Millennium Hotel Boston Complaint - Heartless Hotel

Review by travelfunandgames on 2006-10-03
BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- Below is the text of an email letter I sent this hotel, which remains unanswered (as have all my communications to hotel management).


Dear Sirs / Ms:

I want to register a complaint about my treatment at the Millennium Hotel in Boston.

My husband and I now live in Florida but most of our family resides in Boston, MA. Originally we had made a reservation through your website for a 6-day stay for my sisters wedding.

Unfortunately, what was originally supposed to be a joyous occasion quickly turned much more serious, as my husband's elderly father fell very ill.

I called the Millennium Hotel in Boston sometime early in September (September 4th or 5th) to cancel the reservation to make arrangements to stay closer to the hospital. It was late at night, and I think I spoke to a Joe(?). At any rate, I was informed that they could not find my reservation. Believing it had not been confirmed due to some internet glitch, I thought the matter closed.

When I saw the $300.00 charge on my American Express, I was surprised and called the hotel right away. I was shunted from one person's voicemail to another over the next three days (ask the hotel operator, who began to be embarrassed at the lack of response to my queries, and will certainly remember my frequent tries to find ANYONE working during normal working hours who could help me). I requested a discussion with the hotel manager, and left them a message. My phone call was never returned. Days later, after being shifted again from voice machine to another, I finally was put to someone live in "Accounting."

I was treated, from the start, like I was lying. The individual in Accounting cooly informed me that she had "heard of me." (Evidently individuals are discussed, however, their calls are not returned). She agreed that there was no record of my checking in to the hotel. She told me I would not receive my refund unless I could "prove" that I had called the hotel to cancel, by faxing a copy of my long-distance phone bill.

As you can see from the note below from my long distance phone provider, I have no way of "proving" my cancellation call, since they do not (and are not able to) provide me billing details of long-distance phone calls from my home phone.

I am a business executive who has frequented many luxury hotels over the years, and have never received the treatment I received at yours. The suspicion, the hours on the phone while the poor operator was trying to get me in touch with someone who could talk to me about it, and the utter lack of response by your hotel manager is without precedent in my experience.

You will probably want "proof" of my situation. Well, my father in law died 2 weeks later, Daniel and I have provided a copy of his obituary below. If you need more "proof" you can call X Memorial home or Y Hospital. If you want "proof" of my sisters wedding, you can call the Z venue.

I consider your treatment of me "proof" that you are an incredibly unprofessional, and mean-spirited, company.
Comments:4 Replies - Latest reply on 2006-10-05
Posted by Timboss on 2006-10-04:
Just curious - does the phone company just give you one lump-sum amount to pay for all your long-distance calls? It sounds like it if they don't have the numbers you called unless you have some kind of plan that lets you call x-minutes for free.
Posted by spiderman2 on 2006-10-04:
I am sorry for your loss. This situation sounds terrible. I guess the lesson we should all take from this is to get names from people and make notes of conversations. I never saw a landline phone bill that didn't have the calls listed though.
Posted by travelfunandgames on 2006-10-04:
Unfortunately, BellSouth here in Florida, if you get their "premium" long distance (low cost / group rate plan), does not provide (and will not provide -- I asked them) detailed call information. It was a new discovery for me, too.
Posted by travelfunandgames on 2006-10-05:
Thank you for your kind comments on our recent loss.

I received a belated but kind phone call from the hotel; they have refunded my money and apologized for my experience there.

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