Jubilee Financial Services Complaint - Requesting a full refund for lack of services provided. Account # HC2199

Review by tundiener@aristotle.net on 2002-01-15
DOWNEY, CALIFORNIA -- We opened this account in October 2000, in hopes of getting a handle on my creditors. We signed our agreement and kept up to our end of the agreement by faxing creditors bills to your office. We also made sure that the monthly fee was always in the bank for direct debit by your company. Now it is January 2002 and none of my credit cards have been satisfied by your company. When we started out with your company we had four credit card debts and one lawyer on us. I ended up paying the lawyer off in November 2001 to avoid reposession. They said your company had never contacted them. Also, I was not late on my discover payment until after I joined your company for help. I did not pay anything as according to the information provided by your company. Now after a year and two months discover has started garnishing my wages. If your company had been in contact with them, this should not have taken place. I had also sent your company the information when my Mastercard had gone to another company and they offered me to settle my account with just $722.45 when I owed $1,444.91, this still needs to paid off. I called and verified that your office had recieved this fax on July 18, 2001 at 8:51am directed to Carlos Rodriguez. I have gone back into my bank statements and found that you debted my account thirteen times for $200.00. That comes out to $2600.00 total with interest that is owed back to me, since you were to open an interest bearing account for my money to go into.

To help keep me as a potential future customer, I would like the following:

I expect a full refund of the $2600.00 plus interest that is in the savings account you opened in my name. I want all debits stopped from my bank account to your company. I have already put a stop pay on my account to your company. You have not lived up to your end of the agreement, so I will finish paying my accounts off myself.

At the very least I would like a response from your company regarding this incident. Thank you for your time.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2002-01-14:
We were "recruited" by Jubilee over a year ago with the promise that all of our financial/credit problems would be taken care of in a legal & speedy manner. We posed lists of questions to Elizabeth Powers who was the woman who recruited us - she came up with all the right answers and was very reassuring. Well, it is more than 1 year later and not one of our accounts has been settled. Interstingly enough our account rep. is none other than Carlos Rodriquez. It is a truley rare EVENT when Mr. Rodriquez will take my calls -but in the few times we have spoken he has cried to me about his excessive work load & the mixed up files .... it just goes on & on. He always promises to call me back when he "finds my file" & NEVER does. My complaints also brought a Mark Lockwood into the mix but after false promises to resolve the matter he stopped returning my call too. To add insult to injury, not only was Jubilee NOT handling our accounts they were charging our Jubilee account fees that were never agreed to (they could not figure out if we were Jubilee or Heritage customers???). But still no resolution - STAY AWAY from this company - they will only add to your troubles.
Posted by Anonymous on 2002-03-06:
Had same problems after being recruited by Heritage over a year ago. Jubilee took over 6 months of me calling and yelling at them to start debiting my account. Mr. Rodriguez was a complete liar and fraud--talked with him many times and he never followed through on anything! Every time I call they tell me they are getting the "new system" going and before that it was "merger problems". Now I cant even get them to send me a monthly statement. Of course, nothing has been paid on cc debts in a year and a half, so im up an excrement creek now. wish Id never heard of these scumbags.
Posted by Anonymous on 2002-03-21:
We alsp got tangled up with Jubilee and they owe us $1,500. We can never get anyone to return our calls nor can you ever get in touch with anyone. We are in the process of contacting the Attorney General in Calif. but we have little hope that we will ever see the money again. The company appears to be a giant scam.....
Posted by Anonymous on 2002-04-05:
We too have had our problems with Jubilee Financial Services. We signed on in July 2000 under the auspices of Heritage Institute for Debt Free Living and today we are far from debt free! Infact I really think we are now more in debt because of litigation and we have not added one ounce of credit in 21 months!!!

In February 2001 we got a notice to appear from CitiFinancial. Like the other 11 accounts that we placed in the program, they were referred to Jubilee and all their correspondence and bills forwarded to Jubilee. We forwarded the supoena to Jubilee at their request and never heard from them again regarding this account. After being silent for several months, I wrote a scathing letter to Jubilee in April 2001 and they actually responded! They informed me that I had enough in my escrow account to pay off 3 bill from Wells Fargo and like a fool I said to "just do it" I saved nearly %30 on the original amounts of the debt. However, nothing about the Citibank account ever came to light and life went on with little or no correspondence until August 2001. I sent an second scathing letter to Jubilee and again got no response. I then atteched both scathing letters to an e-mail direct to the owner John Gustevsen and still got no response. I quit sending my money and waited until I got a response.

December 2001 I finally heard from Jubilee. After a long conversation with yet another client rep I agreed to start sending money once again. Since then I have been generally pleased with the effort made to communicate with me.

HOWEVER!!! All was still not well in debt management land.

I got notice from CitiFinancial that they were garnishing not only my wages but my wifes as well. I contacted Jubilee and we faxed over the documents. Though I feel that Jubilee this time really attempted to stop the bleeding, CitiFinancial had waited long enough and the garnishment went through. We lost 25% ($1800) of our net income this month. Met with a judge today and reduced it down to $400 a month but that is the best we could do.

Here is the clincher. Last week the owner of Jubilee sent me a letter informing me that Jubilee was TERMINATING my contract do the fact that I had threatened legal action for their failure to provide stated services in their contract with me. Left me hi and dry and without any resprentation in court today. (Their contract states that they don't provide any legal services but today wasn't my fault. . . it was theirs!!!)

So now I have to face my 6 remaining creditors on my own. All of them are in collections. None of them have seen a dime in 21 months. You do the math. I think I am SCREWED!!!

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