Jones Acura Complaint - Acura Integra, Much Less Than Expected

Review by ecs1 on 2002-01-18
LANCASTER, PENNSYLVANIA -- Acura, Much Less Than What Was Expected

I bought an Acura Integra LS in 1998 from Jones Acura in Lancaster PA. I purchased this car specifically because the ads all said it was of high quality and the salesman said it would have a high resale value. Neither of these items seem to be true. I have numerous problems with the vehicle. The ignition key sometimes (intermittent) will refuse to turn. I have spent up to fifteen minutes jiggling the key and the steering wheel to no avail. I don't think you should have to jiggle the ignition key or the steering wheel on a luxury car. My wife was once trapped at her office downtown for three hours because she could not get the car into reverse. She walked fifteen minutes to her parking three times trying to get it into gear. There is a constant scraping sound that even people on the street notice and which is quite annoying. The car has been into the shop many times for these problems but the causes can't be found. I don’t have the time to keep taking this allegedly high quality car to the service shop.
The touted resale value is not true either. After fighting with Acura and the dealer for months I tried to trade the vehicle back into the dealership on another brand. The salesman who sold me the car offered several thousand less than I owed on the car for the trade. This is the first time this has ever happened to me. The car at the time had less than 10,000 miles. I then got angry and called Acura. The first rep I talked to said essentially that if their mechanics couldn't find a problem there wasn't one. The second rep was more cordial but still could or would not resolve the problems. I then got even more angry and posted the problems on another site. I got a call from the salesman who said I was wrong for posting this and since they could not find the problems, the problems did not exist. He then got ticked when I told him I thought he was wrong. I called the main number several times and asked to talk to a manager or an owner and never have heard from them.
This has been a totally exasperating experience and I would caution anyone buying a Honda product. I recently tried once again to trade this vehicle and the most I was offered was 9300 for a car that cost 19700 and only has 33,000 miles. This doesn’t sound like high resale value to me.
Since this experience I have been posting on any and all sites that will post complaints. I know once again that Acura won’t do anything. I am looking to purchase an SUV this year and if I had been treated well I would have considered the new Acura model. But now Lexus or Mercedes will get my business and that of anyone who asks me about Acura.
Since posting this opinion on another site I have gotten quite a few e-mails from Acura Integra owners with similar problems. I have also talked dozens of people I have met out of buying any Honda products especially Acura. I will keep telling my story to anyone I know who is planning a car purchase.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2002-01-18:
You should check to see if your state has a "Lemon Law". Here in Florida, if the same problem cannot be fixed after 3 attempts they have to take the car back.
Posted by Anonymous on 2002-04-17:
Well, so much for believing ads and salesmen! Next time, do more research including looking at repair historys and forums/bulletin boards dedicated to the specific models of cars you're looking at. Good luck...
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-11-22:
If a dealership offered you $9300 for your car, you better run back there and trade it quick! Kelly Blue Book trade-in on your car (the industry standard)is around $6700 as you described it. Being in the Honda business (and I have done business with Jones...I live not too far from you) high re-sale value on Honda products is relative to cost of ownership and the percentage of depreciation from the price you paid or MSRP. Most of your domestic vehicles depreciate 50% in less than a year. Hondas and Acuras don't realize that kind of depreciation until 5 years after are right on the money. If your Integra is a coupe, it has even better value, particularly in the private party market because they are highly sought after right now.
As for your problems, it sounds like your shift lock-out mechanism is on the fritz. Did you pop the button near your shifter and stick the key in to reset it? Read your manual on the shift lock-out.

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