ShopNBC Complaint - Jewelry return policy

Review by lkk on 2006-09-18
Company take note - you can't try to sell yourself as a high class/high quality retailer like Nordstroms when you have K-Mart return policies!! In August I received 2 pairs of hoop earrings I ordered, when received I didn't like them and wanted to return. I am working 50 hour weeks which is why I do a lot of my shopping from TV when relaxing at night. I realized today, Sept. 18, that I forgot to return these earrings and despite spending a "lot" of money from SHOP NBC they refused to accept return. Apparently they have a one time per year exemption from this policy and I used it in April, so therefore I can't return anything I've had more than 30 days until April 2007. This won't be a problem as I just won't even watch them anymore to be tempted. These earrings weren't even removed from the box and worn. You've lost one customer with a six figure income who liked the convenience of shopping at home! Good Luck!
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Posted by rhondam718732 on 2006-09-18:
I get what you are saying but this is another case of a customer not following return policy then complaining about it after the fact. You could have checked on the return polic before you ordered and you could have returned them within 30 days. It's not their fault. Thye could extend you a "pass" but then shouldn't they extend that to everyone? Which would in essence make their return policies useless...
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-09-18:
Since you used up your exemption to their policies previously, this is not the only time you forgot to abide by the regulations.
Posted by spiderman2 on 2006-09-18:
Right on their website it states 30 days to make returns and they provide you with a label and then will deduct $5.99 postage for the return off your refund. All you have to do is put the package back in the mailbox. What is so difficult about this. Lots of people work a lot and are busy, it isn't just you. It sound to me like they make it as simple as possible for returns to be made quickly.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-09-18:
I must agree with all comments made and I think you should use your earrings as a gift maybe to someone in your family. Six figures and a comment don’t make their policies change.
Posted by Skye on 2006-09-19:
What a waste of good space, posting this problem, which you have created. And as for making 6 figures, heck, don't we all these days, with the cost of living in the USA.
Posted by Tracy M on 2006-09-19:
*sigh* Yet another person who feels the rules should be bent to suit them. We would have no place to shop if EVERY company gave a refund to EVERY person who chooses to disregard a policy, and then demand that the rules be broken for them.

Oh, and what does your supposed 'six figure salary' have to do with it?

Oh wait, I get it now. It's just a way to attempt to manipulate the company into bending its rules for you. I see!
Posted by D. on 2006-09-19:
Because of concerned health issues, it is company policy (All store that I know of) that you can not return pierced earrings. I know you said they were never worn, but they don't know that for sure...I don't know if the same policy still stands today, but that's the way it's been since I can remember...Think about the reason for this policy, someone wears them for only one day, their ears get sore from them and puss forms around it, sometimes bloody puss, then they put them back in the box and return the next day...they put it back and sell it to someone else and spread the infection...YUCK...I've even noticed signs stating all sales on pierced earrings are final,no returns...and with ordering from a TV Network, I would hope they have the same policy.
Posted by D. on 2006-09-19:
...Your only choice may be to save them and give them to someone for a gift, since their still in the box and never worn...just a suggestion and one less gift off your gift list.
Posted by diamondgirl on 2007-03-22:
I do a lot of shopping at ShoNBC also and they are very strict about their 30 day return policy. I think 30 days is plenty of time to return an item, if they make an exception for you, they have to make it for everyone, right?

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