Sage Advice Inc. Complaint - Abuse of my credit card for unauthorized charges

Review by cplucy on 2006-09-20
REDDING RIDGE, CONNECTICUT -- Sage Advice Inc. is an herbal remedy business out of Conn. that I did business with once I found their web-site. Their brochure made it sound like they were reputable and had been on TV talkshows, on radio, and in magazines. I contacted them by phone and made an order, giving my credit card information to them on the phone. The owner explained to me that they send one auto-order to a customer per month.
I began business with them in June to test their products and service. I placed an order on June 7th for $251.93, then added another product later on the 7th for $51.98. She then said she’d send an auto order to me for July ahead of time. This order would be a repeat of the last two orders I made on June 7th.
I added a couple items to my order by email before she sent it out on the 20th. So she sent me my updated order on the 25th, totaling $331.91, after she charged me on the 20th for a repeat of June’s order. In other words, she double charged me rather than replacing my original order with an updated one.
I gracefully paid her, thinking it was a mistake, but told her by email that this resulted in me having too much for one month.
I was laid off my job at the end of June, so I changed my order in July to 2 items only, and asked her to delay the August order to September. I made this change by phone and by email, her usual mode of correspondence with me. My order change was sent to her July 14th, before she sent the next order out or charged me. Her policy, stated on her website and invoices, says that these changes are to be made before the 15th before shipment, which I did.
She then sent me the order for $451.88, like the one I made in June, and she sent it on the 15th despite my change, in keeping with her policy. I had made that change to 2 items instead of 11 items, and asking her to postpone all other orders until September. She ignored this.
When I found out about this, I charged it back and sent back the merchandise, with an insured receipt. I also sent her a certified letter, canceling all auto orders. I reminded her of this cancellation by email. She apparently received it on 7/27/06, in the form of a certified letter. She signed for the letter on the 27th.
She then proceeded to send out and charge me for a second order for $451.88, which I never ordered, on the same day she received my cancellation letter-the 27th. I returned this merchandise on 8/16/06. That’s when I cancelled and changed my credit card number to prevent her from misusing it again. She has since sent threatening and mean-spirited emails to harass me.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-09-21:
P.T. Barnum said it best: "there's one born every minute"
Posted by cplucy on 2006-09-22:
To be fair to these types of businesses- I have dealt with a couple other herbal remedy companies, as well as a few other small businesses, over the internet and they have been wonderful to do business with. They were honest and reliable, and did not abuse my credit card info or email address. This was my first bad experience.
Posted by ragin on 2006-12-14:
Please get in touch with me. I have had the same experience.
Posted by cplucy on 2006-12-15:
I'm not sure how you want to get in touch. If you put an email address up I can email you-I don't know if we can email eachother through this site. I just filed a report with the BBB. I also contacted my credit card company and did a "charge back", meaning I rejected the charge. I had to cancel the card and get a new number, since she intended on charging me as many times as possible. To prove to the credit card company I was innocent I had to return the product through the mail, which I also sent in a way that I got a receipt in the mail when the package was delivered to them as proof that they got it, and send the company a certified letter cancelling all business. I sent the credt card company printouts of my email canceling an order, a photocopy of the certified mail receipt and the cancellation letter, and a copy of the return postage receipt for the merchandise,as well as a photocopy of the merchandise's return receipt I got in the mail. Good Luck, and I hope that helps. -cp
Posted by ragin on 2006-12-28:
this is my email address
I am sending a complaint to the CT Attorney General Office. I had to block my account which happening to be a debit card accouunt. I am embroiled with this vendor since mid August and I have sent to my bank all documentation which now reads like a diary as well as put in a complaint with the BBB. This merchant illegal and fraudulent ways need to be stopped at once. I am thinking of seeking legal advice. This merchant owns a property in CT and should be prosecuted accordingly.
Posted by GRadzik on 2007-01-22:
We also had the misfortune of dealing with the unethical business practices of Sage Advice. I am willing to provide communication details, certified mail documents, and other details to the CT Attorney General's office if it would assist in ending this company's criminal business practices. They claim the owner is a "Who's Who Among Executives and Professional Women as well as nominated as the Entrepreneur of the Year." Given this type of fraudulent activity, she could be nominated convict of the year in 2007.
Posted by oldmystic on 2007-03-23:
She did the exact same thing to me! Here is a copy of my complaint to the BBB. I actually got sucked in to this horrible experience because my local, trusted TV news did a positive report on her! The BBB has gotten 90 complaints about this company in 36 months. None of these complaints have been responded back to the BBB by this company and they are actually even using the BBB membership logo of which they are not a member!

Company Information
Sunrise Herbal Remedies, Inc.
P.O. Box 467
Redding Ridge, CT, UNITED STATES, 06876

Complaint Information
Complaint Type: General Complaint
Date Received: 6/4/2006
Primary Complaint Classification: Selling Practices
Secondary Complaint Classification: Credit or Billing Disputes
This company continued to send me packages and charged my credit card even though I postponed and ultimately cancelled any further business with them. They refused to credit my credit card account for 2 charges of $221 for boxes of herbs I did not ask for and sent back to them. They stated I could not send the boxes back and that they would now throw them away and that I was still responsible for paying for them. I did not order them! I disputed the charges through American Express and during the investigation Sunrise Herbal Remedies falsified invoices and lied to AMX. Luckily, I am a bit of a pack rat and had any and all paper comunication between myself and Sunrise Herbal Remedies. If I had not they would have been able to keep my money by stating I ordered the boxes and they had a nonreturnable refund policy. I am happy to say after sending AMX a detailed account of what happened along with 10 sheets of documentation my credit card account was credited for the disputed amount by AMX.
Desired Settlement: No Settlement Requested - For BBB Info Only
Desired Settlement Explanation :
Even though I am not seeking any settlement, disputing this with Sunrise Herbal Remedies was extremely time consuming and anxiety producing. I am a young 50 year old and can only imagine how many consumers a bit older than I would have given up. This dispute took almost 5 months and was not satisfied by Sunrise Herbal Remedies but by American Express. There must be a law against what this company does to unaware consumers and if there isn't there should be.
Customer Service Rep: Ms.Vicky Hoffman,
Product or Service: Herbal Remedies
Model Number: none
Account Number: none
Order Number: none
Salesperson: Ms.Willow
Payment Made: Yes
Purchase Price: 442
Disputed Amount: 442
Payment Method: Credit
Purchase Date: 12/13/2005
Problem Date: 1/31/2006
Complaint Dates: 1/31/2006,2/1/2006,2/8/2006

The Bureau that will handle your Complaint is :
The Better Business Bureau
94 South Turnpike Road
Wallingford,CT 06492 -4322
Phone: (203)269-2700
Fax: (203)269-3124

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