Futureshop Informative - Company should be called slightly out of date shop.

Review by abobo on 2006-10-06
MISSISSAUGA -- When I go to a store named 'Futureshop', I expect to find computer equipment that's bleeding edge, hardware and software that just came out.

But I don't. It's rather irksome. Not a complaint really, but this store is really the opposite of what it's name claims to be. I was there last Friday looking for a 1GB stick of RAM for my laptop, so the clerk says sure, I can get that for you right now. He comes back with 2 512mb sticks... to which I reply that I only have 1 user serviceable ram slot in my computer, and that I really need a 1 gig stick. He tries to convince me that such hardware doesn't exist. I determine that this person isn't able to understand what I need, so I leave.

This isn't the first time this has happend. I was at slightly out of date shop a few months ago to purchase a BFG 6800 GT OC video card, and I was told that it hadn't come out yet. After I showed him a flyer from a local retailer containing the exact video card, he asked me why I would need something like that. Again, I leave empty headed to a local retailer who had it in stock.

To sum up, if you need a spindle of blank cds, futureshop is the place to go. If you're in search of computer hardware, head elsewhere - this place is strictly little league.
Comments:5 Replies - Latest reply on 2006-10-13
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-10-06:
"bleeding edge" that sounds messy....
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-10-06:
If they don't have it, you probably don't need it!
Posted by bigbangerik on 2006-10-07:
with all the new stuff that comes out, its hard to keep "bleeding edge"
Posted by abobo on 2006-10-10:
Lidman, I'm embarrased for you.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-10-13:
abobo: WHY?

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