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Review by kirkthepelican on 2006-09-17
Hey everyone, about a week ago I was looking around and ended up writing a comment on another person's gamefly review. But then I thought, why not expand that into my own review?

My kids are getting into gaming, which is fine by me as long as their grades don't go down the tubes. We got them an xbox at the beginning of the summer, which was already quite a hit to the wallet. Looking at the cost of games, I told them straight up that they were going to have to rent games and maybe get one or two around Christmas. All this was well and good until they started coming home from the local video store with the most violent, disgusting games you can imagine. So I hopped online and did some research and then set up a gamefly account. Now when they want to rent a game (which is always), they have to go through me, since I won't share the account info with them. As such, GameFly is the best system of parental control I've seen so far.

Another major point of contention is the turnaround time. I've seen people claim that games can take too long to arrive; keep in mind that these are the same type of people who have towers of ancient pizza boxes stacked up beside their game consoles. My point is that if you're smart about it, you can always have a game in your kids' video game consoles, and another one in transit -- just use the fast return program and as soon as the post office scans it into their system you're free to order another one.

There are also all kinds of fun promotions that gamefly does, and there's the "Keep It" option, which we might do someday if the kids love a game that much. Anyway, sorry I'm rambling on here but I've seen so much negative stuff on this company that I thought it was time someone corrected all of that.

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Posted by *Brenda* on 2006-09-17:
Good review. We may try this. Even renting games at Blockbuster is like 9 bucks a pop. $20 a month with 2 games at a time is very reasonable.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-09-18:
Same here Brenda, I have two sons and we have an xbox and a playstation. Blockbuster is expensive and they don't have much of a selection, this sounds like a possible alternative. thanks kirk
Posted by goldstarzandangryrants on 2006-11-11:
You have a heck of a lot of nerve! You aren't "correcting" any information posted here. First, you should know that different people have varying experiences with companies. Your experience with Gamefly is positive and I am glad that is the case. Mine, however, was poor at best. We don't have "pizza boxes" stacked next to any of our four game systems, by the way, and, if we don't like a game, we return it promptly. Therefore, having one game in a system at all times is a foolish suggestion. Should my child be forced to play a game he doesn't like simply because we should have one game in transit at all times? That's just silly! Furthermore, Gamefly wasn't just slow in getting games out to us. They were slow in posting when they received the games as well. I keep notes of when I receive /return my Netflix, and did so with Gamefly as well, there is no doubting this problem. We find it simpler, if more expensive, to simply purchase games now and sell the ones that don't work out for us on ebay. I made no sweeping generalizations in regard to satisfied Gamefly customers, as you have with dissatisfied customers. It would be a good practice if, in your future posts, you are able to exhibit the maturity and decency to state your case without insulting those who disagree with you.
Posted by Halifax on 2006-12-20:
Using it as parental control for games is a very good idea. It sounds to me that GameFly, like other companies' programs (online and in-store), is a very good service to use, IF you know how to use it correctly. This is also not including any special experiences where people are unlucky enough to run into rare problems - people often use those rare experiences to denounce businesses.
Posted by adam2106 on 2009-12-27:
Gamefly is ok. I have been having some issues with them. Customer service being awful and their return policy being worse.

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