Rockaway Bedding Informative - I put this matter to bed

Review by Harold on 2006-10-04
NEW JERSEY -- A client had a problem with a "defective" mattress that she purchased from Rockaway Bedding in NJ. She called and visited the stores and got the "song and dance," routine and the "old pass the buck" performance. She then called customer service and got more of the same old and lame old nonsense. This poor woman was antagonized by this company's seeming lack of response to her problem. I called King Koil to find out who was responsible to correct the problem. I was informed it was Rockaway Bedding's issue. I called the President of the company and then spoke with his Manager of Customer Relations and Sales. Now we were getting somewhere. This guy is alright. He truly cares about his customers and getting issues resolved, however, the people down the totem pole of responsiblity are not quite as sharp or in tune with their customers and how to resolve customer complaints or issues. This lady was not allowed to talk with this man who could have solved her problem without all of the hassles or grief. The gatekeepers were keeping her out and I bet they were mighty proud of themselves until they heard me say NJ Attorney General,, The BBB,, and other consumer websites. The bottom line is that the problem has been resolved. Not totally to the customers satisfaction, but it was a give-give situation and she chose to accept their best and final offer. It was sure better than litigation for both parties. Bottom line here folks-Rockaway Bedding was not totally at fault and neither was the customer. Before you make a major purchase-READ THE WARRANTY-ask questions about the warranty. Do not take salespeople's verbal promises. They are about as valuable as the air they used to make the promises. If it is not in writing it is not a valid, legally enforceable agreement. If you call a customer service line ask to tape the call. They tape your calls for "training" purposes-you are taping your call for "informational" purposes. In this case I think Rockaway Bedding learned some things that will benefit them in the future and the consumer learned some things as well. All in all, another good day at HaroldSays and for another consumer who needed help. And, way to go to F. B. at Rockaway Bedding for taking such great care of the customer!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-10-04:
Thanks Harold! You are great!

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