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Review by DORCAS on 2006-09-27
Actually I need some of your internet wisdom please. I occasionally receive that dreaded FW: e-mail from one of my friends that you see circulating once in awhile. This time it's the Bill Gates story that the person states is,of course true; and he gives away so much of his money. Is there a website out there where I can tell her and others that send these, to check out so that they can see these are bogus stories? I know there's gotta be a site they can check before they send this garbage out to everyone in their address book. I would appriciate some of your expert advice. Thanks.
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Posted by D. on 2006-09-28:
try this one.... there are others...will check them out for you.
Posted by D. on 2006-09-28:
There is one that I get quite often...from another country (of course)...if I can remember how it went...something about a young child's parents were killed in a car accident, and there was a large amount of money left and they have been trying to track ME down for months to give this money to me... all I have to do is give them my bank account number and they will deposit the money in it and I keep something like 80% and I send the 20% to the's usually a very large sum of money over $100,000.00....Deal? Or No Deal? .... I have to say, NO DEAL HOWIE!
Posted by DORCAS on 2006-09-28:
I knew I could find some good advise here. Thanks a bunch. I'm gonna check it out right away.I havn't heard of the car accident scam but there was another one that has gone around a few times about the young cancer victim and the parents were too poor to get the help she needed. And yet another plea for your bank account. They would be happy to take care if the details for you. How nice of them eh?
Posted by Shakra on 2006-09-28:
I always use
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-09-28:
you should check out
Posted by Linda on 2006-09-28:
I always check these "rumors" on www.truthorfiction.
Posted by Timboss on 2006-09-28:
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2006-09-28:
Snopes has already been mentioned as a great source for tracking down any type of urban legend, you might also check out for info on lottery scams, dead African millionaires, etc.
Posted by D. on 2006-09-28:
Snopes was the one I was trying to remember...that is a good site.
Posted by DORCAS on 2006-09-28:
Thanks you guys. All these are very helpful and I sent them to the mentioned friend so she can do a little research before passing these stories around. Glad to say my trust list is growing.
Posted by S. on 2006-09-29:
Whenever I get one of these heart-wrenching or too-good-to-be-true emails, I check it out on Snopes. When I find it's a hoax, I send the link to the person who sent me the email. A lot of people now know not to cutter up my Inbox with this junk. With my luck, I'll delete one that is on the up and up and miss out on my million $$ windfall. :)

You're right, Hugh. That 419eater site is a good one, too.
Posted by D. on 2006-10-01:
I just found another from a website...they said...."The only way we can really be sure about an eRumor is to check it out such as visiting" ... this is more about rumors and hoaxes spread through emails.
Posted by DORCAS on 2006-10-01:
I just love the truthorfiction site. I've seen alot of familiar stories or legends. There are some really funny ones. Thanks again. I'm really enjoying checking stuff out on here.

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