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Review by rah332 on 2006-09-21
SAN LEANDRO, CALIFORNIA -- I have been to this vet hospital once before just to have a pet put down. The doc was very nice and caring. When my second dog started to limp, my first thought was to try this doc. My dog's leg was swollen. After his does a physical on my dog, he said it is probably arthitis. He said his office doesnt have a xray machine. If I wanted to x-ray him, I'd have to bring him somewhere else. I thought this was strange for an office not to have an important machine. After some pills and a $200 bill, I leave. 3 wks go by and no improvement. I try another vet doc. The first thing they do is x-ray. They tell me he has bone cancer. I feel so bad cuz my dog was suffering due to mis-diagnosis. I will not go back this vet again.
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Posted by Nohandle on 2006-09-21:
Rah, question please. Other than some pills what was included in this $200.00 charge? In addition, was this your second animal's initial visit for any type of medical attention, check up..whatever?
Posted by Nohandle on 2006-09-21:
Clarification on the above. Was this your second animal's initial visit to any Veterinarian?
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-09-21:
Your animal wasn't suffering from a mis-diagnosis, he was suffering from cancer. Seems like your vet was very straight forward in telling you he wasn't x-rayed because he didn't have a machine... not because he didn't need one. I feel bad for your dog, but think you are unnecessarily harsh on the vet.
Posted by NeveragainAmazon on 2006-09-21:
Many Vet office "farm" out different diagnostic testing and even cancer treatment. However,he gave you the option to have the x-ray done at another facility. His diagnosis was based on your dogs symptoms without the x-ray! I am so sorry that your companion has cancer...it is a tough road...stand tall and my best wishes to the both of you!
Posted by DORCAS on 2006-09-22:
I agree, with the others that you were given the information on the lack of equiptment and also sympathize with your dogs demise. I think once you have time to griev over your family pet you may see things differently. Your vet does sound like a very caring doctor and I'm sure he would love to have done everything he could to help you with your dogs situation. Animal doctors that really truely care are hard to find so if you have other pets or eventually get a new furry friend don't give up on the one with a kind heart for animals. Best wishes to you.
Posted by Toni I. on 2006-09-22:
I sympathize with your predicament, rah332, and I hope that your dog gets the treatment that he/she needs! Animal medical malpractice is rampant in veterinary hospitals and clinics these days! Unfortunately, you can't sue a veterinarian for medical malpractice. Animals are considered property, and if your pet is harmed by a misdiagnosis by an incompetent vet, your only recourse is to sue the vet in Small Claims Court! Good luck!
Posted by N. on 2006-09-22:
Any pet facility calling itself a "hospital" should have the ability to xray an animal.
Posted by MollyDolly on 2006-09-22:
OMG my first vet sounds so unprofessional! Im sorry DORCUS; thats TERRIBLE :( I totally concur; that is one of the main things a vets office should have. I mean if your animal has a sickness of course youre gonna have to do tests and x-ray him/her
Posted by MollyDolly on 2006-09-22:
your first vet; omg hahaha. I was writing omg and then I wrote my again like I forgot that I wasnt spelling out the word like oh my god; lol; sorry
Posted by Skye on 2006-09-22:
I am so sorry regarding the news on your precious dog. I just wanted to say that Xray machines are very very costly and some vets do not have them. We have one at my job that is so ancient, but does the job. I think the vet did what he could for you, and told you he did not have the Xray equipment. Animal care is very costly, but they are part of your family. As for the $200.00 fee, what type of meds did you get?? Rimadyl?? Did he perform any other tests, such as blood work??? I understand your frustrations, but please don't fault him for not have the machine. Veterinarians do not make a hugh salary, though they well deserve to.
Posted by DORCAS on 2006-09-22:
MollyDolly:I'm sorry if I offended you in any way. That was not my intention. I feel really bad for you and your dog. My 14 year old black lab is laying here next to me,barely able to walk anymore and I have to feed her only a special soft food because she is pretty frail by now. I will do all I can to make her comfortable till the end. My last lab was 10 yrs old and developed cancer and had to be put down. My preferred vet is in a small town with little up to date machines but he has the greatest heart for the animals and I trust him more then the one in the city with all the more modern appliances but he has no real concern for those we consider part of our family. He starts out at the highest cost treatments and works his way down. I have no respect for him at all as he nearly cost one of my pets their lives doing all the fancy stuff before doing what actually helped which was a very simple antibiotic. Please don't misunderstand my first post I just see two vet in my life; one with a pocket book for a heart and one that cared for the animals and they came first. Again I truely wish you the best.
Posted by MollyDolly on 2006-09-24:
huh; you didnt offend me anywhere =/
Posted by DORCAS on 2006-09-24:
Okay, good. I must have misunderstood and just worried about hurting your feelings. Thanks.

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