Evercom Systems, Inc. Complaint - Calls from Correctional Facilities

Review by heartlight on 2006-10-05
MAKAWAO, HAWAII -- My son is in a correctional facility and he calls me every week. We talk for between 15 minutes and 45 minutes each time. When I got my phone bill Evercom Systems charged me $88, and said I talked for 780 minutes! I called my phone company and they said they were not in charge of billing by Evercom and they had no way for me to contact them to find out how they calculated that I talked for 780 minutes in three phone calls. Apparently there is no recourse for this horrendous ripoff.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-10-06:
Heartlight while I don’t think a correctional facility really exist in this country, they are just moneymaking prisons. I also don’t think a prisoner should be charged anymore then a normal person. But then again you must realize the prison systems are being run by criminals who themselves should be locked up. The government sets the example and if you watch the news you can clearly see the government does NOT follow the laws they write. Example: A sexual predator goes straight to jail when caught (and this is how it should be) but a congress men get caught he simply resigns and hopes it goes away. So why would you think a “phone company” should have to tell you what they charge for? It is sad to see our country going to the dogs because we have different standards for different peoples. But in the end “We the People” are letting them do it.
Posted by Bell on 2006-10-06:
Lidman...re: congressman getting off lightly, boy are you ever right! This country is so corrupt it's not funny. It makes me sick.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-10-06:
beanbagbritches: Looks like some more pages came forward today so maybe they will get him after all if it stays in the news long enough..
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-10-06:
Heartlight, is it at all possible that your son is making other calls and charging them to your phone line?
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-10-06:
emt c: good question.
Posted by heartlight on 2006-11-11:
No, it is not possible my son is making other calls and charging them to my account. It doesn't work that way. All the calls he makes are collect, and the charges have to be authorized and accepted by the receiver of the calls, then they are charged to the receiving phone number. It's an automated process. He talked to some of the other prisoners about it, and apprently they are charged less if they don't call collect, and they do it through their comissary account. We're going to try that.
Posted by jesswozniak on 2007-04-09:
Heartlight, how does it work when you call through an account. My boyfriend is in a correctional facility right now and he has to call collect. I wonder if he could set up a comissary account, like you said some other people had done where your son is.
Posted by heartlight on 2007-04-10:
Jesswozniak, I'm not sure how they set up the phone account through the commissary, or even if it is available in all prisons. Perhaps your boyfriend could ask the people who run the commissary. I know he puts money in an account and then he can make calls until the money runs out. They are allowed a certain number of minutes per month. They charge a fraction of what the collect calls cost.
Posted by Kristarr on 2007-10-23:
It all boils down to the bottom line rush corporations like Evercom and the Government are hooked on. Sad but true, they take advantage of the families and friends of the incarcerated. The only choice you have is to not use the service. Monopolies take years, money and government backing to break, and if the government wants the service, they will find ways to keep it in place. This sucks is an understatement. When one breaks the law, minor or major, all of the family and friends pay as well. Pretty damn pathetic, but you either pay big bucks to a lawyer to keep you out, or you pay big bucks to the systems and their subcontractors. Either way the offender pays and so does everyone who cares about them. Sad thing is, 25 years ago most of the crimes offenders are incarcerated for today, were not punishable by incarceration. Wonder why the facitlities are so over crowded? Revenue, one way or another, revenue.

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