Prison phone system Complaint - Inmate phone calls

Review by greg46 on 2006-09-24
PORTLAND, OREGON -- Those person getting rich from inmate phone calls should be very ashamed of themselves. Their hurting little kids of inmates by depriving them of possible conversation with a parent. By making the inmate phone calls so expensive it is restricting the oppotunity to carry on a relationship with the incarcerated individual. Shame on you phone service poviders and corrections officialsfor taking advantage. Think about the example you are setting.
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Posted by spiderman2 on 2006-09-24:
"Think about the example you are setting." Maybe the criminals should think about that before they go to jail. They are doing their children more harm than the phone company is. After all, it isn't the phone company's fault people are in jail!
Posted by gryphonskeeper on 2006-09-24:
Well, here is a thought, maybe a child should not be calling a jail to talk to daddy/mommy the criminal, and should be talking to a therapist!

Criminals amaze me with the stupid demands they think they are entitled to.

Posted by glc on 2006-09-24:
Well said Spiderman.
Posted by Nohandle on 2006-09-24:
Once upon a time, inmates were not allowed telephone calls at all. A weekly visit from a family member was more than anyone expected. Ah, for the good old days!
Posted by Nohandle on 2006-09-24:
And I feel sorry for the children, but people did back then as well. The kids didn't ask for this but their parents apparently chose that way of life with no consideration for their children.
Posted by Nohandle on 2006-09-24:
In addition, I feel sorry for the children of the victims of these crimes, who people seem to forget.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-09-25:
My thoughts exactly, spiderman.
Posted by N. on 2006-09-25:
Now that the judgment has taken place, how much are they charging for a phone call? Who is getting the money, the jail or the phone company?
Posted by Skye on 2006-09-25:
I am also curious how much these phone calls are. How about writing letters?? REAL ONES, not emails.
Posted by mjholly on 2006-09-25:
They need to ban inmates from using phones unles it is an emergency. some inmates use phones to plan crimes and murders even while they are behind bars!
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-09-25:
Posted by DORCAS on 2006-09-25:
The phone company has a specific contract to take care of institution phone calls. They are charged differently because they need to be set up with the company first then they have certain numbers that are on the list that can only be called. And it is reverse charges, not just a regular everyday phone call. I do feel very sorry for the children that suffer from the poor behavior of the parent but as a retired officer I monitered many,many phone calls. Less then 1% were to a child. Most were criminals manipulating funds for there own personal use. Also attempts to have the visitor bring in drugs for the inmate to sell. All in all there wasn't much lovey dovey talking it was usually a deal of some sort. The kids sent letters to daddy and got to see him on special weekends. That is the saddest thing to see in that job. And the most privelidges go to (suprise)the California institutions where the liberals allow almost spa like treatment. Ooops! I mean rehab.
Posted by Nohandle on 2006-09-25:
If some among us appear to be judgmental, perhaps we were the victims of a crime and don't have much sympathy for complaints about the high cost of telephone calls from a prison. Innocent children will always be hurt when a parent decides to take this route with his life.

Dorcas, thank you for your informative response. Out of curiosity, unrelated to this post, is it true a very high percentage of incoming prisoners are there as a result of drug related crimes or being under the influence of drugs at the time of the crime? I had heard this but didn't know if it was true or not.

Greg46, have the children write a note to their parent. They might get one back in response.
Posted by DORCAS on 2006-09-26:
Nohandle:In answer to your question concerning the relationship between the crimes and drugs. I'm afraid it's true that the majority of the offences that lead to incarceration had something to do with drugs. Either the criminal was on drugs at the time of the crime or the crime was linked in some way to drugs. i.e. robbery for drug money, assault or murder over drugs or drug money, a drug deal gone bad, drug dealing. You get the picture. Then while incarcerated there are a large number of the incidents causing injuries or deaths on both the inmates and officers because of drugs. It's incredible the many ways they find to get the drugs inside. A whole other story indeed.
Posted by greg46 on 2006-09-26:
I'm not condoning the behavior of criminals. But meaningful contact with family, and not drug transactions with the aid of inmate phones, but legitimate calls may aid in the positive rehab of SOME individuals. You will aways have the person who is just plain bad. I'm sure not all incarcerated people are rotten. I would rather see a person return to society with a positive attitude and ready to lead a lawful existance rather than a bitter person. Yes punish the inmate, but why should their family suffer as well for their lack of good judgment. The prison system monitors the calls as Dorcas claims, they catch the abusers and remove their phone privleges. For those family members who choose to stay in contact, let the prison phone system charges be within reason and not gouge the families of the incarcerated.
Posted by MikeH33 on 2006-09-28:
It seems that the majority of comments on this post are from people that have no incarcerated family members. There are really bad people in prison, but perhaps you should consider that your 'majority' statistics are normal, basically good people who made a mistake. How many of your opinions would change if it was your son, daughter, mother, father, husband, wife or sibling in prison? But perhaps you think that we should just treat people who make mistakes like animals, maybe we should beat them every day or chain them to a wall. If you think like this, then you are NO better than the people you condemn. Affordable telephone service is something available to everyone who is not in prison, the 'recording and monitoring' is what costs extra, but even when you tack that on (it's automated) I still can't justify $6.95 for the first minute and $1.15 for each additional minute. That is extortion and profiteering, and we as Americans shouldn't stand for it.
Posted by Mae49 on 2012-08-26:
The recorded messages tells us that the calls are being monitores,so how is it that they can plan crimes on the phones,they are not animals,they have the right to make phone calls,the amount of those calls are outright ridiculous,a money making thing,those phone companies are not only hurting the inmates,who are already paying for whatever wrong they have done,but they are hurting their families as well,the inmates are not the ones taht have to come up with the money for these calls,its the families and we haven't done anything o be treated like this.

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