taken back to the dealership. I speak with a guy named Jeff and ask for loaner, he says they don't do that because their insurance doesn't cover that but that I can get a rental from Enterprise up the street. I tell him the only way I will agree to get the rental is if I can get in writing that he will reimburse me for the charges. He says no, that I can take him at his word. I tell him, I don't know you and based on my past experiences with this dealership, his word doesn't fly. So we go back and forth. Justin tells me it's not a big deal and that worst case senario, I'll be out of $30 dollars. I tell him no I won't then here comes Doug. He asks what the problem is. I tell him and he gets defensive and sarcastic and tells me that I have come in here everyday. I tell him I am tired of getting treated like this and that they have bad customer service. He shrugs and says whatever that they have sold some impressive number of cars in the past quarter, tells Justin to just write the note and starts walking away. I tell him yeah but you have had 24 customer complaints reported to the better business bureau in the last 36 months. He says the better business bureau doesn't pay him and for me just to file another complaint as he walks in his office and dismisses me. I got Justin to write the letter saying he will reimburse me. Then I go down to Enterprise tell them my ordeal. They say they have heard a lot of people complain about the customer service there. They inform me that Broadway VW does in fact PAY for the rentals. But they usually send the customer over with a PO to do it. Matter of fact they had done if for a gentleman earlier that morning. They just hadn't done it for me. SO I AM PISSED I get Justin on the phone and ask whats up with that. He tells me they only do that in the service department and he is sales. I'm floored. I am having a service DONE. But I leave it alone. That happened yesterday. I have since contacted their corporate offices and filed a complaint, issued another complaint with the better business bureau and have contacted Michael Finney with Channel 7 news asking him to do an investigation. LOL Oh yeah corporate also contacted Justin since when I came back to the dealership he wasn't there to reimburse me, of course. They told him that he will be held accountable for the promissary note he signed with me. It's a shame I have to do all this just to get my issues resolved...BUT THEY DO GET RESOLVED!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-09-14:
This complaint is too long, could you paraphrase?

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