Johnson & Johnson Compliment - To Make My Skin Look Young and Beautiful Again

Review by Harold on 2006-10-01
PLYMOUTH, PENNSYLVANIA -- I get dry, itchy, scaly skin on my face and I have tried a number of different things to get rid of it. I tried the Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion to see if that would work. I noticed a difference after using it for only 2 days. No more dry or scaly skin. Who knows, if I keep using it, maybe it might make my skin look young and beautiful again. On second thought, it is not a miracle potion, so I will be completely happy if it just continues to keep my skin from being dry, itchy, and scaly. The Aveeno Lotion gets a "RAVE" from me
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Posted by KathyJean555@ on 2006-10-01:
Well mr. or mrs. H you are just a bowl of cherries . We are so glad you run from store to store and get such satisfactions no matter where you go. The poor Rolling Stones get no satisfaction.................
Posted by Harold on 2006-10-02:
Yep and a couple of bananas too. However, when a company gives me the pits I know how to deal with that too. I take on causes to win and win I do when there is injustice or wrong. Hope you have a wonderful day! Thanks for sharing!
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-10-02:
A fresh cut leave from an Aloe Vera plant does wonders too...I use it for alot of things...but it does make the plant look pretty sad.
Posted by Harold on 2006-10-02:
Lady-Absolutely. Great advice. Thanks for sharing!
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-10-02:
Mr. HaroldS, you have been very busy on this site! My compliments on having the nerve to share your dry, itchy skin problem on here. Most guys don't share those things except with their WIFE or a DOCTOR. I am sure that Mrs. HaroldS is very happy about you having young, beautiful skin again. Rave on my friend. Rave on!
Posted by Harold on 2006-10-02:
ZZrokk-Thanks for the encouragement. I have been getting some interesting "heat" from a few of the people who visit the site. It is alright. I am with you...I am going to keep on keeping on with my postings. Take care! Harold
Posted by D. on 2006-10-03:
ZZ is this your sly way of trying to find out if Mr.Harold is married or not? Why not just come right out and ask him? Harold, are you married???
Posted by Harold on 2006-10-03:
Am I married? That is funny! Well I have three sons so I am either...

(1). Single but shacking up
(2). Married
(3). Divorced
(4). Gay, but was married and had children

Anyone want to put their 3 cents into the pot as to which one is the correct answer?
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-10-10:
All of the above?
Posted by Harold on 2006-10-10:
LOL! Brrrrrrr! Wrong answer. Try again.
Posted by MollyDolly on 2006-10-25:
youre funny HaroldSays hahaha :)

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