New car sales Complaint - Can a lady realy get a nice deal on a new car?

Review by KathyJean555@ on 2006-09-25
LAUREL, MARYLAND -- " HELP" What is wrong with new car sales people yukers.

I am buying my very first NEW car after years of hand me downs. I want my 2 lovely daughters to be safe as myself. Because im a woman they want to take advantage of us girls.

Someone told me Cosco sells cars but you have to join them , not sure if that is what I want.

Im looking at Fords, Gms and Hondas.
Would any of you know which one has the best warranty for a single mom that is better and longer then the others im looking at.

My present car won't last too much longer is there such a thing as , im not sure if this is the right word but brokers or groups who help those in need to buy a new car at a better price and make sure they are not sold things they don't need. Places as AAA or B.J. or Sams club .

This is my first time "buying a new car " im not sure what or if ill be taken.
If any one has some good suggestion if it's not to much to ask for this kind of help you can reach me at my name on this thing at {yahoo.com }

"OH " im looking for a mid size car , im willing to go to De. Pa. Dc or VA if i can get a great price im in Laurel MD so De or Pa isn't that far to save if possible.

How much can I expect to save by the way or am I way off base in thinking I might.
Should I go to a dealer and take the best deal they are willing to offer me after I find out the best type of car to buy. The warranty is one thing I need , I can't nickel and dime it any more it's getting to expensive for a single mommy with 2 children to think about.

Thank you if you can help. What's a lady to do?
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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-09-25:
Kathy Jean, you need to decide what vehicle you like. GM just released a 5year/ 100,000 mile powertrain warranty on the '07. Honda's have a 3year/36000 mile warranty. The first step for you though is to establish a budget range. Then determine your needs and wants in a new car. Don't waste your time and money joining buying clubs!!! they simply are not worth it. One of the best ways to shop for a new car is via the internet. Most stores now have dedicated staff to answering all the internet request. Good luck.
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2006-09-25:
Buy yourself a copy of "Don't get taken every time" by Remar Sutton. It's the best book I have read about the ins and outs of car buying. The author was the top Ford salesman in the US for a couple of years. You will be amazed how much more confident you will be once you have read this book.
Posted by S on 2006-09-25:
I would also advise checking out Edmunds.com. You can look up the invoice price of the car you are interested in. Then go into the dealership and offer somewhere in between the invoice and the sticker price. The closer you get to the invoice price the better. Good luck!
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-09-25:
Sparticus: just left you a message on your blog, could you help? Thanks
Posted by phoneguy1055 on 2006-09-25:
As a former car salesman of all 3 brands, do yourself a favor and get a Honda. They blow the pants off of just about everything on the market. But yeah. Make sure you do your research. The two main sites are www.kbb.com and www.edmunds.com. A little tip for you. Don't mention a trade until you've negotiated a price for the new car itself. Throw the trade in at the end. It'll not only throw them off, but it will also stop you from getting ripped off on your trade. Third step is to make sure you know what the standard bank loan rates are. Check into some local banks and credit unions especially. Dealers can typically match or beat the given bank APR. As far as determining your budget goes, keep in mind that a good rule of thumb for determining your monthly payment is anywhere between $17 and $20 per $1000 financed. I hope this helps!!
Posted by phoneguy1055 on 2006-09-25:
Also, know what the holdback is. On Honda's, the holdback is 3% of the dealer MSRP before the destination charge. So if the MSRP is $20,500 and the destination charge is $500, then you'll take 3% of $20,000. Subtract that from the invoice and voila! You just figured out exactly what the dealer really pays for the car!!
Posted by lepearso on 2006-10-18:
Even though GM has a longer warranty than Honda, the quality of a Honda is light years ahead of GM. You can drive a Honda for years and years and still be a proud owner!

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